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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Simply Natural's Haul!

Since gas price has been going through the roof, I've decided to no longer shop in stores, but instead to shop online (naughty naughty)! Well, thanks to Christina, I've found a new minerals website called Simply Natural's and discovered a new love!

Although there are more than 200 colors on the website to choose from, each is priced at a measly $1.85, I decided to play it safe and ordered their color collections (around $12 for 7-8 colors). They come in 5 gram jar fill to the rim (very full), and individually wrapped w/ names on top. Here are some pics of my invoice and package.

Total damage:

Fluorescents (
Our Fluorescent color family are cosmetic-grade pigments which are made by combining D&C certified dyes with a resin matrix technology.
The result is clean, bright pigments with virtually no bleeding or staining which are UV and Blacklight responsive):

Lollipop (bright pretty colors w/ medium sheen):

Low Sheen (
A blend of oxides and mica makes up this super soft collection of Multi-Use Mineral Makeup Colors. They blend smooth with any of our Mineral Colors. Use alone or create your own unique colors by mixing together):

Satin (
Strong Satin colors moderately shiny. High sheen. Excellent for highlighting. If you like that Smokey Eye look....These colors are for you! They're very soft and creamy) :

They forgot to include one pigment from the low sheen collection called "bark", which is a light brown. I emailed them, and they promptly replied and agreed to resend it. Overall I'm very happy with Simply Natural's customer service/products. However, the tiny little complaint I have is that they don't charge a flat fee for shipping, it's depending on how much you buy. Here's the shipping fee chart I took from their website:
$0.01 USD - $9.99 ----> $5.95
$10.00 USD - $49.99 ---->$7.95
$50.00 USD - $99.99 ----> $14.95
$100.00 USD - $199.99 ----> $16.95
$200.00 USD - and up ----> $19.95

Yes, I agree it's kind of expensive, but we have to take into consideration that they ship Priority mail, the postage is going up due to the high price of gas, AND how inexpensive their products are! My order came within 2 days and the total was $50+change (including shipping) for 30 pigments (5 grams each)!! MAC e/s is 1.5 grams for $14!! So, you can only get 4 (at most) MAC e/s for the same price as 30 pigments!!! I consider Simply Natural's products as a great deal, and I will definitely rebuy from them, and probably try their bath&body stuff (sounds promising)!

That's it, I'm pooped! However, I will do a detailed swatch/review soon, so stay tuned!


P.S. My teeth hurt like a mofo! Can you see that the tips of my tip are translucent (and that my mouth is asymmetric)?


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Hey Tao. I just wanted to let you know that their shipping is cheaper on their ebay website. :) That's where I ordered mine from. :D

flyamoon said...

how is the color intensity/pigmentation?

Jnie said...

Sooo very pretty. It reminds me of candy, i'm definitely going to check out that site ..$1.85??
I love your youtube videos...

Lily said...

i just ordered some too. they're beautiful aren't they?

Angie said...

Great haul!!! Can't wait for your reviews and lovely eyes w/ them! I'm so temtped to buy them too!

ilurvemakeup said...

I wish I was into loose shadows, but I'm too addicted to pressed :) Nice haul as always love. I love you teeth and mouth hehe *kissy* <3

Xuanie said...

i love simply naturals mmu! i got the lollipop ones and i love it!

Nanzy said...

Hi Tao, I'm new to your site but I've watched your youtubes many times, I think you have an awesome makeup technique and I always enjoy every single hauls of yours.

Your Simply Natural's haul are great, I ordered 5 colors from their Ebay stores : )

I'm gonna add you to my blog if you don't mind!