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Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Haul anyone?

Hi guys! This post is mainly to show you guys what I got over the holidays. I love doing collective haul posts b/c it's really satisfying looking at all the stuff. Most of the stuff I got were of sale though, so don't hate! :X

First up: Bloomingdale's MAC Counter

--MAC Reflects Glitter in Reflects antique gold

--MAC Fafi Strawbaby (I was AMAZED that they still had it!!)

--MAC Heatherette l/g in Sock Hop (I actually got 2....)

Next up, the CCO!! I got 3 sculpt and shape duos!
Clockwise: Warm light/definitive, Lightsweep/Shadester, and Accentuate/sculpt.

I also got Ralph and Armani perfume (which strangely this time as it didn't make me nauseous!)

The Body Shop sale!!
--2 Ginger Body Souffle

--2 Warm Amber Body Scrub

--2 Warm Amber Body Butter (I LOVE their body butters!!!)

--Passion Fruit body scrub (smells un-fucking-believably amazing!!!)

--3 Passion fruit lip butter (buy 2 @ $3 each (retails for $8), get one free), and 1 Vanilla Spice Lip balm

--Total damage: $64 w/ shipping for all of these!!

Go Cosmetics haul!!
--Baked bronzer in shade 1 and 2. They are sooooooo amazing!! They are $8.99 for 13.5gm, and they are PIGMENTED!!

--Luxury bronzing pearls (Guerlais (sp?) meteorites dupe)

--2 e/s quads in shade 1 (neutral) and shade 3(brights)

VS Semi Annual Sale!!
L-R: Dream Angels Halo, Body by Victoria Cofidence body spray, Body by Victoria Comfort body spray, and Back to Pink perfume. The first 3 were 75% off, the last one is 50% off.

BBW sale: 3 bottles of Twisted peppermint spray, and a Beyond Berry temptation 3-in-1 thing.

Walmart haul: Neutrogena amber bars and Sea Breeze astrigent of sensitive skin knock offs.

I'm nervous about this month's bill!!!

...and so is my dog Cookie....

That's it y'all, good night!


spankedelic said...

oh got so much stuff! nice stuff too. hehe. i wanna shop for makeup but i should be good. hehe.

ladybugy06 said...

which cco did you go to?
i would love to know

M said...

lovesss the pigment!

your worried about the bill look is soooo cute

and your doggie is adorable!

Askmewhats said...

you do have a lot of stuffs!'s like I'm shopping on your site! :) But it's for Christmas though! lol and time to save up for the new years :)

Dydee said...

tao!happy new year!where did you buy the GO Bronzer??

Nanzy said...

holy moly, no one does haul like you, girl! hahaha Watched you youtube & your tan is amaaaazing. Anyway, Beyond Berry smells great, like grape fruit punch =)

Enjoy everything & HAPPY NEW YEAR, Tao!

cinderdork said...

you have such a nice glow going on ~

LadyJane said...

Holy haul! I've never heard of Go Cosmetics - now I'm intrigued. How do you like Body Shop's body souffle and body scrub?

cheryl said...

LOL, cookie sure looked concerned there XD u got some great stuff there tao! oh heck every girl needs to spoil herself - especially during holidays!

ANGE said...

YAY.. I love armani code :)

you got sooo much stuff, im so jealous. it really makes me wanna go splurging.. but I MUST RESIST!! lol

MakeupByRenRen said...

i will say, you'll definitely be equipped in the beauty department if we have to go in a bomb shelter, lol...but you do get really good deals!

Anonymous said...
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angie519 said...

Haha you got lots of stuff!! The MAC lipglosses look pretty!

Doggie!!!! =)

birkinbagbeauty said...

Gorgeous haul!
I loovvve Go cosmetics baked bronzer. I have no 2, but you make me want to have no 1 as well. Their eyeshadow quads are really pigmented too.

Denishabeybeh said...

happy year end indeed. you must be always in a holiday spirit by just looking at those stuff. i am. hehe. made me feel good as if they are mine.

purple snowflake said...

I've watched most of ur videos and read ur blog for a while now. LOL I'm not a stalker just a Fan.. =p

hehe i'm amazed at how much stuff you have. kinda envy you.. and ur dog there is cute.. but the eyes is SOOO BIG.. lol

Kimberly Tia said...

Your haul has me GREEN WITH MEGA ENVY... gah!

i love lotions...specially fruity yummy ones that make you wanna eat'em.

and oo i love the shadester duo, I have it too, and it's fun to use!

and oo CCO , I sooo need to go check out my CCO, I keep seeing everyone come away with killer deals!!!

hope things are fab. with you ms tao, love you doggie!!

Little Miss Savvy said...

great haul! i love those body scrubs from the body shop

tokyostargirl said...

I LOVE the smell of twisted peppermint!

resham said...

wow..u got strawbaby...and sock hop!! i seriously wish to know where this bloomingdale was....
good haul..n nice blog :)


dang...i loove sculpt and shape! i have one in warm light/ definitive. im impressed with the product i must say! and yeah had the same thing in mind "She must have spent tons" haha. as long as it make syou happy... :)