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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Prepare to be shocked..

Drum roll please...Introducing my makeup collection!!! Seriously, I have shit load. I have so much that I get annoyed picking out what to use.... The pics were taken like 3 months ago, so I've acquired A LOT more A LOT MORE! I left out a bunch of stuff too b/c that how I roll.

Primer (left out monistat, MAC p&p)

Tinted moisturizer:


Pressed Powder:



La Femme:


TBS(t) and Revlon(b):


WnW (l) and Revlon (r):


Maybelline, Jane, and NYC


Benefit(small ones), Sally Hansen (under benefit), Tony & Tina (squares), Thu



Cargo and Stila



La Femme

Urban Decay

La Femme (top) and Black Radiance (b)

Prestige and Avon baked e/s

L'oreal HIP and Ulta

More HIP, Avon quad, Milani quad (middle row), CG trio (b)

Milani and Revlon

NYX (I have WAY more now)


misc e/s palette:

Loose e/s:
EDM, Larenim,MUFE, Fresh mineral, NYX

La Femme



Lip glosses:

Neutrogena, Sally Hansen, The balm, Revlon

Maybelline, Revlon, L'oreal

Nars, Dior, Lancome, Maybelline, NYX

Victoria secret and BBW

Lipsticks: (I forgot my MACs)


Lip treatment:



eBeautyBlog said...


You have that many blushes??? Oh girl, when r u gonna be able to used them up???

Nice collection!!!

Jessica Dee said...

holy crap! where do you live? So i can jack some thangs outta your stash! LOL you make me ashamed of my collections ;[

Kimberly Tia said...

o m g .......WOMAN!!

thats makeup for an entire army!!! but im envious, I love it... it's a girls DREAM HAUL!

Roxy said...

ahh i love seein gother people's collections! i love all your blushes!

fuzkittie said...


I thought I had too much, now I can feel okay with buying more makeup. hahaha. Omg, amazing, I definitely enjoyed looking at everything. It must have taken a long time laying everything out and taking pictures then putting them back, haha.

Emilita said...

I think my head just exploded. Lol.

Awesome stash. I will definitely be following your blog to see how you use all that cool stuff, and what you recommend. Thanks for taking the time to photograph and sort it all for our viewing pleasure.

I especially like the blushes. I'm looking for something appropriate for pale winter skin right now.

SueLynn said...

Hhhhmmm...I recall seeing large haul videos of EDM...Have you stopped using them?

Askmewhats said...

*drools* Your collection is worth checking out and I just want to go there and grab some (you won't even notice) lol

ainstein said...

damns! how long did it take u to acquire all these goodies?!

aireen said...

holy cow woman!!! that is a whole lotta make up!

Denishabeybeh said...

you've got so many make ups!
really! it's like entering beauty bar. am shock! but in a good way.

i love make up. but sad to say am allergic especially with my eyes. it reds easily. so am really depressed now seeing all your stuff. i some too. too bad all i can use is blush and some lip color.

quick question?
does a make up have an expiry date?

btw i love ur eyes! so cute! and uv got pretty skin.

Alyssa said...

Whoa girl that's a lot of makeup! I understand though because I have the same habit of buying when I don't need any more cosmetics *sigh*.

Nic Nic said...

fuck, you have a lot makeup!!! HAHHAHAA

you have a lot of blush.... which is great... blush is like a staple for me now.. i never used to wear much blush a yr ago xD

Im afraid i will never reach your status of makeup collection, but it's really an eye-opener!! :D

xJUDYx said...

great stash!

kawaiikao said...

OMGOSH! your stash is amazing!! so which ones are your favorites? :]

Vanessa M. said...

yay! i love seeing peoples collection! you have great stuff! yo have so many blushes, do you think you could do a tutorial on how you wear them? i wanna live in your stash! hehe

xppinkx said...


u have enough...cheese and lice!!!....

give some to the NEEDY!

Tina Marie Online said...

It's like a make-up store in your own room! I love your pigment collection!!

rasilla said...

Damn! That's one gorgeous collection!
I wanted to try out the La femme stuff...that is until I found it was like 20 dollars to ship to me! DAH!
But I definitely rethought that when I saw your blushes!

Nanzy said...

ok, when I saw your blush collection, I was like "Oh..Tao's a blush whore", but as I moved down to your MACs, I went "hmm...or a MAC whore"

until I reached your lipgloss collection part...*faints*
never seen so many lipglosses in my life LOL

Onik said...

O M G!!! loveee you beauty hauls :)))
why not show your loose powder collection?

ulfi said...

how long does it take for you to collect all those makeups?? WOW!

LadyJane said...

HOLY SH*T. That IS a shitload. Now I don't feel so bad about my mini collection. How do you go through everything? I can barely keep track of my makeup. Look at all your blushes!! *bows down* If only I lived next door, I will never hafta buy makeup again! LOL

tinkerbellax30 said...

OMG, that is a lot! lol your blush collection makes me drroooll actually it's your whole collection =)

iamsutil said... have TONS of makeup. i sooo envy u!

Anonymous said...

You do know that make-up expires right? How the hell are you going to use that all up?

quito said...

OMG hail to the chief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! drooling over your glosses and blushes.. lets not forgot the e/s too