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Thursday, October 9, 2008

My first pictorial tutorial!! Smoky w/ Sweet Sienna (EXTREMELY pic heavy)

DUDESSSS!!! This took me forever and a half! I don't think I can handle this anymore! Holy mother of Jesus!! Anyways, I've had a couple of requests on doing a pictorial tutorial, and since I don't feel like making a video right now, I decided to make one.

I was bored this afternoon, and it was raining like a mother fucka, so I decided to match my eyes w/ the gloomy sky, and used one of my fave MAC pigment: Sweet Sienna. I have two, yes, I bought a back up. This look is SO easy despite the massive pics, so I hope you guys enjoy this, cuz I got so impatient I almost shot Happy, LOL!
1. Start with a clean moisturized face:

2. Prime your face w/ a primer, I used Monistat anti chafing cream

3. Put on your foundation. I use Sally Hansen Carmindy foundation with a MAC 187.

4. Put on concealer. I used Coverblend by Exuvience Multi Function concealer in Light, it's a little too light though. Dot it where you want coverage. BLENDDD!!!

5. Set your foundation/concealor with a loose powder. I used Ben Nye Banana Visage Poudre, THE BEST LOOSE POWDER EVER, with MAC 150.

6. (skippable) Put on some bronzer to give yourself a little color. I used Hard Candy SoCal Glow that I got from the 75% off sale! It's AMAZING! Don't forget your neck!

7. Contour! I used MAC Emote with MAC 168.

See the difference?

8. Contour your nose. I used MAC emote with MAC 222.

9. Prime your eyes. I used Paula Dorf eye primer.

10. Use a black base to intensify Sweet Sienna. I used Ben Nye cream color in Black, it's comparable to MAC CCB, but it's a lot oilier. But hey, it's only $4! It doesn't have to be perfect.

11. Get some Sweet sienna, and dab it on, blend it out, rock it!

12. Highlight your brow. I used Stila e/s in Chinois, since the lid is pretty shimmery, I don't want to add shimmer to my brows cuz then it will be too disco ball. BLEND the edges!!

13. Line your eyes! I use my FAVE!! Stila smudgepot in black! Make the line slightly winged out at the end, and connect it with the bottom liner.

14. Pat some Sweet Sienna on top of the bottom liner.

15. Take a breather.

16. Put on some falsies! Mines are from Ebay.

17. Do your brows! I used Stila e/s in espresso

18. When the glue is dried, put on some mascara. I used Rimmer Glam'eyes.

19. Finished eye look!

20. Blush! I used a creme blush from Ben Nye called Carnation pink with MAC 188. I love it!

21. Highlight your cheeks! I used NYC MSF in Moonstone.

22. Line your lips. I used MAC Subculture.

23. Put on some lipstick. I used L'oreal Colorjuice stick in Strawberry Fields.

24. Apply l/g. I used NYX Goddess of Night in Smoky look. I think I used too much, it looks like shit.

25. DONE!! Oh, and cam-whore!

Last but not least...Look how squishable Happy looks!


fuzkittie said...

AWw Happy is so cute. Girl, you literally doubled, or maybe even tripled, the size of your eyes!! I love it. Lips look juicy too. And LOL @ take a breather.

miemiemie said...

great tutorial!:) love the smokey eye look you did,you always do your eyes so well! its like you can transform every time you do a look!:) cool! haha i'm so excited to earn monnnneeeey,haha..i'm afraid i'd go broke with my first paycheck coz for sure im gonna do some haulin!:)

angie519 said...

Your kitty is SOO cute!!!

You have AMAZING cheekbones! I'm awfully jealous!

You've reminded me to contour my nose! Hahah thanks!

Btw, you look amazing (!!) with eyeliner! I don't pull off eyeliner as well.

Askmewhats said...

awww girl! i love your tut! So helpful!!! and I honestly LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you line your eyes so perfectly!!!! I heart Stila Smudgepots in Black too!!! Lovely look!!!

ainstein said...

awwww happy looks so cute embracing himself! lol

love how it totally opens up ur eyes! pretty face =)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

goregous look! :) love it! :D

Leanne said...

Hi, sorry if this sounds dumb, but can you explain contouring? Thanks

Emilee @ GMM said...

This is such a gorgeous look, Tao! I'm going to have to try it out one of these days.

Quick question - what shade are you in the Carmindy foundation, and how do you like it? I keep hearing raves about it, but I hate buying drugstore foundation because it rarely matches.

p.s. your kitty is adorable!!

kawaiikao said...

i love how you do your cheeks and the look is great! thanks!

Nic Nic said...

great tut! you look awesome. the smokey is hot!

ahbeeedotcom said...

love the look where can you purchase ben nye products?

itsliz89 said...

I LOVE sweet sienna!!

Vanessa said...

gorgeous girl! great tutorial! you know how to work them hot sexy sultry smokey eyes! :)

Oh Carolina said...

beautiful! the 'take a breather' picture made me laugh so much hahah xxx

Ethereal Prey said...

now i'm going to check out the nyc chrome powder you used, you said it was like mac's msf, have you found one that's like drizzlegold yet? either way i'm hitting the drug store!

LadyJane said...

I have no idea where to begin with your tutorial. I never contour my nose and after seeing your tutorial, I might start figuring out how that works. I can't get over step #15 LOL. I LOVE your cheekbones. They are gorgeous. I never line my lips either and I just can't figure it out or am too lazy to find a color and brand that will work for me, but you're my inspiration now :) Your cate is too cute. If I wasn't allergic, I'll totally be a cat person.

tinkerbellax30 said...

love it your eyes look gorgeous =)

New Chapters. Same Vvn. said...

Hey Tao :)

I just happened to aimlessly surf the web and I came across your site.

I've put you on my favourites - you're amazing !!! :) I just know I'm going to be a regular on your blog, and you are so so funny !!! :)

Keep doing what you're doing cuz its fabulous !

Connie said...

great tutorial! I'm squishing the kitty. so cute!

Anonymous said...

in what section did you purchase the Monistat creme?? I looked for it at Walmart in like the pad/tampon aisle but didn't see it! Help! Thanks! -Amanda

ps.I'm one of your subscribers on youtube..(ellotia)

Bitter Sweet said...

big thanks for this tutorial..lurve it!!