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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Review: Merlot Grapeseed Moisturizers

Hi guys! So, as promised, here's my review for Merlot Grapeseed moisturizers.
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There are two versions of the moisturizers. One is called Merlot Grapeseed Moisturizer (Anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, SPF 15), which is the day cream I refer to. The other version is called Merlot Moonlight Radiance Night Cream, which is the night cream I refer to.

The DAY cream
Price: $14 for 4 oz

Where can you get it: Walgreens, its website

What it claims:Creme de Vin is made of natural red grape seeds polyphenols. It offers sensational antioxidant properties thereby helping to inhibit the aging process.

What it is: It's a light lavender colored moisturizer that's made from grape seeds. It's a very liquidy lotion that goes on very "wet" and gets absorbed instantly.

What I like about it:
--It's very moisturizing, and the moisturizing property lasts a long time
--It feels very light on, not like you are wearing moisturizer, but your skin just feels soft and supple
--it's oil free
--it doesn't clog pores (on me)
--the SCENT!! It's so amazing! It's very refreshing.
--you get a lot of bang for your buck.
--It's fast absorbing, so you don't have to wait a long time to put on makeup
--SPF! Hello?

What I don't like about it:
--The packaging is kinda ugly in my opinion. It's too simple.
--It comes in a jar so you have to dip your finger in it, which is not the most sanitary thing.
--It might be hard to find for those of you that are NOT in the US.

The NIGHT cream:
Price: $20 for 4 oz

Where to get it: same as day cream

What it claims:
Merlot's Night Cream combines natural grape seed antioxidants with powerful peptides to fight free radicals, boost skin tone, and increase skin thickness. Formula locks in moisture to keep skin feeling hydrated and healthy.
--Visibly reduce and reverse deep lines and wrinkles
--Promotes thicker skin and better skin tone
--Helps promote collagen formation and skin elasticity

What it is: It's a white cream that's made from grape seeds. It is a lot thicker than the day cream, which is understandable, since it's more moisturizing. The price is slightly higher due to the higher concentration of the grape seed antioxidants.

What I like about it:
--my skin literally GLOWS in the morning after I used it at night
--Doesn't clog my pores/cause pimples
--my skin seems firmer afterward
--Again, the scent is amazing!

What I don't like about it:
--I had to share it with my mom (or so she said, after I caught her taking mine)! She put some in a little bottle, and split the cream w/ ghetto is that?!
--Again, the packaging

Here are the products (the one in blue is the night cream)


The texture, night cream on left, day cream on right. As you can tell, the day cream is a lot more liquidy than the night cream. The day cream is more like a gel as oppose to the cream-like consistency of the night cream.

I give them 5 out of 5!! Strongly recommended!!!


angie519 said...

Hrrrm I've been seeing that everywhere in the blog world after Vanessa's review! Thanks! I didn't know they had a night cream too! I love the purple color =P

fuzkittie said...

Hmmm sounds promising! I love grapey smells.

cheryl said...

interesting products...!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

okay, i'm getting the day one with my next paycheck! if i don't react to it, i may have to try the night time one! :) thanks for the helpful review, i've honestly been looking for a good day cream. :)

ainstein said...

i got the day moisturizer and i loves it!

mayaari said...

I'm going to have to track this stuff down - I'm actually about to finish up my day/night creams and I want to find something a little better - thanks for the review!

Nikita2471 said...

I recently bought the night cream at a Walgreens far from my house for $4. I love this cream! You're right, my complexion seems brighter in the morning since I've been using it!

itsliz89 said...

I'm totally going to get the moisturizer within the next week. Right now I'm using Clinique's dramatically different moisturizing gel which is just a moisturizer. The Merlot looks like it has the light texture of the Clinique gel but with a lot of added benefits like SPF!

Anonymous said...

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Polin said...

Hi sweety...I am from UK...I,have been trying to find merlot with int shipping option but cudnt find any...after ur review I really want to try dis day cream.(for nite I use Egyptian magic)... I know u r busy but if I send u money with postage cost wud u b kind enough to buy da product n send it to me?plz let me know....

Polin said...

no reply!!!!hi tao u cud atleast reply me saying u cant do it...atleast i wudnt wait for ur reply...

Tao said...

Polin: Hi hun! I'm sorry I didn't reply in time. I've been very busy. Unfortunately I don't custom purchase anymore. I've done it before but it often gets complicated. You can try buying it from its official website. Thanks!