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Monday, September 1, 2008

What's in my purse+Everyday Essentials+Bday Party!!

FYI: I'm ADDICTED to Jon & Kate plus 8!! Like ADDICTED!!! Those little MOFOs are TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!! LOL! I want to squish them like a bug... Ok, Ok, I will stop now...

Since it's Labor day, and I have NOTHING to do (except for watching the above show ALL DAY, of course), I've decided to make a post on my purse content and everyday essentials.

This is my (non-school day) purse: Louis Vuitton Speedy 25.

I got this as a birtday present from my mom for my 19th birthday. To be completely honest, even though I will get stone to death for saying this, I don't really like designer stuff. Whether it's bags, clothes, shoes, glasses, makeup, etc. I feel like I'm just paying for the brand. The main reason why I don't like designer BAGS is that I think they are too hard/heavy. I know that's from the leather, but still. Yet I still carry this one b/c my mom gets sad when I don't use the stuff she buys me...

Not beauty related:

From L-R, T-B:
--Crystal Lights on the go: I HAVE to have my Crystal Lights to go packets (my fave flavors are Wild Strawberry(Energy) and Peach Mango Green Tea (Metabolism)). They make plain H2O taste like fun drinks, AND they help you lose weight (or supposedly)
--My keys: DUH~ I got that UF Gator Car keychain before I OWNED a car! LOL!
--My cell phone: Fugly piece of skittles, ME WANT AN I-PHONE!!! NOW!!!! *throws a tantrum*
--My Ipod: Can't live w/o
--My Wallet: Prada Saffiano M523A. Also got as a birthday present from my beauty ma ma. As you can probably tell, my mom likes to buy me expensive things, but it breaks my heart to even mention to her that I prefer cheaper alternatives....
--My Planner: Go Walmart! I got it for $4!! Since I'm such a spaz, I need to jot things down for me to remember them.
--My UFID: need to go take the bus for free, otherwise it's $0.50 each time... NO TENGO DINERO, Bro!
--My checkbook: You never know. I'm a credit card kinda gal, but I have to keep this just in case my credit cards don't go through (never happens, but I've heard horror stories).
--Gum: Trident is the best kind!! Deliciousness!
--Candies:...Need I say more? I'm addicted to Whoppers lately, so...ya!

Beauty related:

I NEED to have bobby pins!! Also, my makeup bag is the medium soft-sac from MAC (this is HUGE!)

Open this monster:

All laid out:

L-R, T-B
--Kiss my face honey & Calendula moisturizer: smells kinda funky, but very moisturizer. It's also small enough for me to carry it around.
--Visine: My eyes get dry like WOAH! So I need to keep eyedrops w/ me all the time.
--Hair ties: they are LIFE SAVERS in blazing hot summers!
--Dior Airflash concealor: Since it's SO hot and humid here in FL, I need to touch up my face sometimes. Since I have HORRIBLE dark circles, I need a good concealor for easy touch ups. I like how this brightens up my under eye area so people don't notice my dark circles as much.
--MAC e/l in teddy: Since sometimes the e/s smudges a little under my eyes, I use this to line my bottom eyes and smudge it out for a natural smokey eye.
--Lancome Juicy Tubes in Tickled Pink: I love this color! It's a VERY shiny MLBB color.
--Stila Convertible Color in Petunia: I use this on my cheeks ONLY, then I dust....
--MAC Blot powder in Medium: on top. Since the Convertible is a little sticky and that my t-zone gets a little shiny, it's great to keep this around. It eliminates any oilies like *snaps finger* THAT!
--Smith's Branbleberry lip balm: I didn't really like the original one since it smells kinda funky, but I love this smell. I know a lot of people don't like it, but I LOVE IT! I use this as a lip conditioner. It look kinda fuschia in the pot, but it goes on a VERY light pink. It's really pretty.

Everyday Essentials (MORNING), meaning, I use them EVERY SINGLE Morning!

--B. Kamins Chemist Bio-Maple Vegetable cleanser: The gentlest facial cleanser EVER! I use it in the morning to wash away my Ly-Na pearl cream in the morning. Otherwise I don't wash my face w/ cleanser in the morning. This is very expensive though, I believe this is $34. My mom swears by this brand and Sesheido. She uses the Day cream ($71) and Night cream ($89). I call her crazy, but she buys them for me, so I can't complain. I've used their Bio-Maple Day lotion SPF 15 ($71), and it was the BEST THING ever! It was very light and moisturizing at the same time! It was the 1st day cream I've ever used up (good times, good times)! I wanted more, but I really couldn't shell out so much moolah on a day lotion...but I digress....

--Merlot Grapeseed moisturizer: Girls, RUN to your nearest Walgreens and pick this baby up! It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! I've always like grapeseed products since it's anti-aging, but this smells great, is not greasy, moisturzing, AND affordable. I picked this up at Walgreens for $14. IT'S HUGE too! It's a cream, but it quickly transforms into liquid once it hits your skin and gets absorbed like in 5 secs. i love this. I feel that my skin has gotten a lot clearer and brighter. I love this!
--Fix+: Self explanatory.


L-R, T-B:
--Ben Nye Visage Poudre in Banana: THE finest milled loose powder I've ever tried! It mattifies my face in a snap, and it's SUPER affordable. I got it at makeupmania, I got it for like $15, and it's HUUUGGEEE! Banana goes on like translucent, so i don't even look like I'm wearing it. LOVE it!
--L'oreal HIP creme liner in brown: for natural looks
--Stila smudgepot in black: My HG! I use it 5 out of 7 days of the week. I will keep buying this for ever!
--Maybelline Mineral powder concealor: I'm out of my Coverblend beige concealor, which is my HG, and the light is TOO light for me at the moment, so I compromised and bought this. I really like it, but I love my Coverblend more. :)
--EDM O-glow fdtn: 'Nuff said
--MAC Emote: My perfect contour color, I'm so worried that I will use it up.
--MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden: HIT PAN! Can't wait to use it up!
--Maybelline full & soft mascara: for definition
--Rimmel Glam'eyes mascara: for volume

Anyways, PARTY PICS! *I confess...I forgot take pics at dinner...*

Beer pong, anyone? ;P

Setting it up, look how serious he looks.

The Birthday girl and her lover watching helplessly as the ping pong ball bounce into the cups...then

People who love each other drink together...:D

Gotta fob it up even during a fierce battle! LOL!

Me and the Bday girl Martine! I love her! and I also love calling her Martini or Martian. *note to self, never put my face next to her, it's like a zero and a one again....*

Me, Martine, and her wonderful roommate Coleen. I love this pic!

The girls...I look pregnant and my boobs look pointy...this is great!

Power hour going on here. This is when you take a shot of beer every minute for an hour. They were wasted half way.

Again, the love birds, they look so cute!! The boy looks 16, but he's actually 22!!! Gasp! LOL, he gets so mad when I call him young.

Last but not least, for shits and giggles:
This is my face nekkid:

This is my face pseudo nekkid:

That's it y'all, good night!



Erica said...

lol so many pictures! hehe I like to watch Jon & Kate too. isn't it Jon & Kate plus 8? just owndering lol

eBeautyBlog said...

hmm...merlot grapeseed moisturizer sounds interesting. Do you use any other moisturizer beside this one? Your skin looks beautiful.

Lily said...

oh hell yes, i looooove jon & kate plus 8!!!!! i watch 5 hour marathons of that show haha. i always keep crystal light packets with me too. they just make everything taste so much better.

miemiemie said...

you still look pretty even when ur face is nekid :)

Anne @ said...

Hiyee, sorry for the delayed response. About your question, I didn't really get an order confirmation from them. The only confirmation kinda was an approval from paypal for the money. but that's about it. I wasn't exactly sure either that it went through since I just saw authorized when I checked my paypal account. I got counting the weekend) later since they were based in Oakland, CA.

Anyway, your mom can adopt meeeee :) cuteeeee stuff you have though.

Vanessa <3 said...

your purse is hot and so are you hehe

fuzkittie said...

You look almost no different with a naked face and a pseudo naked face! Except more glowy! :]

Nice purse, designer purses ARE heavy! I use them to train my arms. xD That prada wallet will last forever though, nice buy.

You carry A LOT of stuff lady!

jewels said...

Its nice of your mom to buy you designer bags.

Lani said...

i <3 jon n kate plus 8 toooo lol. they really are adorable though ;)

ilurvemakeup said...

Oh Tao my love, we're so alike and pack our bathroom with us LOL You should look into getting some Vera Wang from Kohls, I absolutely love my purple one. It's HUGE, but not heavy at all and the stitchings are great :D

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

aw your nekkid face is so cute!

Nic Nic said...

you look great with nekkid face :D

I have two things same as you, the speedy! lol my mum gave me hers...the handle gets dirty so easily tho o_O and a prada wallet - i have a long tho though ^^

yeah i thought it was a bit strange a guy was commenting on makeup!! XD

Hali said...

Wow.... You are looking great, have you applied mineral makeup?

ainstein said...

i love love love jon & kate +8!!! its my fave reality show lol.

you could just send over the gifts ur mom gets u to me LOL let her know it will be put to good use =P

Mademoiselle said...

omg......i also had a what's in your bag moment on my blog...I was so excited to see the same on your blog too.... woohoo! Lovely pics by the way.