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Friday, May 30, 2008

What is "Casual Glamorous"?

This is!
I'm (usually) not the one who puts on lip products during the day (unless you count Lipbalms w/ SPF20). However, on this particular day, I felt extra adventurous. I wanted my eyes to take a back seat while grabbing people's attention with my luscious (eww) lips.

Products used:
--EDM Fairly light Original Glow mixed w/ Ben Nye Moisture Spray (good stuff!)
--Coverblend by Exuviance SPF 20 in light
--EDM Soft Bronzer (doesn't really show up on me)

--NARS Orgasm

--MAC Glissade MSF as highlight

--Stila e/s in Sparkle (lid)
--Stila e/s Chinois (highlight+first half of the bottom lash line))
--Stila e/s Java (blended into the crease + outer bottom lash line)
--Stila smudgepot in Black
--L'oreal Lash out mascara
--Maybelline Volume define-a-lash

--MAC tendertone in Tenderbaby
--Duwop Venom Gloss in Tulip (HG daytime naturally glam gloss)

I know it's smudged, but I LOVE how my skin appears so luminous in this pic!

Then I had to go to school (exam), so I changed my lips to MAC Gloss(pro) in Little pink (GORGEOUS barely there sheer baby pink)
When asked a question to which you don't know the do this...

After 2 hrs of brain wrenching do this...
LOL, TGIF!!!!!


p.s. Sex & the City movie is THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST SEE!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008



I get INSANELY happy when I get my packages from the mailman...probably too happy! LOL, but I needed the little boost after the past new days (white trashes are douche-bags, that's all I'm gonna say), so I was very happy to take the packages off of the mailman's hands.

Pics of all I got (I'm in a hurry and since this is just a haul post, I will just label the products and post the pics, reviews coming up in a few days)!

Beautycrunch haul (from like a week ago, not from the sale)

The total damage:

The Petit Coffret set ($18)

The cheek duo in sugarloaf ($10)

The Kitten set ($11.50)

The Sakura e/s trio ($10)

The 5 lippots collection ($20) (Only have 4 b/c I sent one to a Youtuber in exchange of the l/g after this pic)

Stila IT gloss in inviting (GORGEOUS)

Beautycrunch GWP over $50

Everyday Minerals haul (I orderd 2 full size personal custom kit, one w/ brushes and one w/ foundations, but I only got the foundation kit... I sent their customer service an email, and they are going to resend me the brushes)

Free kit:

GWP e/s:

As always, BE HAPPY! (The pic is for you, LURVE~ <3)>

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Live and Learn

Here's what I've realized recently: People (generally) learn something new everyday, but I doubt it really sticks with them.

For example: When I was 10, I had straight/blunt bangs, I looked cute (but in a hideous way, if you know what I mean). I've learned since then that with my face shape, which resembles the full moon, I'd better stay as far away from straight bangs as possible. However, it escaped from my mind when I saw: day, I was like: "I completely forgot about how ugly I looked when I had bang! I want straight-across-the-forehead bangs!" ...So here's the result:

How tragic...Can someone please slap me across the face and scream "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!" I know...I know...Sigh. Luckily this was 6 months ago, I grew my bangs out (which grows at a painfully slow speed) and vow to NEVER have blunt bangs again (unless I shave off the chubby cheeks). Doesn't the bangs make me look like...
Whatever! Laugh all you want, I will NEVER EVER make this mistake again (at least not in the near future)!



My current obcession--STILA!!!

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I'm doing great (just found out that my scholarship got renewed, so YAY! Retail therapy time!! Will post when I get it (but I have another haul post coming up shortly)).

Lately I've been 100% infatuated with Stila, mainly because melonblossom from Youtube informed me about

I've always been addicted to Stila's smudge pot in black, I've used 4 in 3 years, not bad. That and mascaras are about the only makeup related products I've actually used up. I also have 4 (soon to be 5) their Convertible cheek & lip cream. I have them in Petunia (My fave), Gerbera (peachy nude), Poppy (my other fave for the colder months), and Peony (got it from the Best of Stila kit from Ulta, it's a great mauve-y rose color). I will take pics of them w/ my next Stila order (which will get here in about 5 days).

However, my Stila collection grew exponentially into this...

The e/s duos and the single e/s in the La femme 12 palette I actually paid retail price: $20 for the duo, and $18 for single. I also have another 3 that I paid full price in the 4 e/s quad w/ the blush. I have pics...
Plum palette (Kitten, Shell, Dahlia e/s, Rose blush)

Pussycat Dolls Palette (doesn't mention the names of the colors)

Icon Look Book #4 (Nude, Icon, Twig e/s, Heat blush)

Intrigue Trio
Spring Ephemeral
Blue Bonnet Trio
(Moonlight/Pewter duo, Mango e/s, Key e/s)
(Self made quad: ?, puck, twig e/s, pretty blush)
(clockwise starting w/ the light color: Chinois, Sparkle, Java, Rosebud e/s)

In conclusion: I LOVE STILA!!!!