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Tuesday, May 27, 2008



I get INSANELY happy when I get my packages from the mailman...probably too happy! LOL, but I needed the little boost after the past new days (white trashes are douche-bags, that's all I'm gonna say), so I was very happy to take the packages off of the mailman's hands.

Pics of all I got (I'm in a hurry and since this is just a haul post, I will just label the products and post the pics, reviews coming up in a few days)!

Beautycrunch haul (from like a week ago, not from the sale)

The total damage:

The Petit Coffret set ($18)

The cheek duo in sugarloaf ($10)

The Kitten set ($11.50)

The Sakura e/s trio ($10)

The 5 lippots collection ($20) (Only have 4 b/c I sent one to a Youtuber in exchange of the l/g after this pic)

Stila IT gloss in inviting (GORGEOUS)

Beautycrunch GWP over $50

Everyday Minerals haul (I orderd 2 full size personal custom kit, one w/ brushes and one w/ foundations, but I only got the foundation kit... I sent their customer service an email, and they are going to resend me the brushes)

Free kit:

GWP e/s:

As always, BE HAPPY! (The pic is for you, LURVE~ <3)>


Angie said...

Hi Tao, I've been addicted to your channel on Youtube for the past 2 months! :P Finally found your blog so I'm happy too! :P You're just too cute!

Anyway, great hauls! After some of your Stila reviews, you kinda got me lemming after their products too. Just waiting for the right time after all of these graduations lol.

As for EDM, I've been testing their kits for a while now and with most of their foundation formula, I'd always end up looking blotchy, although I'm not excessively oily. What's your experience with it? I have similar skin tone.

Zoƫ said...

great haul :)

im soo loving my everyday minerals, i tried the free samples kit and now i'm doubling up on my order so i wont run out of it and panic lol

have u tried applying EDM wet? look into it :)

iamgrape1119 said...

Thanks ladies!
angie: Thanks for your support! To avoide looking cakey after applying EDM (or anything for that matter), I use a moisture spray on top of the powder. I usually spray my powder brush, then the whole swirl,tap,buff thing, and it just comes up PERFECT! I love it! I recommend Ben Nye moisture spray(better value) or MAC fix+.

zoe: I know! EDM makes my skin literally glow! I only use it wet, my fave moisture spray is Ben Nye moisture spray (to dampen the brush), and MAC Fix+ (to finish it off). How do you use yours?

ilurvemakeup said...

YEAY! BIG BIG HAULIN'!!! I love the Stila IT gloss in inviting that came with the palette I got! I'm still waiting for them to update I want more than what they are offering lol

Yeay EM! I love them too :D

Happy is sooooo adorable, thank you again for the msg last night! *HUGS* :):):) <3

I hope whatever troubles you will go away :o *hugs*

Elizabeth said...

Tao, thanks for visiting my blog and channel! I also subscribed to you i love your vids! Looking forward for all the updates!

Vanessa said...

Thanks lovely! Wow what a haul you got there! Have a great weekend!

Angie said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Tao! I'm actually using this product that Vanessa reviewed a while back. It's called Aquafina Hydrating something, I'm totally blanking out on the name right now. I'm definitely trying that Ben Nye Moisture Spray after I'm done w/ this one. Yeah, I've seen the bottles you got from makeupmania on youtube, lol. :P