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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall Trend FOTD

Hi guys! After 4 exams in less than 3 days, I'm completely dead, LOL! I know I'm lagging on my reviews, but I promise, I will get one in tonight. It will be the Merlot day cream and night cream.

However, I want to first present my Fall Trend FOTD. I couldn't resist, it's all about sultry eyes and dark lips, even though that makes me look like a vampire, I still wanted to try. I also tried to copy Catherine Zeta Jones's look here, but I completely failed. I don't have her demurring personality and style. She looks like a cat, and I...don't. LOL!

Here's the look I'm trying to recreate:

Here's my take, very drug addicted look:


Close up:

What I used:
--Sally Hansen Carmindy foundation for coverage (<--this is AWESOME!! my skin looks like utter shit right now!) --EDM Fairly light O-glow on top to give the glowing effect Cheeks: --MAC Emote --La Femme Peach blush --TBS Shimmer wave in peach Eyes: --La Femme Burgundy --La Femme plum --La Femme Irrid. white --Falsies Lips: --Rimmel jelly lipliner in toffee --Milani l/s in most lustrous --MAC clear lipglass Cam-whore!
Scary zombie lady is gonna attack you~~

Sexy much? LOL!

That's it guys, I will make another post tonight, I promise!! Otherwise you all can throw stones at me!


Le Midget said...

I love the shape of your lips. I hope you don't get creeped out by that haha.

Ling said...

Hey lady, even if that looks vampire-ish, that is one sexy vampire look!

Love it! :D~~

angie519 said...

Your lips are so pretty! And I love the shadow on your eyes!

kawaiikao said...

haha i like the last picture. i think you did an excellent job :]

fuzkittie said...

That looks amazing on you, the color! Smoldering!

Jaimie said...

I think you look so cute! I LOVE the lip color on you!

cheryl said...

wow what a dramatic look! i dun like it's vampire-y at all, but very elegant because of the wine colours. great job on the falsies.

angie519 said...

It's $50 for 7 colors. Which is about $7.14 each. If you'll use each color it's worth it! Thank you dear!!

Hahah, if you look closely and at my no makeup pic from the last post you can see all my scars and redness. My skin is FAR from perfect.

I can't even see your acne (so you say =P) in your picture!

Kimberly Tia said...

You make druggies look HOT... ahhahah

Love the review and cant wait for your merlot review, because I just LOVE the stuff now thanks to YOU!

I ended up getting the night cream too and talked one of my gf's into getting them also!!! ^_^

you created merlot monsters!!!

Nic Nic said...

you look great with or without makeup!

your makeup always gives you this glam effect, love it!

you look pretty with dark lips. I think i suck with dark lip colors!