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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

China Glaze Haul + Swatches

Hi guys!! Thanks for all the great recs you guys suggested! I'll definitely look into them.

As promised, pics of my China Glaze haul. Before that though, I'd like to take a sec and say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE CHINA GLAZE!! I heard some where that China Glaze and OPI are owned by the same company, which probably explains why China Glaze's quality is AMAZING! The colors are so vibrant and funky, and last quite a while. Right now SALLY's Beauty Supply is having a sale, Buy 2 get one free. Also, if you have the Sally's card, instead of $6, it's $3.25, isn't that a freakin' steal??!!!! The sale ends 11/30, so I suggest all of you ladies go out and grab some. I got 18 nailpolishes for $41, which is like $2.3 each. I'm happy! :D
Together now:

Blue Sparrow: What I have on my nails. It's a bright blue with aqua glitters.

Turned Up Turquoise: An emarld color with subtle green shimmer. It's neon bright

Shower Together: LOVE the name. It's a true turquoise, although a bit more on the blue side.

For Audrey: Matte seafoam green/blue. Very Tiffany.

Solar Power: A shimmer bright yellow, reminds me of MAC Pro e/s in Bright sunshine (shows you how addicted I am when I compare EVERYTHING to makeup).

Heaven: A Heavenly color, LOL! It's a sheer pearly beige. Very classic and sophisticated.

Innocent: A pale pink, perfect to fake natural nail color or french mani.

Camisole: A very interesting color. it's a shimmery pale peach with green shimmer.

In Awe of Amber: Very gorgeous fall color. It's light, but very shimmery amber glitter. Great for layering over another color.

V: A matte mango color. Very summery.

Thataway: GORGEOUS!! Reminds me of a more pigmented/brighter version of NARS Orgasm nail polish.

Naked: A great shimmery pink. Very girly.

Japanese Koi: NEON coral. very bright! I wish they can have a l/g this color....Trust me, this color will make your nails the focal point.

Ruby pumps: THE christmas colors. Very Dorothy from Wizard of OZ. Very glittery and festive.

Spontaneous: A matte creamy violet color. A lot like Viz-A-Violet pigment.

Coconut kiss: A shimmery bright purple with red undertones.

Avalanche: A very rock-n-roll color. It's a steel purple-y grey color.

VIII: GORGEOUS!! very dark, but very very pretty. It's a cream dark burdandy color. great for fall/winter.

Swatches: everyone together:

NO flash: L-R
Blue sparrow, Turned up turquoise, Shower together, For Audrey

Solar Power, heaven, innocence, In awe of amber

Camisole, V, Thataway, Japanese Koi

Ruby Pumps, Spontaneous, Coconut Kiss, Avalanche, VIII

With Falsh: L-R
Blue sparrow, turned up turquoise, shower together, For Audrey, Solar Power, Heaven

Solar Power, Heaven, Innocence, In awe of amber, Camisole, V

Innocence, In awe of amber, camisole, V, Thataway, japanese Koi, Naked, Ruby pumps

Naked, Ruby pumps, spontanesous, coconut kiss, avalanche, VIII

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you soon!


Maria Elizabeth said...

wow great haul, such pretty colors! i just picked up a few of my first china glaze nail polishes a few weeks ago and i loveee them. i need to go get a sallys card now! :)

Mayhem said...

Avalanche - totally sexy.
And I only got into China Glaze after I fell in love with Agent Lavender. Crrrrazy colors.

LadyJane said...

Holy crap girl! You have more bottles than you do fingers lol. But thanks for the swatches, they're extremely helpful. I started to like China Glaze when I saw Ruby Pumps. I can't wait to get a bunch too. Thanks again :)

rasilla said...

i love the deep purple!
ahhhh dang...
wonder if their sale converts to here as well.
ill try and check it out when i can^^

they are gorgeous! thanks for sharing the loveliness :)

Askmewhats said...

awww girl! that's a China Glaze here are like overpriced! lol

Roxy said...

i didn't know they were owned by OPI i love OPI polishes! thanks for the swatches i'll have to try some now! =]

Wind said...

Dang that is a lot of nail polish!! I'm in love!! I also have polish and planning to do my nails tomorrow!!!

But girl, I had the worst skin ever before it started clearing up! No joke! I will post pics to testify in the future.

Recently though, my skin skin has been breaking out =/

Anyway, have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

You're so lucky! I wish I could get to those sales! I like all of them but especially the blue ones like For Audrey :)

Aubrey said...

OH WOOWW!!! i must go to sally's :) thanks for the swatches girl.

Lily said...

for audrey = <3!

cheryl said...

oh my god how many colours do u have?! they're beauuuutiful.

rasilla said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the heads up on this sale.
I checked on online, at sally's, and found out that they were having the same sale here in canada.
so i went to the closest one to me, and picked up 4+2free. they are 3.99 for us with the card, but its still good cause i love the colour :)

thanks for letting me know!

Vanessa said...

Hey gorgeous! Happy belated bday! I hope all ur birthday wishes came true! Sorry I have been MIA, things have been super hectic! But I definitely like the Canon cameras, I have the Canon SD 750 which is a bit older than some of the new ones, but I love it!

Chloe said...

awesome haul! tao, can you do a comparison review on your NYX contour color and your MAC emote? thanks

BekIsMyBFF~Sarah said...

Oh, the colors *drool* hehe oxox

mayaari said...

nice range of colors! I'll have to look out for some China Glaze polishes the next time I need a new shade :)

angie519 said...

GJ!!!! Damn you! I've been trying real hard to resist! I LOVE the purples!

Wind said...

Thanks for the sweet comment hun! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Nanzy said...

hi tao..
great hauls! so colorful :D
I just watched your GoW review, I'm a GoW user too, but I'm still purging (6 months already, can you believe it?) because I was a heavy user of Benzoyl Peroxide.

Did you use any acne treatment?

yumyumsushi said...

i am DROOOOOLING all over these o mann those are MIGHTY nice

buy viagra said...

Wow, all the China Glaze are so cool! My favourite is the Solar Power colour I love the shinny tones! Are awesome for my vintage's clothes!