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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

China Glaze Haul + Swatches

Hi guys!! Thanks for all the great recs you guys suggested! I'll definitely look into them.

As promised, pics of my China Glaze haul. Before that though, I'd like to take a sec and say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE CHINA GLAZE!! I heard some where that China Glaze and OPI are owned by the same company, which probably explains why China Glaze's quality is AMAZING! The colors are so vibrant and funky, and last quite a while. Right now SALLY's Beauty Supply is having a sale, Buy 2 get one free. Also, if you have the Sally's card, instead of $6, it's $3.25, isn't that a freakin' steal??!!!! The sale ends 11/30, so I suggest all of you ladies go out and grab some. I got 18 nailpolishes for $41, which is like $2.3 each. I'm happy! :D
Together now:

Blue Sparrow: What I have on my nails. It's a bright blue with aqua glitters.

Turned Up Turquoise: An emarld color with subtle green shimmer. It's neon bright

Shower Together: LOVE the name. It's a true turquoise, although a bit more on the blue side.

For Audrey: Matte seafoam green/blue. Very Tiffany.

Solar Power: A shimmer bright yellow, reminds me of MAC Pro e/s in Bright sunshine (shows you how addicted I am when I compare EVERYTHING to makeup).

Heaven: A Heavenly color, LOL! It's a sheer pearly beige. Very classic and sophisticated.

Innocent: A pale pink, perfect to fake natural nail color or french mani.

Camisole: A very interesting color. it's a shimmery pale peach with green shimmer.

In Awe of Amber: Very gorgeous fall color. It's light, but very shimmery amber glitter. Great for layering over another color.

V: A matte mango color. Very summery.

Thataway: GORGEOUS!! Reminds me of a more pigmented/brighter version of NARS Orgasm nail polish.

Naked: A great shimmery pink. Very girly.

Japanese Koi: NEON coral. very bright! I wish they can have a l/g this color....Trust me, this color will make your nails the focal point.

Ruby pumps: THE christmas colors. Very Dorothy from Wizard of OZ. Very glittery and festive.

Spontaneous: A matte creamy violet color. A lot like Viz-A-Violet pigment.

Coconut kiss: A shimmery bright purple with red undertones.

Avalanche: A very rock-n-roll color. It's a steel purple-y grey color.

VIII: GORGEOUS!! very dark, but very very pretty. It's a cream dark burdandy color. great for fall/winter.

Swatches: everyone together:

NO flash: L-R
Blue sparrow, Turned up turquoise, Shower together, For Audrey

Solar Power, heaven, innocence, In awe of amber

Camisole, V, Thataway, Japanese Koi

Ruby Pumps, Spontaneous, Coconut Kiss, Avalanche, VIII

With Falsh: L-R
Blue sparrow, turned up turquoise, shower together, For Audrey, Solar Power, Heaven

Solar Power, Heaven, Innocence, In awe of amber, Camisole, V

Innocence, In awe of amber, camisole, V, Thataway, japanese Koi, Naked, Ruby pumps

Naked, Ruby pumps, spontanesous, coconut kiss, avalanche, VIII

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you soon!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Guys..I need help!

Hi guys!! First of all, let me just say thank you thank you thank you to all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I indeed had a very happy birthday.

Secondly, I want to get some advice. Right now my camera is a Sony Cybershot DSCW100 with 8.1 megapixel, but somehow it's crapping out on me. It doesn't zoom in like it used to, and the picture quality isn't the greatest. So, for xmas, I'm thinking of getting a new camera. However, since I'm pretty much technologically illiterate, I need some help finding one. I want one that takes very clear pictures and colors true to life, and zooms easily, and most importantly, not super expensive. I was looking at Nessa's blog, and I've always loved her pics, but the Nikon camera she uses costs $1200! I was like "Say WHAT?!", obviously, that's not really in my budget...I mean I COULD get it and starve myself (or live off of ramen) for 6 months, but I'd REALLY rather not. So to all of you tech savvy people...What do you recommend?

Thank you so much in advance for you help!

p.s. I just did a China Glaze haul, and I will upload the pics soon. The YT vid is uploading as we speak. Feel free to check it out! Peace!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Today I turned 21!! *Throws confetti*

Yes, I know you all want to know if I did anything special for my big day, and I know that you will all be disappointed when you hear "No I didn't". I know it might sound crazy, but I don't like birthdays, never have. I don't want to celebrate the fact that now I'm an old fart (well, not THAT old, but still, getting there). I still remember when I was 18, 21 seemed so far away, and *blink*, I'm here. I don't like parties, I don't like drinking, I don't like having too many people around me, so, as you guessed it, my 21st birthday is just another ordinary day in my life.

Yes, I got presents, many presents. I got tons of GC from my BF's family, got lot of $$ from my mom, and my BF bought everything from my wishlist on Beautycrunch (we are still poor, LOL. It might take us a few year to get through my WL on Sephora). I got loads of birthday wishes from my wonderful friends, both in real life and online. I want to say a big THANK YOU to those that wished me a happy birthday. My BF and I went to Outback to have dinner and joked around around. My mom stayed up til 12:01am in order to called me and wish me a happy birthday. I'm fortunate enough to have a mother who loves me more than her own life; I'm fortunated enought to have a boyfriend who is my lover, my best friend, and my soulmate; and I'm fortunated enought to have amazing friends who will always be there for me. I'm one LUCKY girl (woman)!

I didn't celebrate my Bdays any big way, since I'm going back to Miami next wedsday for Thanksgiving (the same day as my mom's Bday), so I'd rather spend it quietly with someone I love instead of having this huge party and invite random people. I will have a dinner get together with a few of my closest friends when I get back. Yes, I'm very elitist when it comes to my friends. I am a perfectionist when it comes to emotion. I CANNOT stand any flaws in relationships, which is why I still refuse to watch Angelina Jolie (ahem*husband stealer*ahen) movies. It's pretty tough to make it to my close friends list. I have a lot of friends to joke around with, have fun with, but the selected few whom I share my deepest secrets are the ones I will never let go.

I don't think I will be haulin' like mad like my previous birthdays because money is becoming hard to get now. I'm not working, so I have to think of how my mom would feel if I blow $500 on unnecessary makeup. I need to budget budget budget. I will be more mature and more understanding. This is my wish for my 21st birthday.

Again, thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday! I love you all!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vibrant Purple Smoky FOTD

Hi guys!! Today I did a tutorial on how to achieve this vibrant purple look. Here's the result:
(The flash made me look super shiny, but I swear I'm not)

What I used:
--EDM Light O glow
--Ben Nye concealer in Banana

--Ben nye contour 1
--TBS Blushing daisies dark
--TBS Blushing Daisies light

--Mehron Pastel Palette (dark purple)
--TKB Trading in grape pop
--TKB Trading in Love song
--Stila Chinois
--Stila espresso
--Stila convertible eye color in onyx

--L'oreal Jelly balm in succulent
--Rimmel l/s in Birthday suit
Close up:

Excuse the black stuff on the lips...idk what it is

The lashes gave me double eyelids!!!

You want a piece of me?

Guess not...(Don't I look like the green throw up face on MSN?)

Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wanna see how horrible my skin is? (Proceed with caution)

To be honest, I DON'T KNOW WHAT CAUSED IT! I'm suspecting the new moisturizer I've been using, but I'm not 100%, not even like 80%. It's just like BAM, 50+ pimple looking like thing all over my face and MY FUCKING EYES!!! I went to sleep one day completely normal, the next day...BAM swollen bee stung face!! I'm so depressed right now. My face hurts and itches...and it looks ugly. I REALLY need some Prozac pronto.

Some people were being extra nice yesterday and said that my skin doesn't look that bad...well trust me, it is. I've never been so thankful for makeup in my entire life.

This is me all bare-faced...I know, SCARY!! My eyes are very swollen b/c I have like 4 zits on each eye...

This is me after makeup! Hallellujah! Not 100% perfect, but A LOT bettern than before. At least I have eyes now...

What I used:

EDM Light O-Glow
UD ransom e/s (upper lid)
La Femme Sparckle dust in Black Orchid (outer V and lower lashline)
Stila Chinois as highlight
Stila espresso on brow
Stila smudgepot in Black
Hard Candy Candy coating l/g in Caramel (forgot to include in pic)

Close ups:

Cam Whore:

Can I choke on my own spit?

...Not really


This is the Good o'time when my skin was close to perfect...I had absolutely NO face makeup whatsoever in these pics...

I'm officially sad....