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Thursday, August 28, 2008

New found love: AMP cosmetics! (LONG POST!)

Hi guys! Sorry I've been lacking in updates! I've been SO lazy ever since I came back from the trip. I get that "I-REALLY-need-to-get-my-acts-together-but-I-really-don't-want-to-do-anything" mode. Basically I'm hyper/tired at the same time ALL THE TIME! LOL!

However, I've been doing some haulin', and one of which completely took me by surprise. As you all know, I'm an Eyeshadow fiend, period. It does not matter that I have 12 olive green with gold shimmer eyeshadows, I love experimenting with new brands, new colors, and new formulas.

This new brand I've just came across while googling (is that a word?) is called AMP Cosmetics. I checked out the site, sort of going "Eh~" when I first got in the site b/c it reminded me of the La Femme e/s. They are the same size and they came in the pans, however, the RED e/s SCREAMED my name, calling me in, and forced me to push the "Add to chart" button. I reckoned (wow, how British did I sound?) that since I'm ordering something anyway, I might as well make the full use of the shipping. The shipping is not bad AT ALL! It's only $3 for US domestic no matter how much you order. I ended up ordering...14. I know, I know, I need to chop my fingers off. Before you yell at me, I ALSO found a coupon that let me get 50%OFFof the whole order. THE CODE IS: ARTIST. I think anyone can use it. However, I don't know if it has a specific time period, so if you like what you see in the following post, you better act fast. The price for the e/s pan is $7, which is not bad considering that the e/s are GIANT, but it's always better when you get it 50% OFF ($3.50).

Review: Overall, the quality of this brand is AMAZING! The colors are really pigmented (some more than the others) and the textures are very soft. They are also very affordable. The shipping was LIGHTNING SPEED! Holy Guacamole~ I got it within 3 days! However, there are some colors that are, in my opinion, definitely the stars of the collection.

What I recommend: Bad Reputation, Call Me, Breathless-Ah!<--too gorgeous for words!, Brown Sugar, Lust for life, Girls on film, Pretty vacant. I love them to pieces. I've been wearing them almost everyday this week! What I think is kinda "Eh...": Fame<--for some reason, mine was really glue-y(?) and not that pigmented. The texture is relatively chalky and clumpy. A downer for me. However, with out further adieu, here are my new love (all pics are clickable!):

To prove that I'm not affiliated with the company:

Here's what I ordered (I put them in the La Femme palette b/c as much as I love AMP, their palettes are a little pricey, considering I have another empty palette waiting to be used. THEY FIT PERFECTLY!):
Don't they look like candies:

1st Row: Lust for life, Just a girl, Fade into you, Girls on film, Breathless-Ahh!, Blue Monday
2st Row: Bad Reputation (PURE SEX!), Call me, pretty vacant, naked eye, Brown sugar, Fame

top: Into the Groove
Bottome: Supervixen

What they look like w/o flash:
They come in the plastic thing-y like Stila's e/s.

Clockwise: Fade into you, Just a girl, Brown sugar, Girls on film

Clockwise: Call me, Fame, Blue Monday, Bad Reputation

Clockwise: Pretty Vacant, Breathless-Ah!, naked eye, Lust for life.

L-R: Into the Groove, Supervixen

What they look like w/ flash:

Clockwise: Lust for life, Just a girl, Call me, Bad Reputation

Clockwise: Fade into you, Girls on film, Naked eye, Pretty Vacant

Clockwise: Breathless-Ah!, Blue Monday, Fame, Brown Sugar

T-B: Into the Groove, Supervixen

Swatches on arm w/o base:

Swatches w/ MAC Paintpot in Bare Study:

W/O base:

W/ base:

FOTD I did using AMP cosmetics. It looks like the "Fun Back 2 School look", but MORE VIBRANT!

What I used:
--EDM Fairly Light O Glow (Which is getting too light for me since I GOT A TAN!)
--Coverblend concealor in Light (I need beige like no otha)
--MAC Emote to contour

--AMP Blush in Pretty Vacant (VERY lightly)

--Breathless-Ah! all over lid
--Brown Sugar on the outer V
--Naked eye to highlight
--Fame on bottom liner
--Stila smudge pot in black


Shameless cam-whoring:

Another FOTD w/ AMP:

What I used:
Same as above

--AMP blush in Girls on film (I personally think that this names sounds kinda pornish...shrugs)

--Just a girl all over lid
--A wittle bit of Blue Monday+a wittle bit of Fame+a POOP load of Naked eye on the outer lid
--Naked eye to highlight


I put my hair in pig-tail buns b/c I wanted to curl my hair+ Camwhore:

Dazed expression, anyone?

...and the hair came out like this!

That's it guys! Thanks for reading this GIANT post! Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow (been watching too much SNL!).

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm so tired...

of how fast time is passing by. I know this post is rather depressing after how cheerful I sounded in the last post, but I just got tired of how people always leave after I spent so much time getting to know them and became friends with them. It's not like we end on negative terms or anything, but I've realized that no matter how much you want to, other people are not going to stop their lives for you.

At the end of the 7-day travel tour my mom and I took, I really felt like I connected with a lot of people. I was very happy. Nowadays friends are very hard to come by, but no matter how I didn't want to, the 7 days past in a flash, and it was time to say goodbye. I'm not very good with goodbyes, because I know that even though the technology is really advanced and everything, and that people always say they are going to stay in touch, eventually they get along with their lives, and our special little bonds get lost in time. I know that some people will say that "out with the old, in with the new", but from my past experiences, I've come to learn that as you age, it gets more difficult to meet genuine people. Advance technology is a double-edged sword: it can help people stay in touch over time, yet it makes life so fast-paced that people forget about the ones they used to hang out with.

I know I'm sounding very melancholy at the moment, but I just realized that I'm about to turn 21 (in November), yet, other than my boyfriend, I haven't found a true best friend. All my best friends are periodical(?), like elementary, highschool, college...I've never had a best friend that transcends through time. I guess, for tonight, even with my boyfriend holding me, I'm still lonely. I'm still longing for genuine friendship. I think I'm very greedy, I want more than just my mom and boyfriend as my friends. I'm so tired of people leaving, I'm so tired to all the back-stabbing, I'm so tired of loneliness, and last but not least, I'm so damn tired of sitting here helplessly as time goes by, not able to do anything.

On a happier note, here are some pics of my FOTD (I did a tut on this too, it's on youtube).

My fun back-2-school look:

What I used:
--EDM fairly light Original Glow w/ Cinema Secret moisture spray
--Coverblend concealer in light
--MAC bronzer in refined golden

--MAC Emote to contour
--Tony & Tina blush in self healing

--Mehron paradise palette in pastel (light brown as a base)
--Amuse professional palette in peachy champagne, shimmery white, and antiqued bronze, and a bright blue as a bottom liner.
--L'oreal HIP cream liner in brown
--Maybellin full & soft mascara
--Rimmel Glam'eyes

--Urban Decay Lip palette in Wallflower

Here are more pics from the trip:

At the arches:

At Coors factory:

With the bus driver and the (cute) tour guide:

Passed out at the hotel:

I love this pic, I think it's artsy-fartsy:

I love you all. Please remember that no matter how insignificant or terrible a day seems, there is always someone that's hoping to make your day a little better. Pay attention to the people around you, you might notice some people who are trying their best to be friends with you. Please give them a moment of your time, and trust me, it's going to make YOU feel a million times better.


Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hi guys! I'm back from 2 weeks of hiatus! I went to a 7-day tour to Yellowstone National Park with my mom (along w/ other 100+ people). I just got back from Miami after a 7-hour bus ride, so I'm too pooped to do anything right now. I just uploaded some pics to tide you over. Enjoy!

Last but not least, mandatory silly face;

A formal update coming up tomorrow! Stay tuned!