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Monday, June 2, 2008

My EDM collection + FOTD!

Hey everyone! How's your day/evening going? My day has been boring...Wake up, make up, go to school, go home, go online, youtube, blog check, TV all night long. However, to be honest, I'd rather stay at home all day than to go outside and "have fun".

Here's my Everyday Mineral collection (face/cheeks), since I've been getting this request multiple times on Youtube. Somehow people are very interested in my "collection" (who am I to talk, I ask other ppl to show their collection too!). Here are the pics (forgot to take pics of the brushes, d'oh!):

Total (only foundation and cheeks):

Close ups:

I am between a MAC NC25-NC30, and I think Fairly Light is a pretty good match for me. I love the coverage of Everyday Mineral's foundations, they make me look so airbrushed and glowy! They have 4 different kinds of foundation formulas:

1. Matte--For people with very oily skin or like that VERY matte look. I personally am not a fan of the Matte formula because I find it looks cakey on me (and other people). However, if you get oily very easily, feel free to give this a try.

2. Intensive--For people that love FULL coverage. If you have scars or discoloration, you will LOVE this. However, I'd suggest to use with a light hand, since it will look cakey as well if you use too much on one spot. I think that you should SERIOUSLY consider getting a moisture spray on top of this formula (although I use the spray for EVERY formula, but I think this is CRUCIAL for this particular formulat). As a side note, the foundation colors in intensive formula are DARKER than the other formulas.

3. Semi Matte--For people at have Combo skin that want to look matte but not too matte. It covers pretty well without looking cakey. This is my 2nd fave formula in Everyday Minerals.

4. Original Glow-- My FAVE!!!! I love how this makes me GLOW! Not like a sweaty glow, but ethereal glow from within. This contains a very pretty luminosity, but it's not over the top. HG!

I usually apply the EDM foundation with a large fluffy brush that's dampened with moisture spray (usually Ben Nye Moisture Spray b/c it's identical to MAC Fix+, only around $3 ($12) cheaper for 3 TIMES AS MUCH PRODUCT!). Then I use a Kabuki brush to smooth it over to blend things to perfection. Then I proceed to my other things (eyes, cheeks, etc). Then I spray MAC Fix+ on top of everything to bring out the glow. In order to show you the amazing coverage to EDM foundations...

Here's the before (I know I look like shit, and as you can tell, I have REALLY dark circles, severe discoloration, and lots of acne scars)...

Here's my face after Lavender concealer all over my face (to elimiate sallowness due to yellow undertone)...

and Voila! Perfect skin (with back to school blush)

The FOTD using EDM O-Glow foundation:



Products used:

EDM Original Glow foundation in Fairly light
Coverblend concealer in Light
MAC Bronzer in Refine Golden
Fix +

Stila e/s in Rosebud
MAC Shimpagne MSF

MAC Pharoah Paintpot
Stila e/s duo in Fandango (only the green side)
MAC Humid e/s at crease
Stila e/s in Chinois as highlight
Stila smudgepot in black
L'oreal lash out mascara

Stila IT gloss in Inviting


With l/g

WTF??!! I have an exam TOMORROW?!
Just kidding!

Oh well, hope everyone's having a wonderful day! TTYL!



ilurvemakeup said...

Hehe I love EM, I think my collection has gotten larger over time lol Damn them and their promos! Did you see their new site layout??? :)

You look wonderful and happy as always :) I'm with you, I prefer to stay in than out to 'have fun', I've done enough fun stuff in middle and hs hehe :)

Guess what I got recently! I ordered 2 MAC brush cleanser, I've never had them. I used them for the first time and I swear I've died and gone to heaven! lol :) I also got another CS brush, I'm loving it for mmu so far! :D

erica said...
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erica said...

i lovee green eyeshadows, they're so pretty =] lol and you look very pretty with green eyeshadow too! lol

erica said...

oh! i forgot to ask you =] lol i was wondering if you are still selling the products listed on "TAO'S MAKEUP GARAGE SALE!" post? I may want to buy some later this month, when I get the money =] lol

Angie said...

That's a lot of EM stuff! What's your favorite blush from EM, Tao? Oh and btw, that fluffy powder brush you used, which brand is it? I need to save money for the next MAC collection so in need of something affordable powder brush heheh.

iamgrape1119 said...

Thanks ladies!

ilurvemakeup: Girl, I know MAC brush Cleanser's awesome, but you need to get your butt to CVS and get LUMENE brush cleanser. It's like a shampoo for your brushes, and it's AWESOME! Plus, it's only $4.99. I'll do a review later!

Erica: Thanks for the sweet compliment, and yes, I am still running my sale. Please let me know what you are interested in so I can reserve them for you.

Angie: LOL, wait til you see my EDM e/s collection! My fave blush from them is Back to school b/c it's very natural. However, I'm pretty pale, so it might not show up on everyone. My second fave is All Smiles. It's GORGEOUS!

Ev3rYdAYFabULouS said...

hey loVe!!
ha ha yoU just maKe mE LauGh!!
EveN thouGh i Don'T "weaR" founDation.. i WanT to givE thiS a Try!!
i Just goT my FirSt BluSh paLeTTe toDay!!
HavE a SwEET wedneSDay!!!
i HavE a GNO TomarO!!! woo hoo!!
Stay FabuLouS!!!

Emilee @ GMM said...

Hi Tao! I'm subscribed to you on Youtube, but didn't realize you had a blog as well. :)

I'm jealous that Original Glow works so well for you! I tried it once, but it doesn't cover enough of my imperfections. :P Do you find Fairy Light to be too pink? I'm still trying to find my shade, and since you are the same shade as me, it might be easier to figure it out.

erica said...

i'm planning to get some pigments, definitely vanilla, but i'm still thinking whether i should get fushcia or bright fuscia, and maybe kelly green. lol i might want some more later by the time i get my money lol do u have any suggestions for a black or almost black cream or gel liner?

KHA said...

You are just tooo cute. What does FOTD mean anyways??

iamgrape1119 said...

Erica: Sure, just email me at when you are ready. :D

KHA: Thank you so much! FOTD stands for Face Of The Day, which is what products you used for that day.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics but your face is way lighter than your neck and that just looks bad.