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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Purple Smokey look!

Hey guys! I'm procrastinating like there's no tomorrow! I've been watching Law & Order Criminal intent all day (I LOVE DETECTIVE GOREN!! HE'S SO FREAKISHLY SMART!!!). I SHOULD be studying, but knowing me, I'd rather pull an all-nighter the day of the exam, LOL!

I did a purple smokey look today because I realized that I've never done a purple smokey look before (gasp! How could I have not? I love purple AND smokey!!!). Anyways, on to the FOTD!

The result:

The drugged expression (yes, my tongue is quite huge):

What I used:
--Covergirl Aquasmooth cream foundation (my HG cream foundation)
--NYX Concealor in a jar in beige (on that HUGE ASS ant bite that turned into an open sore next to my mouth)
--Dior Air Flash illuminating concealor under my eyes

--EDM Everyday bronzer to contour
--Stila e/s in Rosebud as blush on apple

--Mark Wink wink all over lid
--Mark biscotti as highlight
--Mark Plum velvet to mesh the above 2 colors
--Mark Java to darken the crease
--Stila smudgepot in Black
--Rimmel Glam'eye mascara

--Mark Glossblossom Lip tint (HG!!!!!!!!)

Damn that huge ant bite!! DIE!

Wanna see something furry and warm?

This is what accompanies me when I do my tutorials...:D

Good night every one! Have a good one!



miemiemie said...

lovely purple eyes!:D

ilurvemakeup said...

OMG!!! Tao I love L&O too!!! Rob Goren is the hotness! Him and Eames are awesome together! I hate the episodes with 'Mr.B' UGH! I can never take show seriously with him cuz I think of SATC ~_~; His redhead partner is annoying as shit too lol

Love the look :) *kiss-kiss* to Happy :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tao!

Love this look! Btw are you attending summerschool?

xoxo Jaimie said...

OMG I LOVE YOUR KITTY! lol sooo adorable. and your smokey purple rocks!

Jules said...

Very pretty purple look Tao!! Oh and guess what, I ordered coverblend online. I really want to try it out. Out of all the face products, I notice that you use this more religiously than others. So hopefully, it will work for me as well. Thanks. ^_^

N a b i said...

I really like purple smokey on your eyes, it makes your eyes popup :P Awwww your kitty is sooooo cute, what's her name :P Very cute :D

Nic Nic said...

this is a beautiful smokey, not too dramatic and quite soft looking! I love how you done your eyebrows too.. what do you use?? :)

eBeautyBlog said...

Beautiful as always!!! Your kitty is super cute! What's his/her name?

Ling said...

I can't be wrong, you are Selina from SHE! lol. Do you get that alot? haa.

I love the eye makeup and your cat is adorable!!

LadyJane said...

You have beautiful skin Tao! And your kitty is adorable!!

Anonymous said...


Kanita said...

dear tao,
I have recently come across your blog through another beauty blog, and didn't even notice until the other day that you are a UF student as well. Small world, and I'm glad there is someone else in Gainesville who is as obsessed with makeup as I am. I have just read some of your older posts (including the buy one get 2 nivea lip care at walgreens that I definitely missed out on )and was really happy to find out about that redken salon. I'm sick of paying so much money to get my hair dyed/cut every few months, and I'd really like the try that place, the only thing is I'm still kind of apprehensive that I might get a student hairdresser who isn't good. Could you tell me who did your hair because yours looks amazing, and I wouldn't be worried if I could make an appointment with the same person.

Thanks so much,

Jacqueline said...

Hi Tao! I've been watching/reading your videos and blog for awhile and you're so inspiring! I purchased Chinois from Stila, and you're right - it's such a great highlight color! It hides the little hairs and makes my brows look so clean lol. Thank you!