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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is why I HATE swapping....

I know that a lot of people out there are swapping makeup on MUA. I was too....until I had my personal encounter with a swaplifter. For any of you who are interested, here's her link. Her username is 00september. This is a warning for anybody that was considering swapping with her.

I had a BNIB MAC Studio fix powder in NC30. She PM'ed me on 11/18/08 for it, and I wanted her Rollikin' paintpot and this China Glaze glow in the dark nail polish. I had more than 30 tokens, and she only had 14. Being stupid, I thought that it would be ok to send out at the same time. She received my end 3 days later, however I didn't receive hers. I messaged her after a week (11/26), and she was like "I thought you would've gottened it by today! OMG! I want to thank you b/c NC 30 is like my PERFECT match!" blah blah blah. Of course I was annoyed b/c as a general swapping rule, you are NOT supposed to use the products until BOTH ends received their stuff. So now my BNIB MAC is no longer BNIB anymore. So I wrote back, saying that " I thought we weren't supposed to use it" and she thought I was being rude....I was like O.o!!!

Anyways, after that I thought I will give it 2 weeks, still, no avail. Now I'm sure all of you that send stuff frequently know that it never take more than 1 week to ship domestically, so I KNOW that I weren't getting anything. I messaged her 3 times, asking her nicely, all of which went unanswered. So, I left her a negative token saying that the swap item was never received, blah blah. She replied and called me a liar and changed the positive token she left me previously into a negative one. By that point I was beyond livid. So I sent her this:

"I cannot believe you are doing this. You are such a liar and a thief! I don't want to argue with you anymore. If this issue is not resolved (such as you send out your end honestly this time OR send me back a BNIB MAC Studio Fix powder in NC30), I will file mail fraud against you and report you to swaptawk. Mind you again, that mail fraud is a felony charge. Be warned.

I saved every single email I got from you, so I can prove everything (like you received my end). Also, my local PO can prove that I have not gotten a package from you. You better fix this soon."

To which, she applied:
"First of all, I dont like that tone youre using. And I did not lie about anything, nor am I thief, just for you information I stopped using that product once you told me that you arent supposed to use them until both people got both ends. And I would be very willing to send back your end, but the way you are telling me what to do makes me not want to, Im not saying Im not going to, but thats just how I feel. Plus, I already had your end back into a package, so maybe you should calm down. Dont threaten me. You have to see it from my side also, everyone that I sent packages out to got them, I sent yours the same day, dont you think it would sound like a lie if only ONE person claimed not to get it? Anyhow, I know you will be getting my end... and Im really not sure if you would sent out MY end back to me. How about this? If you dont get my end within a week, I'll send you back your end. Sounds fair to me. Honestly, why would I want a negative token on my page? Its not like all of a sudden Im going to turn into a swaplifter."

Sure, I wrote back:
"Again, I have more tokens than you, and they are all 100%, so if you want to go "I've got all positive tokens, so I'm not lying" route, everyone can. Also, just b/c you stopped using the product, it does NOT mean that the product is still BNIB. It is now USED. I need the BRAND NEW one back. I'm REALLY not expecting to receive your package within a week if, as you claimed, the products were sent almost a month ago. It is from my experience, both as a swapper and a seller, that if the product is shipped domestically with USPS, it takes at most 1 week to receive. As I recall, it took you 3 days to receive my end. It takes at most 2 weeks for UPS/DHL to deliver. There is NO postal service that takes more than 1 MONTH to ship the products.

I didn't want to sound rude. Since the very beginning, I've tried to contact you and message you, most went unanswered. As time passed, I went increasingly frustrated, this is the most ridiculous swap I've ever done. The last 3 messages I sent requesting you to send me back the product were ignored. You only answered because I "threatened" to file charges. I have not received anything, so I don't have anything to send back to you. The fact that I didn't receive anything can be backed by my landlord, roommate, and the mail person.

Most of all, I can not believe that you had the guts to change the token. You lied and you made ME sound like the bad guy, what is WRONG with you? I did everything right and sent out my end and you received it, now just b/c I'm going to file mail fraud charges (which I should b/c it is almost certain that you didn't send out your end (b/c I even went back and checked to see if I gave you the wrong address, I didn't) since it's been a month) you changed the token. This is not how swap works, young girl."

The above situation happened on 12/7/08. Now fast forward til today, 12/16. I received her pacakge. Noticed anything interesting?

YES! THE POST MARKED DAY SAYS 12/12!! Now she used USPS, and I used USPS. I LOVE USPS b/c they NEVER mess up on my mails.

So I wrote to her:
"Received the package today. BTW, love how you said you sent the package a month ago and the package is post marked 12/12."

And this is what I found hilarious! Her reply:
"You know what, I'll have a go at anyone who calls me a liar. BTW, the LOVE how you decided to be a fucking bitch about all this. Do you actually think I fuckin' lied about when I sent that package out?! WHY THE FUCK WOULD I DO THAT???????? Im so tired of your shit. I sent that package out a month ago, like its my fault if it got lost somewhere. Youre a stupid bitch. We BOTH know youre just to much of a fuckin coward to admit you were wrong because you said all that nasty stuff to me. have a nice life."

To which, I applied:
"Seriously? I will send you a picture. You are a liar, and a FAILED thief. You can't even steal shit right. We both know that you only mailed out the stuff AFTER I said that I will report you to the cops. I'm not nasty because I only go after people who try to take stuff away from me. You are a criminal and you want to make everyone else miserable.

No, I don't think PO messed it up, b/c the package matched our last conversation, which happened on the 7th. It's my belief that you wanted to fake me out and lied to me and said that you sent out the package, hoping that I would just give up (b/c you are a pathetic low life). Of course, I didn't, and you got scared b/c I said I would report you to the police. Then, you sent out the package and claimed that I'm lying. The pacakge doesn't just "get lost" and reappear 1 MONTH later for no reason, plus, the POST MARKED day is 12/12. Like I told you before, it doesn't take 1 month for the PO to mail something.

You are tired of MY shit?! Are you for real? I've tried to be nice and polite for so many times, all the messages went unanswered, then I became frustrated. You think you can just take advantage of me just because I'm nice? WRONG! I will send you a picture in a sec. Then you tell ME who's the stupid one."

So yeah, if you decided to swap on MUA, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT swap with 00september. Apparently I'm not the only one whose stuff she wanted to steal. This MUA user kimk also got swaplifted by her. Once again, DO NOT swap with her.

Rant over. Peace!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aother TAG!!! Don't you just <3 it?!

Thanks to the beautiful Maria Elizabeth for tagging me! I love tags!!

directions: once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you. since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog, so i can see your weirdness.

1. I HATE stairs!! I'm so deadly afraid of them, especially when there are doors at some level (dunno if I'm making any sense...). Ever since those Japanese horror movies, I've been scarred for life. I usually take escalators.

2. I HAVE to sleep with the closet door closed and bedroom door/curtain open. There ARE monsters in the closet, and bedroom/window are my escape routes.

3. I HATE "sensual" scents. Those "mysterious, sensual, intoxicating" scents make me gag. I get major migraines when I used CK Euphoria, Armani Code, etc. I hate those musky amberish scents.

4. I love diet sodas. I only drink diet sodas. Not because I afraid of getting fat, it's because I find regular sodas too sweet for my liking. They are like SICKENINGLY sweet.

5. I'm addicted to Tazo Earl Grey tea. COMPLETELY addicted. I add sugar and cream to it. It's delicious.

6. I HAVE to crap at least once everyday, otherwise I feel all stuffed up and nothing's right. This is why I eat those yucky tasting Fiber 1 cereals: 57% of fiber for half a cup!!

7. I HHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTEEEEEE doing cardio!! I'd rather do an hour of of weight training than 30 minutes of the treadmill/elliptical.

8. I love love love House, the medical show on TNT. Hugh Laurie is one odd SEXY beast. I love how he's all stoic in the public eye, but when he's alone w/ someone else, he's got that "I'm the hero" look on. YUM!

9. I hate guys with BIG BULKY muscles. Way too douchbaggy for me. I like my guy with just a little clean definition of muscles. Guys that are working out 24/7 bore me.

10. I don't like drinking milk. I swear I can SMELL the cows in the milk. I know, that's really weird, but I promise it's there!!

11. I love honey. I put them on everything! I put it on crackers, bread, oatmeal, my face, my hair, everyhwhere!!

12. Girls who are always trying to "pick up" guys at clubs/bars make me want to pull my hair out! Whatever happened to understanding the guy's personalities? To them, obviously if the guy's good looking he must be an amazing guy.

13. I've never lost a cellphone/Iphone, etc. I've had a cellphone for 7 years, if it weren't so fugly I would've still used it. I have 4 cellphones total, 3 safely hidden in my underwear drawer (don't ask why I keep them there).

14. I'm really running out of stuff to write.

15. The only cheese I like is Mozzarella cheese.

16. I've always wanted to make a snow angel...haven't had the chance yet....:(

I hate tagging ppl because everyone's already tagged.......:(
So if you want to do it, please do so!!!
Thanks for reading!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Look with Gold & Red Tutorial

Hi guys! I'm on a tutorial making frenzy. I've jumped on the Holiday FOTD bandwagon. Today I did a look using the Beauties Factory 120 palette that you can purchase here. I didn't do detailed tut for my face b/c I'm sure you all know how to do it.

1. Prime your eyes. I used TKB Trading eye fix. I didn't take a pic, but you can go to the last post to see the pic if you want.

2. Take that shimmery light gold and put it all over your eyes.

3. Take that matte tomato red and darken your outer crease. Blend like a Mofo.

4. Take some color that reminds me of MAC melon pigment, blend b/t the gold and the red.

5. Take a brow highlight. The color I used looks like MAC Vanilla. The gold in it really pulls the look together.

5. Take some shimmery cranberry color, line your outer 1/3 of bottom lid.

6. Take the gold you used in step 2 and liner your inner bottom lid.

7. Falsies time! I used Model 28 lashes in #36.

8. Liner! I didn't use a thick liner this time. I used Maybelline Ultra liner and draw the liner on top of the lashes. This brush is REALLY tiny.

9. Take some shimmery dark grey color and connect your bottom eye w/ the winged up top liner.

10. Do your brows. I'm using stila e/s in espresso.

10. Add some sparkle to your eyes by using a glitter liner. I used NYX Candy glitter liner in Gold.

Then do you cheeks (matte peachy pink from CS blush palette) and lips (NYC sheer red l/s with Neutrogena Moistureshine l/g in Glimmer), and you are DONE!
Please excuse my acne scars....

In sunlight:

The corner of my mouth cracked due to the dry weather....@%## it.


It's really easy to make it from holiday look to just regular look: REMOVE THE LIPS!

...My BF took this...

That's it guys! Hope you enjoyed!