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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ben Nye Haul!

Hi guys! Today I want to share with you what I bought lately. As you all know, I'm a HUGE fan of Ben Nye, not only are their products very high quality, they are inexpensive as well. I bought mine from, so if you'd like, you can go check it out.

Here's the total damage:

I got:
--Ben Nye Fireworks Wheel
--Ben Nye Grande Luminere wheel (I'm planning on using these as an e/s base)
--Ben Nye Grande Luminere Powder in Bronze (I have the pressed version, but it's so pretty that I got a loose one as well!)
--Ben Nye Grande Luminere Powder in Royal Purple (too gorgeous for words!)
--Ben Nye matte e/s in Apricot
--Ben Nye matte e/s in Royal Purple (noticed how much I love purple?)
--Mehron ProColoring Neutralizer Wheel (got it for fun!)

Swatches/Close ups:

Ben Nye fireworks wheel

Direct light, no flash:

Dark background, flash:

Ben Nye Grande Luminere wheel

Direct light, no flash:

Dark background, flash:

Ben Nye Grande Luminere loose powder in Bronzer and Royal Purple:

Ben Nye pressed e/s in Apricot and Royal Purple

Mehron ProColoring Neutralizing palette (sorry, no swatches, I accidently wiped it off)

I will do more depth review/FOTD with them, so stay tuned!

Thanks for viewing!


spankedelic said...

nice haul! the colors are really pretty =)

smilecusiluvu said...

wow good haul! the colors are very viberant =)

ilovewendydarling said...

Awesome haul!:)

I'm really liking the 'Neutralizing Wheel'<3

Please review/update on them soon!

Thanks, Tao:)

Take care and talk to you soon.

rasilla said...

im really liking the fireworks one, so pretty~

SwatchCrazee said...

hey hun! this post made me wanna revisit my ben nye products. will def look into getting those ben nye wheels =)

Linda said...

Those colors are so pretty! I've been wanting to try Ben Nye and I think you pushed me over the edge to get some! =)

Johanna said...

Didn't you say you weren't going to buy so much makeup anymore;)?

jojoba said...

i've always wanted to try ben nye but i don't have access to it. some people said it is only sold in some special shops here.

i love those wheels you have. beautiful! and the pigments too.

angie519 said...

Everything looks so pretty and pigmented!!

Askmewhats said...

That's a lovely haul!!! very pretty packaging and nice color payoff :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ohhh nice Ben Nye haul! you have to do some looks with the colours!

M said...

the fireworks wheel is really nice

i like the pressed e/s you got too!

maya said...

nice haul, girl! What are you gonna use the fireworks wheel for? can it be used as a base?

Denishabeybeh said...

so yummy, just looking at those colors.

i really envy you. you see i can't wear eye make up. my eyes easily get red. I have very sensitive eyes, even too much light can be very irritating. so i just love seeing all your pretty pics with your make up on. i feel so prepped up already. hihi. keep on doing fotds.

Mary said...

that's a nice haul u got!!

would you mind telling us how much for each wheel?

BeautyJunkie said...

Hey girl,
let me know what you think about those ben nye things you got!

MakeupByRenRen said...

i love ben nye too :)

cheryl said...

wow these are very vibrant, looks almost like it's not makeup...? lol...

Vanessa M. said...

do you use the BN wheels as like bases?

Melanie said...

these are beautiful!