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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Studying for GMAT...

sucks MONSTER balls!!!

I have the exam tomorrow 2/13/09 at 12:15pm....Yes, I'm taking GMAT on Friday the 13th. At least I have something to blame if I failed this. I've been studying diligently (only looking at blogs/YT every 30 minutes instead of every 10 minutes) for the past 2 weeks. Hopefully I could pull off a 700.

I HATE HATE HATE Data Sufficiency questions. They are questions that have answers like:

A) Statement 1 alone is sufficient, but Statement 2 alone is NOT sufficient.
B) Statement 2 alone is sufficient, but Statement 1 alone is NOT sufficient.
C) Both statements TOGETHER are sufficient, but NEITHER statement alone is sufficient.
D) Each statement alone is sufficient.
E) Statement 1 and 2 TOGETHER are NOT sufficient.

I missed 9 out of 10 questions on the practice test....Yes, this portion of the test completely teabags me (Bye bye 700!).

Do you know what the worst part is? GMAT COSTS $250 EVERYTIME YOU TAKE IT. If I don't do well on this test or ended up having to take it again, forget about my mom, I'd kill myself, LOL! Seriously? Do they NOT want you to pursue a higher education? $250?! They might as well go rob a bank?! Wait, that's right, banks don't have any money anymore.... Why don't they go rob Miley Cirus?!! It's a lot easier! Fucking education system completely screws over middle/lower class people! Some ppl can't even afford to pay bills, how do they expect them to cough up $250?! It's not like money is easy to make right now!!

It's kinda weird that I'm better at Verbal section than Math, since I'm Asian, and I've only spoken English for about 6 years. Somehow I find Verbal a lot easier, although Sentence Correction kills me since my grammar is beyond sucky. Those fuckers are tricky though. I had 2 questions with answer explanations like "Although both A and B are grammatically correct, A is a better choice because it has less commas". WTF?!!! If they are both grammatically correct, THEY ARE BOTH CORRECT! You are testing if something makes sense grammatically, NOT if something is more concise. Retards!!!

Anyway, I have to go study more before my caffeine buzz dies down. I will do a major update after my exam tomorrow (hopefully), so stay tuned!

Wish me luck!


M said...

good luck hun!

gmat is a b*tch!

Nu Nu Doll said...

Good luck Tao! :)

T.R. said...

LOL Tao your rants are hilarious. Though it's been a LONG time since I've taken the imfamous "exit" exams (mine was LSAT) I feel your pain.

Personal I think higher education has been a racket and scam. They need students to get federal aid (i.e. money) but they make you jump through all these hurdles so they can appear elite...especially graduate programs. Explain why I have to take a test to get a Masters in Comparative Art or any other non scientific non mathematic advanced degree...LOL

I say all that to say...GOOD LUCK sweetie you'll do fine. :O)

Melanie said...

hey Tao!! my hubby has been studying for the gmat at least 2months now and is taking his test mar. 5th. so i know how you feel about the test! he's been at it studiously every night so far. alot of work. good luck!!!

fuzkittie said...

I took it once and I was happy with it, I was like fuck that I'm not paying them more money just to get another 50 points... lol!!

Denise L said...

oh gosh, please don't remind me of school. hihi.

but seriously get em girl!

have a lovely day.

more fotdssss!!!

Alexis said...

Good luck! I'm going to have to take it too and OMG - GMAT is scary!

aichaku-愛着 said...

Gaaa!! I've studied for and taken the GMAT before and it sucked big time! i hated it. good luck! good luck!

ilovewendydarling said...

Good Luck to you, Tao!

I hope you crush it to million pieces:)

I totally feel you though, the LSAT was so stressful for me but, in the end it paid off:)

Again, good luck and do your best<3

Take care then.

HeavenNRJ said...

Good luck!:) And thanx for reminding me that I have to start preparing for this stupid GMAT!:) I'm planning to take it by the end of March. I'm scared!:/

MakeupByRenRen said...

whoa that sucks...get lots of caffeine and i hope you do well!

Aravinda Devi said...

Hi Tao..i wish u gud luck.. :)
all the sure u can do it..
jia you..
(do i spell it correctly?) :P

angie519 said...

Good luck!!!!! I had a bad Friday the 13th! >.<

Aww I hate questions like that! As much as I hate answers like "A is not necessarily true whereas B is certainly true.." GRR!

ANGE said...

Good luck!! What on earth is the GMAT exam? LOL

BumbleBee said...

LOL, that test is messed up. They charge so much for it, it's like 4 days of work for me.

Vanessa M. said...

good luck babe!
YOU CAN DO IT!!! hehe
happy vday :) mwah!!!

Jenn said...

Good luck on the GMAT! I took the GREs recently and it was such a b*tch.. I know what you're going through (sorta) :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Good luck!!