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Monday, June 30, 2008


Hi guys! Sorry I left you hanging last night, but I was SOOOOOOO tired...

I yelled my BF on the bus on the way home (We take bus from Gainesville to Miami and back for $40, I tried driving before, and just the gas is $150...o.O!). I ALWAY ALWAYS GET THE FRONT SEAT, like literally right behind the driver! I HAVE to know/see where I'm going (also, it's fun when there's an accident and we get stuck in traffic, and I always check out the accident site, LOL!) AND I'm slightly claustrophobic, so I just CAN'T handle a seat in the back. However, this time my BF told me the wrong time, the bus was supposed to leave at 4:00pm, but he told me that the bus was leaving at 4:30pm. I got there at 3:15 in order to get my front seat (lame, I know), but much to my horror, THEY WERE TAKEN! OMFG!!!!! I ended up having to sit behind a guy w/ dreadlocks that smelled HORRIBLE(yes, you can have dreadlocks and don't smell)! I was so mad I almost cried (lamer, I know), and yelled at my BF for like 3 hours. However, he bought me Sbarro's supreme pizza (my fave), and everything was peachy. However, he wasn't exactly thrilled seeing all the makeup I ordered....

All the nonsense aside, on to my haul. I think my bank account/wallet might be thinking of suicide cuz they can't handle my abuse anymore, LOL! I was so stupid though, I shopped online a lot, and thinking they'd all arrive before my trip, but alas, they didn't. I was a little anxious the whole entire time in Miami. However, luckily, they were there waiting for me patiently when I got back (I seriously need to start baking cookies for my awesome neighbors).

MAC PRO Haul: I only got 6 pro pigments b/c I want to save for the up coming collections (damn you, MES duo and blush)! I was a little pissed though cuz in stores, all the pro pigments were FILLED TO THE RIM, however, when I got home, I realized that mine were only like 50% full (other than primary yellow). I mean, I know b/c they are matte, they will appear less than chunky pigments like helium/rose, but this is getting ridiculous. Everything I get MAC I'd think how many NYX items I could've bought...
Copper metal
Dusty Coral
True Chartreuse
French Violet
Marine Ultra
Primary yellow

Urban Outfitter Haul: No, I didn't get clothes, cuz they are way too expensive, I'm good w/ my Forever21. I got these little balms called Perfumeria Gals. OMG, they smell HEAVENLY! I mean they don't just smell good, they smell AWESOME! They are $6+Tax each, and they are basically scented Vaseline, but in my opinion, they are 98765431357 times better than Rosebud Salve. Also, they come in indescribably adorable containers, I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Cherryculture haul!: DAMN they took FOREVER and a half get delivered! I took full advantage of 20% off discount, LOL! I also ordered hermes l/s, but it was back ordered, so they just refunded me the 99 cents, LOL! I got a lot of NYX e/s trio and lip/eye liners. The lip liners were $1 each, but it was BOGOF, so you KNOW I was ALL over that! I really LOVE the eyeliners, the copper penny one is an exact dupe of MAC Foxy lady. I'm in LOVE!

Aqua Marine
Lake Moss
Hippie Chic
Spring leaf, lime green, green tea
Team Spirit

EDM Haul!: OMG! They came out w/ the Super full size personal kit which allows you to pick 12 items for only $50! There was also a 20% off I went WILD! I've always wanted to try their pressed powders, so I got almost all of them. I also got some cleansing bars as well as the genle lip scrub. I haven't tried any of them yet, I will do a review after a few test runs. Yes, I know all the powders look exactly the same....

Etsy haul!: I purchased some soaps from Outtabody from Etsy. The scents are to die for! They are very moisturzing and very affordable as well! I'm going to do a formal review on this one! So stay tuned! Sorry, no pics of them at this time!

Here's what I ordered:
By any 3 5-6 ounce soaps for $10.00, are you say:

1. Strawberry delight
1. Peppermint
1. Creme brulee
$10.00 for all three

1. Blue sugar -now has a 2 toned blue color
1. Tahitian Vanilla
1. Lemon Danish
$10.00 for all 3

Clearance watermelon $1.00
Chocolate cocoa $5.00 for set of 3

Subtotal is $26.00
Shipping $10.00 USPS Priority mail flat rate box

WOW. That was intense! I hope your computer didn't crash due to MASSIVE amount of picutures!

I also have a Crabtree & Evelyn haul coming later, but I just want to get this up so tie you over, LOL! I will update later. Stay tuned!


p.s. My mom says Hi!