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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why is it....

that I'm hungrier than ever now I'm on a diet?!!!

My diet is going alright, not as amazing as I thought I'd do. I bought 3 workout videos from Amazon a few days ago and got them today. I will be doing one shortly, so I shall report back.

Here are the ones I got from Jillian Michaels, one of the trainers from The Biggest Loser. I got all her vids b/c she has one HOT body....maybe a little too buff, but she's hot nonetheless.

Her body turned me lesbo....Her face...not so much (I will go to hell for this, LOL! ).

My diet for the past few days consisted of apples w/ peanut butter, Kimchi soup (put some kimchi in boiling water...), Earl Grey tea, multi-vitamins, and LOTS of Crystal Lights on the go. I lost about 0.5lb when I weighed myselft just now, but I think that's b/c of all the water in my system.

Now it's almost 1:00am, I'm wide awake. To make it worse, I'm having the biggest craving of Nutella. I did a presentation for my Sales Marketing class on Nutella this afternoon. I brought Nutella and strawberries to give out to potential customers (aka classmates, we are being graded on how many people would buy our products). Needless to say, since everyone and their momma love Nutella, I passed with flying colors. However, I cannot stop thinking about the leftover jar of Nutella in my pantry...

To torture myself, I googled Nutella, and here's what I found...

Mango Nutella Pancake:

...And Strawberry Nutella Poundcake Panini (yes, that's poundcake, not sandwich bread).


I'm gonna hang those pictures above my knees when I do situps.
Talk to y'all later. Peace!


ilovewendydarling said...


You can do it! Hang in there!:]

I, however, think that you DON'T need to go on a diet. I think the stress will just make you depressed:[

I love your idea of pasting a yummy photo of food to your knees doing sit-ups to them<3 You're so smart!

Anyhow, I hope things will go smooth for you and take care my dear!


fuzkittie said...

Hahaha I agree with you about her bod AND her face... lol. I do agree too she's a bit too buff for my taste. Good luck! :] Dieting is hard, but you can do it~

Leslie Yang said...

yes you are losing water weight which is not good!

in order for your body to digest the food your eating, you need to eat more healthy filling foods. it is okay to eat a portioned amount of pasta, i say this because pasta is known to keep the stomach filled and has carbs. it also gives me a great amount of energy to work out.

they say steak helps lose weight too because it is protein. if you can eat just that and fill the other half of your plate with your favorite veggies, you should be good. you need these meals because it helps speed up your metabolism instead of just soup.

most soups have a lot of salt in them which dehydrates the body, then later causing you to want to eat more. it is great that you are withholding from sugar. most women gain weight from consuming too much sugar. eat more real food lol, i say this cause i read ur diet and i'm like eek! that's what i did when i first started working out. you will gain so much weight back if you don't eat whole foods.

it takes hard work and i promise it will progress. you will see great results in your nearby future. i hope this helps!

Askmewhats said...

Tao! You can do it! you will definitely have this period of hunger and frustrations, but as soon as you go through that, you'll be fine!!! :) Goodluck!!! everyone's rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

hi! i just stumbled onto your blog and i just wanted to say that i've been battling with weight issues for a long time..
basically the most important thing i've found is to not eat ANYTHING after like 7 or 7:30. don't even drink anything with calories. i think that makes the biggest difference cuz i wake up the next morning with my tummy feeling flatter! good luck with your diet!!

Christina said...

Hi Tao!

When I'm trying to lose weight, I sometimes substitute dinner/lunch with Campbell's chicken noodle soup. It's like 150 calories per can. I also add an egg into it so it's kind of like egg drop soup and Guilin Chili Sauce so it's spicier and has more flavor. It's actually very good and really filling too.

maya said...

Hi Tao,
it seems to me like you are eating way too little, so no wonder that you're getting mad cravings. Your body needs a certain amaount of energy (kalories) to sustain itself and keep the organs working. If you eat less than your body needs it will go into "starvation" (for the lack of a better word) mode and start getting rid of water, muscles, etc before it actually starts touching the fat cells. You'll get crazy cravings too...
(Now, I am not a dietician or a major in biology, but that's how I am able to explain it. )

So, on top of all that, once you start eating a little more than you did, during your diet, your body will start storing up the energy, making sure it'll have enough if another period of "starvation" comes.
Bottom line, you'll have mr jojo knocking on your door. :(
Here you can calculate how many calories your body needs to reach your goal weight.

From what I have learned, it's best to eat several small meals a day to keep your metabolism going. Each meal needs to be nutritious, should be a mix of good carbs, protein and salad/fruits/veggies.
I would cut down on sugary, oily and too salty things.
Also make sure that when you exercise, that you eat a little more.

I do believe you can do it tho. :)

Good luck!!!! ♥

shopaholic said... advise will be different with others..I hope u r not angry.
Just dont too hard to urself.
It's ok if one day u eat chocolate to indulge urself. I'm on diet too, but I give myself one day to eat whatever I want. I lost 1kg/week. I can lose 2kgs/week with my strict diet but I prefer do it slowly. Good luck to u :)

miemiemie said...

hahaha you can do it dear. avoid temptations! why not put up photos of your ideal body so you can see it everywhere to keep you motivated..or like think of rewarding yourself when your goal is met..don't limit yourself that much...its fine to eat a bit of fatty food (ex.chocolates yum) once in a moderate amounts..remember your body needs glucose to function normally..its good that you're still eating some thing..some of my friends back then would just drink water and eat bread or those plain old flakes everyday and they did lose weight but they got sick..they even drank some slimming pills. one was almost admitted to the hospital coz she kept on throwing up, her body couldn't take it anymore..take it slow dear, it'll come to you :)

miemiemie said...

oh and i read this one socialite's diet here in my country.she's so thin but she used to be fat..the thing she only was really protein rich foods..she even mentioned she ate meat 3x a day....and worked out too..just felt like sharing that..

oh also to help in your diet. eat more fiber rich fruits and vegetables..and avoid sodium rich foods coz they make you retain water in your body..making you heavier and feel bloated

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Tao, you looks great the way you are.. and if a diet will make you feel confident about yourself, then do it !! I hope it will be a healthy way!! I too, need to tone up >.< too much temptation here. I have to take up gym or some form of exercise. Good luck to us!!

sunpark said...

you already look good though
keep on trying , Tao ! !

~Mel said...

tao! you crack me up so much! haha.. who in the world doesn't love nutella?! mmmm.. heaven.. anywho.. wake up! no daydreaming about food! u got a goal to make so do it! fyi.. hehe.. maybe it's best if you try to sleep earlier.. i know it's hard with school and all but time management! when you sleep, you dont' eat! =D hang in there.. doing well!

MakeupByRenRen said...

mmm nutella...i feel yah girl, dieting is hard...the key is to kinda transition into something that is doable in the long run...i did the south beach, worked for me, lost 10 lbs in a month!

applecider918 said...

Yeah! I know what you mean. I go on and off diets cause I gain weight over the holidays, but the first two weeks are so bad. I'm always hungry and I get really bad cravings. Sometimes I'd wake up at night because I was so hungry... When that happened, I'd go gargle some mouthwash, and that made my cravings go away.

I hope you're successful on your diet!

angie519 said...

Hahha way to stay strong! I use to start each morning off in college w/some whole wheat bread and nutella! Mmmmmmmmhmmm.

Thanks! =)

Hahahha it's okay! I laughed at myself too! hahahaha. I am getting better haha

mayaari said...

girl, how can you NOT love nutella =P you're probably just hungrier now because you've been working out, and if your body isn't used to that it starts demanding more food/energy to keep going - as long as you eat a little more and make healthy choices, you should be able to get through the day without constantly feeling hungry and still lose some weight :)

Sandra said...

Good luck, but I believe the best way to lose weight fast is to RUN! Run for 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 20 minutes. I used to hate running, but now I love it and its the best workout, just running 30 minutes every other day keeps me so fit and I don't have to watch what I eat! Give it a try!

Denise said...

go go go go go with the diet.
take it slowly though.
am always rooting for you.

Olive said...

Oh man, diets are tough, hang in there though! You'll do fine I'm sure. I had to slim down for health reasons and all I did was jog/walk on the tread mill 5 times a week for an hour and I lost about 20lbs. in 2 1/2 weeks. And I didn't really change the way I ate except I didn't have ice cream or cookies anymore. Good luck!

And I left you a comment a few days ago on your old post about jealousy, hope you read it cuz I was so sad for you after reading how you felt :(

Well take care darlin!

Kimberly Tia said...

oh my god -- how dare you post up that food porn...

you evil evil thing you!!!
have a great weekend gorgeous Tao

xoxo TIA

talktolabomb said...

The videos that I like a lot are Core Fusion Pilates and Tracy Anderson videos (she does Madonna and Gwenyth).

As for eating healthy you should eat five small meals with fistfull of greens and fistfull of lean protein. Make sure to carry something healthy with you so you can prevent cravings.

Also, you can also calculate how many calories you would need to burn in order to lose __.__lb/week. For example, I do little exercise and I'm 5'2" 115 lb, and the website told me that in order to upkeep my weight I have to eat 1,200 calories a day (the avg adult should eat no more than 2,000). They calculated in order to lose 1 lb/week, I have to eat 700 calories a day, or exercise to burn those extra 400 calories. Which no way in hell I'm going to do because 1lb/week for my body is just too much and drastic. But anyways, you should check that out. It'll help you keep on task especially with such a drastic weight loss.

And remember, the best way is to portion out your meals and to lengthen your diet. Crash dieting is a no-no and will only result in bouncing back. Slow and steady wins the race! I wish you luck!

cinderdork said...

I'm on a diet too! I've lost about 2 pounds this week and its my goal to continue losing two pounds a week.

I'm so glad to see this. It's so hard being more conscious of what we eat especially when my diet before literally consisted of anything edible. Lol good luck. stay strong =P.

Anonymous said...

hey tao, i follow u on youtube and i decided to check out ur blog. im actually on a diet as well, ive jut been eating small meals very slowly but regularly and at first, oh my goodness i saw chocolate and and fudgy brownies everywhereee but then as i kept going on i stipped getting crazings and ive already lost fat, im not counting pounds, i just wanna look good in my clothes and be healthy. so stick in there, we are all here for u

DonaGothika said...

Well. . .Damn---there goes MY diet! Excuse now while I go find my Walbaums shopper card. . .And does anyone know where I can get a Pannini Machine CHEAP?!

Beauty Chest said...

i thoroughly enjoy reading your blog whether it is about makeup (esp) or whether it's about you! good luck with the diet!i think you look great in your pics tho!