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Monday, June 23, 2008

Shittyness (This is a rant post, no pics, so feel free to skip)

Hi peeps! How are you doing?

I'm in Miami as of right now, but if you are thinking about the sun, the beach, the hot babes, the shopping...YOU ARE SORELY MISTAKEN! I am having one SUCKY vacation!

Shit list:
1. I LOST MY FUCKING RING! Yep, read and weep my friends, read and weep. I've had the ring for a total 6 days and I lost it...Someone shoot me now! I was so excited about the ring and I didn't want it to get dirty, so I keep taking it off when I wash my hands/do chores. I'm also slightly ADD so I love to play with jewelries (that's why I NEVER wear jeweleries). I could've SWORE that I put in on my kitchen counter, but I can't find it now. I've searched high and low for 3 HOURS, no avail...*sits in the corner and cries hysterically* It's my first important ring, and it's not only important to me, but it's also important to my boyfriend... I couldn't find the ring so I was really anxious and I called him and told him that I lost the ring...Have you guys ever experienced the calm before the storm? I have now. He was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad! He has given me a lot of presents in the past, but I never really paid any attention to them since they were all like teddy bears and novelty items. Once he found one of my dogs chewing on a teddy bear he gave me and he was kind of upset. However, since it wasn't that expensive he didn't make a big deal about it. However, the diamond ring was his promise to me that we will always be together, but, *according to him*, I obviously don't care about it cuz *DUH* I LOST IT! I've never seen him so mad before (well, actually, he was MADDER when he found out that I was throwing up massive amount of blood and esophagus (juicy detail, isn't it?) because I was purging 6 times a day, after I promised not to do it again). He didn't yell at me, since he doesn't yell, but he's giving me the silent treatment now...I already feel like shit, it doesn't help that he's blaming me...

2. I went to MAC PRO store, should have been an awesome shopping trip, but found out that 7 out of my 10 item shopping list were out of stock, received shitty customer service, and found out that the pro pigments I got were only 40% full! I knew that pro pigments, since they are finely milled and very matte, they will appear less than the chunky pigments, like Helium or Copper Sparkle, but seriously? 40%? That's AFTER I shook the container to check the "settling". I've gotten pro pigments before, but there were at least 70% of the product there! I think MAC is decreasing the volume of the product secretly. I feel extremely jibbed!

3. My family and I were going to Sawgrass Mill (mainly for the CCO), and we got stuck in traffic on the highway due to 6 accidents, one involved 8 cars, and HORRIBLE weather! Not to be mean, but IF YOU CAN'T FUCKING DRIVE, DON'T DRIVE! and people blame ASIAN DRIVERS for being horrible drivers, WHY DON'T THEY TAKE A LOOK IN THE FUCKING MIRROR? Douchebags! We ended up in traffic for 5 hours and the mall closed before we even got there...Not the mention the ship load of gas we wasted sitting in traffic (My mom drives a Lexus RX350, drinks gas like water).

4. I have 3 dentist appointments to fix 5 cavities and one for wisdom teeth consultation. All four of mine are serverely impacted (awesomeness...:C), so I HAVE to get a surgery to get them extracted, but I have to wait until Christmas break since I need to have 2 weeks to heal. The surgery will cost about $4000. Hot DAMN! Bye bye MAC for a REALLY REALLY long time!

5. I ordered a big packaged from Crabtree & Evelyn last week, but it didn't make it in time, so it was being delivered today, but somehow it required a signature. I'm not in Gainesville, therefore I can't receive it. I thought DHL will hold my package fore me, but apparently Crabtree & Evelyn requested that if there's no one there to pick up the package, it's going to be send back to their warehouse without refund. So if I want my packaged delivered, I need to pay $15 for shipping (since I ordered it w/ free shipping). Great!

6. I gained 10 lbs and it's not water weight, 'nuff said.

7. I'm constipated...not even after taking 5 Ex-lax pills a time, 3 times a day helped....

8. I just found out that I have split ends like nobody's business, and my hair stylist is out of town...

It's been an overall shitty week for me, sorry about the random rambling. I apologize if I ruined your day as well. I'm just really pissed. I will do a more cheerful update when I get back (on Sunday).

Thank you all for reading and I thank you in advance for the kind words you might say. Good night (or should I say good morning)!



Lani said...

omg! you lost your ring! i'm so sorry sweetie. i really hope you find it. but kudos to your man for not yelling at you. it takes A LOT for a guy not to yell and especially with that situation. aww girl...keep looking, don't give up! :(

i'm really sorry to hear about all that crap. it made me a lil sad just reading about it. but try to enjoy the rest of your vacation (as hard as that may seem now) i really hope you find the ring.

take care sweets! xoxo

Anne said...

i'm so sorry about your ring. i'm sure it'll show up somewhere when you're not looking for it. hopefully it's around the house.

ugh... wisdom teeth. mine were impacted too. not to scare you or anything, but i was out for a whole weekend. can't eat, can't go out, so much pain, and my cheeks were puffy for a whole week. and it didn't help that my surgeon was a dickhead. i hope your teeth aren't as bad as mine.

just try to make the best of your vacation. maybe things will turn out better later on. but most importantly i hope that ring will show up soon!

take care over there in florida!

Nanzy said...

hey girl, I'm really sorry to hear your unlucky experiences. About the ring, I'm sure it shd be somewhere in your house if you remember last time it was nearby the sink, hv u checked the drain? Maybe it fell down by mistake. Ask someone to help you searching coz if you're alone you can be easily frustrated and it can mess up with your capability and concentration. I wish you good luck! *giving big-ass bear hug*

Anonymous said...

I think anyone would be mad...
Gees that ring looks like it cost over 9 grand or more?
I hope it didn't get knocked into the bin and someone took out the trash.

Wisdom teeth, get them out... 10 pounds will be gone from the lack of being able to eat stuff.

Good luck with everything.

ilurvemakeup said...

Tao my lurve *BIG HUGS* I'm sure the bf will get over it. Want to know a little secret? I lost my original wedding band :( It was partially the honey's fault tho lol I just got out of surgery (this was yrs ago) and I was all loopy when we got home. I need to use the rest room so he helped me. At the time I had my wedding band around my neck cuz it needed to get tightened to fit my finger. Goof ball I guess wasn't paying attention and we came with the conclusion it fell in the toilet. When I woke up I freaked out! He got me a new one after a yr of saving tho :) I hope you find it tho! Least it wasn't near a toilet! *hugs hug*

UGH about everything else! So glad my MAC phase has diminished and I don't get urges as much with new collections. I am addicted to (I blame you lol <3) $15 to have it shipped to you, that company has a shitty s&h policy! If they wanted it back, they should send it back and notified you that it required a signature! UGH!

Awww you teeth :( *BIG HUGS* Your poo problems *points to toilet* I hope your days get better sweets, hang in there *hugs*

Lurve you! Enjoy what you can while in vacay :)

Ev3rYdAYFabULouS said...

My HeaRT GoeS ouT tO yoU!!!
MaNy PrayerS HapPy THoughtS GoiNg yoUr wAY!!!
i GueSS Everyone haS said whaT iS to bE sAid... hee hee
i HoPe yoU HAVE an AbsoLuteLy WondERfuL WeEK!!
STAy FABuLouS LovE!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your week. :-(

Hope things get better fast...

Lily said...

OMG i lost my ring 2 months after my boyfriend gave it to me!!! i so know how you are feeling!!!! i used to take mine off a lot too cuz the diamond would get in the way of everything! even when i try to put my hands in my pocket, the ring would get caught... so i freaking lost it one day and it sucks, but things happen and it will be okay. keep your head up!

Elisa said...

Hi! Sorry that you lost your ring. It was beautiful. update us! I would like to know if you were able to find it. I hope so! Things will get better ! Cheer up!!

Siaosan said...

Hi Tao, sorry to hear about the ring,.. My experience taught me that you never take off your ring even though you are washing your hands or putting on the lotion,...and when you take off, always put at the same place everytime :) ... i'm sure this will never happen to you again if you follow this rule...
becasue you can always clean your ring if you wish... anyway,... i'm sure things will get better, don't worry....

Emilee @ GMM said...

Argh, so sorry to hear about the ring, Tao! I'm not much of a jewelry person either, so whatever I have stays on my finger or neck, no matter what, lol.

10 pounds isn't too bad, and can be lost in a reasonable amount of time. Don't worry about it, hun. :)