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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have a reason for being absent....

Because my BF's family (part of) came up for a UF Football game this weekend! We were playing Ole Miss, and since his stepdad works for the Miami Heat, they got tickets randomly to go see different games. I was just "eh~" because I'm NOT a fan of any kind of sports, except for figure skating and gymnastics, and that's only because I love to see people fall on their butts. SUPPOSEDLY Ole Miss isn't very good, but apprarently they are, since they whipped our Gator asses yesterday at the game. We lost by ONE FUCKING POINT! We were tied til the 20 minutes, and then they had a touchdown (6 pts), and successfully kicked the ball through the little hook thing (Getting technical here, aren't we? Seriously though, I DO NOT GET THIS SPORT!). Then WE get a touchdown, and freaking MISS THE HOOK THING!! WTF?! Isn't that supposed to be like a free point or something? Whatever. This is my 3rd year at UF, and I'm graduating spring of 09'. This was my 1st and last game. I'm pretty sure I won't be attending anymore games. I'd MUCH rather sell my season tickets (eventhough now they can't sell very much since we ATE it yesterday).
Since they got "special" tickets, we got to sit in the box seats. They had a lot of free food (YEAH!) and airconditioning, so I had nothing to complain about that. Although apparently if you are a student and you watch the game in the regular seats, you have the STAND the ENTIRE time! So yesterday, 90% of the 90,000 people in the Ben Griffin Stadium stood in the blazing sun for 4 HOURS! Yea, fuck that shit. NO MORE!
Before the game, we were ready to be picked up.

Me and BF! We were twinners that day...

Yes, I did the makeup to show my (nonexistent) Gator spirit:

We were there 2 HOURS before the game!!! I was all like: "Since Ole Miss sucks, there won't be that many people here anyway."....

I was proven wrong!

Family pic! L-R: Me, Nathan, Nathan's mom, Nathan's stepdad, Nathan's sister (gorgeousness), and her friend (whom I thought was like 18, but apparently she's celebrating her Sweet 16 in 8 days...)

Couple pic. DON'T MAKE FUN OF MY HAIR! It was really hot...I know I know, I looke like a unemployed house keeper...I shall not make this mistake again...

Food! Yes, I know I need more fiber, but...yea.

Bloopers...Double chin much? My BF was pissed b/c he didn't want to show any PDA.

Holy double chin!

On a different note, I think I found a foundation that can be compared to MUFE HD foundation. I know the HD foundation has been getting a ton of raves, but I don't really care about the price tag of $40 a pop. Besides, in a little shit town like Gainesville, our Sephora doesn't even have it! So, I was cleaning out my (annoying huge) stash 2 weeks ago, and I found a never opened bottle of Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy Natural Beauty Your Skin Makeup Foundation (wow, try to say that 5 times fast). I also have the matching pressed powder that I never used. I tried it since I really need coverage nowadays, because I skin has been purging for the past 2 weeks since I started using AHA solution. I know I shouldn't pick at the pimples...but I can't help it. Holy mother of Jesus, I don't think I need the MUFE HD foundation anymore! The coverage and finishing of the foundation and AMAZING!! Holy skin! Damn! Here's the proof:
The foundation:

The powder:

My before:

My after:

Deer in the headlights:

There's nothing scarier than a scary asian:

I truly belive that diret sunlike is automatic Photoshop.

That's it you guys! I'm probably making another post tonight, but no guarantees. Have a great day!


suxian said...

hi. i just want to know the shade that you chose for the sally hansen foundations. thanks!

iamgrape1119 said...

Suxian: I used 1000-10 Nude beige, but it's slightly pinker than my natural skin tone. I'm thinking of trying Ecru beige.

Gee said...


OMG!! I was so depressed when we lost yesterday! lose at the Swamp is so embarrassing -_-;;

Aww, the games are fun! I bleed orange & blue, lol. I love being Gator, except for yesterday...!!

I wish I could pull off orange like that!!

AND that Carmindy foundie does look amazing!! I've been looking for a good drugstore foundie. I'll definitely have to check it out!! Thanks for the tip!!

I've been lemming MUFE HD foundie, but $40? Ugghh...

flyamoon said...

wow i want that sally hansen now.

so you're graduating in 3 years? how impressive!
im guessing you took a lot of extra classes. lol

Askmewhats said...

I love your shirt and that's a cute twin photo! You and your BF looks awesome! sweet!!!!!

Aaawww that Sally Hansen looks great on you!!! thanks for all the photos!!!

miemiemie said...

that foundation looks amazing on yuo! great find!:) haha yes the MUFE products are pricey,even here in the philippines i think they're pricier? haha

Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

hey honey! i got my package today (mail man got here super early!) thanx for the goodies!!! i love everything! :D omg! where did you get that foundation? i really like the coverage! i need it some coverage ... Studio Fix aint working :(

Nic Nic said...

that foundation looks really good on you!! cute makeup hehe

Emilita said...

Wow, that foundation looks amazing...I just happened to come across your blog, but I think you may have influenced my next beauty purchase :)

miemiemie said...

oh yes, i love wearing black too..along with grays, i love boring colors :) haha

is the sally hansen foundation safe for sensitive skin? did it clog your pores?

yumeko said...

wow i want to try sally hansen foundation now

you look really good with it ^^

your skin tone looks similar to mine so i'll definetely be checking your blog out from now on ^^

Lily said...

haha i don't watch sports either... but once in a blue moon i do go to some sport games and i pretend to be a die hard fan... hahaha!

Vanessa said...

you guys are so cute! Love how you two are matching! And nice haul!

myystiqueen said...

oh.. nice makeup tao... i really love you e/s... ^^

and that foundation?? it really does its job, eh?? great find... ^^

North Princess said...

you are funny, cracks me up :P

Ethereal Prey said...

wow! that makeup by carmindy works really well on you! i totally want to check it out now!