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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I HATE period! Palin rant (don't read if you are a republican)+ FOTD!

It make you bloated, bitchy, look like shit, AND crave food that you don't even like!! Last night I couldn't stop thinking about pickled ARTICHOKE HEARTS! Holy mother! I NEVER eat those! Also I've been on very uncharacteristically bitchy lately, which means that my BF is suffering greatly. I swear, even the littlest thing sets me off.
Last night I was screaming at Sarah Palin on TV for like two hours. Not like I can vote, since I'm not a citizen yet, but even if I could, I'm not voting McCain Palin just because Sarah Palin hunts. What a cunt! I HATE people who hunt! I mean I understand if you are going to eat the animals that you kill, like elk and deer, but I FUCKING HATE PEOPLE WHO THINK HUNTING IS A SPORT! It's not!! It's just a way for people who are too pussy to do real sports. How superior do you feel when you kill Bambi's mom? I hate people who kill animals and chop off their heads and hang them in the living room. Wow, you are NOT such a rednech/white trash when you do that. I know I will offend a shitload of people by saying this, but I like rapists more than people that torture/kill animals for no reason(and NO, because it makes me feel good is NOT a reason). I want Sarah Palin to be gang raped, pour sulfuric acid on her vagina, then killed. Then she'll know the pain and misery the animals felt before bleeding to death. She passed a law in Alaska that allows people to go on helicopters and hunt WOLVES! WTF?! She's crossed eyed, annoying, and a fucking murderer! She doesn't allow abortions, even when the person was raped, or if something's wrong with the kid (like her own, b/c grandma can't keep her fucking legs closed). I'm definately PRO CHOICE. Grandma Palin needs to discipline her own daughter, whose name is BRISTAL(how stupid is that?! "S'cuse me, waiter! I'd love to have the Bristal on a bun, thanks!"), instead of trying to control America. She already thinks she's the president, because it's no longer "McCain Palin", it's "Palin McCain". I've said it and I will say it again: SHE'S ONLY CHOSEN BECAUSE SHE'S A WOMAN, AND REPUBLICANS WANT TO GET THE WOMEN VOTES! Guess what? AIN'T WORKING! My mom's usually on the Republican side (she likes the tax breaks), but even she's like "no HELL NO" this time. I don't care if you are a Repulican or a Democrat, choosing McCain equals to choosing Palin, cuz he's like 6879451325198765 yrs old, and will most likely die from a heartattack if he found out that he won. Then Palin will be the president. That's not Republican party you are voting for anymore, that's like ANTI-AMERICA! Damn! I mean I don't even care about foreign policy, but I doubt you know it just because you can see Russia from Alaska. If that's the case, then people in Florida know foreign policy too, because we can see Cuba from Florida. Stupid ass bitch!
-----------------------------------RANT OVER---------------------------------------------
I just realized that just by using a little bit of brown liner under you eyes will lenghten your eyes and add depth to them. Case in point:

--Stila Illuminating tinted moisturizer (my face is dryer than a desert since it's fall)
--EDM Fairly light semi-matte foundation over the top to balance out the shine
--MAC Emote blush to contour

--Tony&Tina self healing blush
--Revlon Diamond Lust in Pillowtalk Pink to highlight (Mistake! The shimmers are way too big, so it makes my pores look HUGE...not that they were small to begin with)

--Stila Mist e/s all over eye
--Stila Shell e/s on the outer v
--Stila Diamond Lil concentrating at the end of the eye
--Stila smudgepot in black
--Covergirl Smoother eyeliner in Mink on the lower lash
--Rimmel Glam eye mascara

--L'oreal HIP jelly balm in Ripe


What I do when the muic is good..

Guess what I got?!

At the end of the day (12am) when the makeup's faded and the lashes are off.



Vanessa M. said...

i will admit, i did not read your rant... lol BUT i love our eyeliner and your cat :) hehe I love that movie!

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

lmao i love the very many points of your post!

mayaari said...

I love the way you line your eyes!

Palin is an idiot. I just sent my friend an email with a list of the idiotic statements she's made in the past couple of interviews. She couldn't even name a periodical when she was asked what she reads to keep up with current affairs (her actual response was "all of them, any of them that were in front of me all these years.")! Not even an Alaskan newspaper - and she studied journalism in college. wtf.

Nic Nic said...

lol man how can such a cute face rant like that? :P

shes a bit hypocritical since her 16yr old is like preggers.

Palin sounds annoying already, and im not even living in US! LOL.

North Princess said...

Hehee, I have already set my mind on Obama, the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

God, you're absolutely right that Palin is a complete idiot. Oh no, now I'm sexist! Oh please, look what the Republicans (who are shoving their ass up Palin's nose) did to Clinton. Fucking insult to women that a vagina is all that is needed to get a vote.

Anonymous said...

tao! i love your blog and i have never commented before, but i just had to this time because i freakin loved your rant! you are soo funny and everything u said about grandma palin is so true! talk about a freakin idiot huh?! haha
<3 ellie

[zen] said...

Long time lurker here, but...


I thought Palin was okay at first until I did a bit of research. Seeing her at the interviews kind of sealed it for me. She doesn't know anything at all, and a lot of stupid feminists are going to tide over to her without even taking a glance at her policies. =/ I'm just glad that one of our largest national feminist groups are backing Obama, because "a woman has a right to choose, and McCain/Palin denies that right."

Also, sexy makeup look! =] I love the shape of your eyes.

Natasha said...

I agree 100% with you said about Sarah Palin, and I'm canadian!
Passing a law to allow people to shoot wolves from HELICOPTERS?!?!? No wonder they are going extinct!
This crazy lady.. ugh, I'm not even going to get into it.

You look absolutely beeeeautiful!
I love itttt. :)

Lily said...

whoooo OBAMA BIDEN!!! Palin is such a DITZ! She lives in a little bubble called Alaska and she feels like she's the queen of ice land. all hail palin, that stupid beez. anywho, i'm glad you are so passionate even though you can't vote. people who CAN vote still DON'T CARE!

myystiqueen said...

hi there tao..

yea... there will be, of course, a review... it's kind of myy first review, so don't expect too much.. lol

i'll let u know as soon as i have it posted...

as for the camera.... THANK YOUU SOO MUCHie-much...!! it works.. i don't even know the 'macro' function existed before.... oh.. gee.. thanks for the heads-up..!!

Roxy said...

LOL! i didn't know palin hunts. she's the one who's from alaska right? I'm so politically retarded. but I thought it was funny how you ranted on for a whiiile and all of a sudden you're like "did you know brown eyeliner..." haha! love the FOTD though the eyeliner really does work!