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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pics from B-day!

Not mine, of course! Mine's in November, 19th, to be exact. I will turn 21!

I went to my friend Sandy's 23rd B-day on Friday. I had so much fun. There were so much drama though, but my friends and I were too busy gossiping all night! LOL!

I didn't know that wearing a semi low cut dress will have me involved in very much boob grabbing ALL FREAKING NIGHT! My friends are pretty immature for their age (some being 30-40...)

Yes, some of them are REALLY old.... I HATE the woman in the 2nd row, 2nd from the left...She's SUCH a bitch. She kept being annoying ALL night just b/c my friend Yang (1st row, 3rd from the left) and I (1st row, 1st from the left) were the center of attention rather than her. She's so old that she probably helped built the Great Wall of china....LOL! She wore black that night too, except Yang and I planned on wearing black low cuts that night (cuz we think our friends all dress too...conservative), and we are younger...and (don't hate me for saying this) a lot prettier... She bugs the SKITTLES out of me!! She's SO slutty too, always looking for ways to attract guys...IF YOU ARE UGLY AND ANNOYING, NO ONE WILL LIKE YOU. NOT EVEN GIRLS!!! Damn....

LOL! Since Yang and I were being molested the whole night, we decided to molest our male friend Kevin. LMAO!

LOL! They were all playing Ma-Jiang (sp?), but I don't care for it. To be honest (and blunt), I think that game is kind of low. Too grandma-ish for my liking.

Boob-grabbing anyone?

Victoria secret...Please call me!

There's nothing more serious than choosing a good song for Karaoke!


Wow, how asian are we? LOL! I love this pic though.

All the drama aside, I still enjoyed a night. I won't do a party for me though, cuz I HATE having too many people around me, especially people that don't REALLY care about me, and just want to get drunk and wasted. I just want to spend my birthday w/ my CLOSE friends and family

Oh well! Thanks for reading! Love you guys!

Guess what?


They are $2.99 for lip balms and $3.99 for lip gloss. I will update w/ pics as soon as I finish uploading my Skincare video on Youtube.

Yes, I know, my makeup ban lasted for like 4 days...
However, this time it wasn't my fault. I went to Walgreens b/c I needed to buy some filler paper for school, and Walgreens have them buy one get TWO free! So you know I was all over that!

When I got to Walgreens, as a habit, I walked by the skincare section. To my surprise, when I walked by Nivea, THERE WERE THE LIP PRODUCTS!!! I've been wanting them for FOREVER! I even considered my family in China to get me some and ship them here!! Good thing I waited. There was also $1 off coupon for it, so I used it as well!

Here's what I got (click to enlarge):

From top to bottom: A kiss of Moisture hydrating lip care SPF 4, A kiss of color in Natural, Sheer Red, and Pink.

For lipbalms, they have 3 flavors: Original, Cherry, and Passionfruit. I wanted to get passionfruit also, but I wasn't sure about the color (dark berry). So I just got the Original one. However, I DID get ALL three of the lip glosses! I'm so excited to try the sheer red one! I will report back on how I like them!

Oh, also, Walgreens have the CARMEX buy one get one free as well! So I got two Strawberry one. :P

Much love,

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Haul and new hair! (LONG post and pic very heavy)

Hey guys! How's everyone doing?

THANK YOU for all your concerned comments, they really mean a lot of me. It feels great knowing that even though we don't get to see each other in real life, you still care about me. :D I went to the doctor, who examined the wound and said that the spider didn't inject a lot of venom (thank God!), so he assured me that there's nothing to worry about.

I got my hair done yesterday! I just found out that we have a Redken Salon Academy close by the mall! I read in some magazines that if you go to a place like that, you will basically get the same quality of service as a real salon, except it's A LOT cheaper! So I went, and guess what? HAIR CUT IS ONLY $9.00! COLOR STARTS AT $19 (and it goes up depending on how long your hair is). I usually get my haircut/color at Hair Cuttery ( I know, ghetto right? ) and even then it costs about $120 plus tips.

However, I got my haircut+color for $40!! I got side swept bangs (even though the edges were a little harsher than I would've like) and dyed my hair a deep VIOLET color (even though it shows up red, it's more purple in real life). However, they used a Demi dye on my ends cuz I told them I REALLY don't want any damages, and a permanent color on my roots, so you can still see some red at the ends...



In my bathroom:

In day light:

I also got my Jesse's Girl, Crown's brushes, and EDM (finally) haul!

Crown brushes: I REALLY like these! They look IDENTICAL to MAC brushes. The 30 brush set that came w/ the 30 slot brush roll is $105. However, it stated on their site that if you bought more than $125, then you can take 20% off!! So, I ended up getting that brush belt. It was free shipping too, cuz I got more than $100. So, all in all, this haul costed me about $100, which is about 4 brushes from MAC.

My invoice:

The stash:

The brush roll:

The brush belt (<3): onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

I received my Jesse's Girl haul too! Yes, I BOUGHT THEM! LOL, I know, I caved...To my surprise, they are actually fantastic. I got the Bejeweled e/s quad set and Color My World mineralized e/s set (both are 4 for $17). However, I was very upset that my Evergreen and Volcanic e/s SHATTERED in the mail!!! I was so disappointed because Evergreen was the one I wanted the most!

Without further adeu:
I'm too lazy to label them...LOL! I will do a formal review on them later.

with flash:



without flash:



OMG! I love the MES even more than the MAC ones because they are only $4.99 each!

Last but not least, my MASSIVE EDM haul! I got a lot of blushes and finishing powders. I know a lot of colors look too dark for me, and that's because I'm trying to get the tanned look by using makeup!

Me on the way to the salon yesterday:

Sexy much? LOL!

I was wearing EDM Pearl Beige on my cheekbone...OMG GORGEOUSNESS!

LOL! Thank you so much for reading, have a great day!