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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Naturally smokey look!

Hey everyone! How are you doing? I have an hour before I have to go to class, so I decided to take some time to make myself look presentable.

Today I decided to do a naturally smokey look (hence the title), because I got the LORAC Croc Palette, and that was my first reaction. I opened the palette, and I thought to myself "hmm, this would be awesome for an sophisticated office look without being too drag-queen". So, without further delay, here's the FOTD!

The before:

The products:

--Diorskin Base De teint 001 (hands)
--Coverblend by Exuviance in Beige (ring finger)
--EMD Fairly light Original glow (Love this! just made another order, will post when I get it) (MAC 150)

After the face products:


--MAC bronzer in Refined Golden (w/ 187)
--LORAC Croc Palette blush in Soul (Burnished rose)

After the cheeks:


--LORAC Croc Palette e/s in Moonstone (soft champagne, top left) as highlight (w/ Face secret shadow blender on brow bone & to blend out Garnet)
--LORAC Crob Palette in Garnet (Bronze, bottom left) (all over lid starting at lashline w/ MAC 272)
LORAC Crob Palette in Suede (on the bottom lash line w/ MAC 228)
--Stila smudge pot in black (w/ lip brush)
--L'oreal Lash out mascara
--CG Volume define-a-lash
--NYX e/s in Dark Brown (fill in eyebrows w/ Face Secret brow brush)

--Clinique original superbalm
--MAC Freckletone l/s on top

The finished product (in bathroom light):

In natural daylight (as in close to a window):

Kisses to all my YT subscribers and Blog viewers:

I liked my hair today (all I did was put it in a bun w/ a little Proclaim 7 oil (review coming up soon) for an hour)
*No, I did not wear the stripy to school...LOL

That's it y'all (a possible update later), have a great day!



flyamoon said...

love the look! can't wait for tutorials on youtube? maybe? =)

erica said...

you look so pretty =) i love how you do your eyeliner lol but too bad i don't know how to do it like you hehe =) can you do a tutorial on it sometime? doesn't really matter if it's a vid or just pictures lol as long as it's detailed enough to help =)

iamgrape1119 said...

Thanks ladies!

Flyamoon: Sure, I will do a tut one of these days (possibly this weekend, so stay tuned).

Erica: Thank you so much! I already wrote the request down so I will do one soon. Thanks!

ilurvemakeup said...

Awww why didn't you wear it to class? lol I so would of! :) That palette worked beautifully on you girly ;)

As for your request about my hair, I don't do much to it or put much on it lol It's naturally straight and dull :|

<333 So glad to see you will be updating here and youtube. Yeay!

ilurvemakeup said...

OH! I jusr realized you meant the stripy LOL hahaha xD Why not you always looks hot and comfy in it! :)

ilurvemakeup said...

Happy looks beautiful as is :) I love your vids more! Haha! Man I am wanting that Lorac now... you are never to meet my bank account... girl I'm gonna be broke living in a box before next yr LOL! I'm still waiting on my order! Ahhh I want to try out Stila so badly, I can't wait for it to come!!! :D

ilurvemakeup said...

I forgot to add, you should make vids of your pets that'd be awesome :) I know you made one of Happy awhile ago, how about an update ;)

Xuanie said...

i love your hair!! soo pretty!1 you look great with it down!