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Friday, June 6, 2008

(Mostly) Drugstore Haul! (click pics to enlarge)

Hey everyone! First of all I'd like to announce that I'm slowly taking pics of my sales item, so please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the pics if you are interested!

Secondly, I HAULED today! I went to CVS, Walgreens, Sally's Beauty Supply, and Sunflower (an organic store).

Here's what I got:

From Sally's:
Lots of Pallodio! I love this brand! All the products are about $5.99, and they are AMAZING!! Vanessa and Lurve, if you are reading this....BUY THEIR LIPGLOSS! ! They are awesome!

Here's the total Palladio haul!
Palladio Herbal Gloss: HG!

Palladio Plumping Gloss: Smells like Vanilla and VERY moisturizing!
Swatch of Plumping gloss in Coco-Creme, a very nice nude!

Palladio Herbal Blushes in Plum Berry (L) and Pink Frost (R)

I like the jumbo moisture sticks because they are very convenient and work great!
In order to use up my e/s more quickly, I've purchased some of these to help me to speed up the process (since they pick up lots of product).

From CVS:
BeFine Food Skincare Lip serum and Neutrogena oil free fresh moisture gel.
I really like this (except the price, this little mofo costed me $19.99+Tax)! Review coming up in a few days!

From Sunflower:
I've been very into using Vitamin E oil as a lash moisturizer, it works VERY well!

From Walmart:
These are from Bon Bon's brand, costs $2.97 each (a stack of 3). I think there were at least 8 colors, but I only liked these 4.

The Pink set is named "In Full Bloom". The Green/Blue one is named "Calypso".
The Copper one is called "Desert Bloom". The bronze one is called "Grand Canyon".

That's it y'all! Be very envious, LOL!


p.s. I've been addicted to Mariah Carey's song called "Bye Bye".
When I first started:
By the end of the song...
Damn it! Mariah girl, you need to stop making songs that make me cry!


Anonymous said...

Hey can you do some swatches on the bon bon pigments from walmart? thanks

ilurvemakeup said...

Tao my lurve I wish you adopted me so I can play with all your hauls lol <333

OMG! Your crying pics made me sad :( *hugs* Want me to stab Mariah for you???

ilurvemakeup said...

Sweets they updated beautycrunch and have limited quantity of Too Faced!!!

nikki said...

i LOVE the song bye bye 2!


Lol at the tears..Sheeesh girl it's not that sad isit?! Aww but can i just say i think you have an amazingly look about you, all your features and face shape. really unique and beautiful. Had to stare for a second. Blogs great too missy!


you are so crazy!

HT said...

hehe if just a song makes you cry then you have to youtube this MV.

Don't know if you've seen it before.

Kiss- Because I'm a Girl (Korean)

I didn't understand a word of it but it was pretty self explanitory and it made me blubber soo much. Even the 2nd time I watched it made me cry a river.

Anonymous said...

You're a fucking attention seeking cunt. Who the fuck posts pictures of them fake crying?