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Saturday, July 19, 2008

I need to chop my fingers off....

I've been spending money like I'm a Hollywood celeb (which I'm obviously NOT)...
In one week, I spent over $300 via online shopping...
Someone please cut my credit cards/tie my hands behind my back/disable all internet collection/burn down all malls so I can shop!!!

Seriously...The orders I made are from:
Jesse's Girl-->$34
Korean beauty shop-->$50 (on FREAKING NAILS!)
Sally's -->$20

My wallet is crying/screaming/abhorring me right now! I'm sorry dear wallet...I didn't really mean to! I...just...slipped...I'm SORRY!!!!

Goal: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, spend money on any appearance related stuff before August. From now on, I can only buy from ONE site every month. You, my fellow bloggers, are my witnesses. Please discipline me if you see my slipping... I need to count on you guys to crush some of my lemmings in the future. Thanks!



purple snowflake said...

Sigh,, i know how that feels..
I am currently in that stage too want to buy every thing..

It's hurting your wallet but u don't have to chop your fingers off><

kim mai said...

I know how it feels, i buy most of my makeup online because it's just so easy and convenient but i've sort of learnt how to control myself because i was using up the money my mother gave me to buy my car for makeup and also because i've sacrificed too many things like clothes and jewellery for makeup . blah! and to make things worse makeup in australia is double or more the price of usa even drugstore brands =(

eBeautyBlog said...

I know how that feels too...or shall I say, every girl must know how that feels like. LOL. But girl, what kind of goal is that? only til August? and only spending on one site??! LOL. on a happier note, can't wait for your reviews on the goods you've ordered. LOL

Nic Nic said...

I've had that feeling of guilt after buying so much too.. love to see your haul!

Lily said...

haha cut your credit card in half! i cut mine in half after i bought a whole bunch of mac stuff... it didn't help with online purchases, but it definitely helped with buying things in person cuz i couldn't swipe the card lol.

Anonymous said...

ive been spending alot lately 2. :( mostly on clothes and just really random stuff. not on makeup cuz ive baned myself from it til september =O yea. im totally bummed right cuz i couldnt get these tickets..yea that was random but just thought i shared that w/ u. but cant wait til the hauls u do and the reviews & stuff

Vanessa said...

I feel you girl! I have been on a no-buy for about 4 days now and I am having severe withdrawal symptoms!

Anonymous said...

ok its your money and you can spend it however you like, however it seems that you have a serious retail problem, with a concentration in cosmetics. with all the makeup you have already, why do you feel the need to keep buying more? you could've saved that $300 to buy books for fall semester!

Angie said...

Lol, poor thing. I seriously am in the same predicament lol. I feel that I go through some withdrawal state if I don't do any online shopping for a while hahah. So I definitely feel your pain and suffering lol. There should be some support group for us like the AA haha

Sara said...

Aww, I think most of us beauty bloggers can relate! :[

it takes alottaaa self-control huh!!!

Nevertheless, you provide an awesome blog for all of us! I will be checkin your blog now that I've came across it. So many products!
& I'm linkin ya if that's okay?

haha try to control the urges, it's HARD!


Emilee @ GMM said...

It doesn't help that everyone's constantly posting about new products. :P

But don't worry, we'll keep you in check! I'm starting to get a little tired of hauling (how many bronze e/s do I really need, right?), so it's a start!