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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stupid ass people piss me off...

MAJORLY!!! Holy @^%$&%$*!!!

I admit, due to the stressful situation of family reunion at graduation, friends dilemma, AND the fact that my flow just came to town 2 days before my graduation (TMI?), my temper hasn't been the best. However, that doesn't explain the sheer stupidity of some people.

For those of you who can read, don't I ALWAYS have that "RULES" section before my sales products explaining payment types, paypal transaction fees, and shipping info? Don't I BOLD them and make them RED?! I don't think it's too hard for the general public to read the rules before placing orders....but obviously I was wrong. I didn't think people could get dumber than the retarded retard in my project group, but apparently they can.

I got a message on YT begging me to reserve the MAC Rose Gold pigment for her. I did. Before I reserved it for her, I turned out 5 other interested buyers. After I inoivced her, it took her 2 days to reply me with, and I quote, "nevermind on your blog it says thirteen and now your saying 15......only 2 dollars but hey its what you said bye bye".

I'm sure those of you who've bought from me read the rules and saw that I listed a $2 paypal transaction fee with every order. I don't think it's unreasonable b/c Paypal takes off 5% for every transaction. I always include generous extras in my packages, and I always try to make the customers happy. Now I'm pissed off because she could've replied sooner so other interested buyers could get their hands on the product., but NOOOOO, SHE DIDN'T BOTHER READING THE RULES, and now she's bitching to me.

Of course, being PMSed, I wrote back: "If you read the Rules I posted in the beginning in BIG GIANT RED letters, I mentioned there's a $2 transaction fee. Please read the rules and descriptions before placing an order. Thanks!". Then she wrote: "well then i will just go get a full size in that case DUH!!!! way overpriced for only 60%!!!! done!". To which, I replied: "In that case, have fun going to the pro store! Just so you know, since Rose Gold is a PRO pigment and EXTREMELY finely milled, the FULL version is only like 80% full. Have fun paying $20+tax! You've been black-listed. "

Just in case anyone's interested, when I list the amount next to the product name, it's how much product APPEARS in the container, NOT how much I've used. For those of you who are familiar w/ MAC PRO pigments (both the matte and metallic) know that PRO pigments appear A LOT less than regular pigments due to their texure. Metallic pigments are VERY finely milled. I seriously did a double take when I first opened the container.

This loser didn't read the rules, acted bitchy, AND made it seem like it was MY fault. I blocked her on YT and black listed her. I don't need viewers/subbers like her. PPL like that just piss me off.

Phew! Rant over.

Now I have to 5 hours to clean up the entire house and pick an outfit for my BF's graduation tomorrow AND my own graduation on Saturday. I've never been to a college graduation before so I'm clueless. How dressy should I go?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pictorial Tutorial: Green+Purple (scary nekkid face ahead, enter at your own risk)

I'm REALLY not that creative. LOL! As promised, here's a look I came up with.

Yes, this took me forever and a half. This is why I don't do tutorials.

So, let's get started with a clean moisturized face.

Use your foundation of choice. Mine is NYX The Make-Up foundation in Buff. It's actually pretty decent. Review coming up in June.

I like to use 187 to stipple it on.

Then my trusty concealer Coverblend by Exuviance in Beige. My HG!

You don't need a lot. I use a pea size for my entire face! Dab on your imperfections and blend out.

Set with a translucent powder. I used Ben Nye Banana visage poudre.

with the big-ass MAC 134.

Your "base" is good

Now to add some color to your skin. I used MAC bronzer in Refined Golden w/ Mineral Hygienics powder brush.

Fishy face anyone? Apply the bronze underneath your cheekbones for that sculpting look.

Can you tell the difference? bronzer on left, no bronzer on right.

Then pick up MAC Blooming blush (my new fave!) and smile for the camera! Put the blush on your apples.

Now my fave part! Highlighter! My ultimate fave is MAC MSF in Shimpagne. WHY did I only get one?!!!

Put the highlighter on the bridge of your nose, and on top of your cheekbones.

Next, take some of that green from the Ben Nye Grand Luminere color wheel, and use it as a base on your lid.

It doesn't have to be perfect.

I looks so tragic w/o eyebrows...

Take a shimmery teal color (similar to MAC surreal) from the Black Radiance Blazing Beauty quad and apply it on top of the green base. Blend it out.

Take a shimmery white w/ gold duochrome and use it as a highlighter. Blend it w/ the teal.

Then, take a shimmery black. Mine is from TKB Tradings, I don't really remember the name...Sorry. Think MAC Dark soul pigment.

Put it on the outer V. BLEND!

W/ the black on right, w/o on left

Both on!

Take a shimmery Gold. Mine is TKB Trading called Radiant Gold.

Put it on your inner tear duct.

You can't really tell in the pics, but it brightens up your eyes.

Next up, my love....Stila Smudgepot in Black. I'm on my last pot. If Stila doesn't come back in business soon, I will be officially screwed.

Next, I take my UD 24/7 liner in Lust and liner the outer 1/2 of my undereye,

Then, I take TKB Trading in Patagonian Purple and layer it on top of the liner for more "Oomph".

Then I put on Shiseido Mascara Base, which turned Maybelline Great Lash mascara into non-utter poop.

Then I use Rimmel Lash Maxxxx mascara. It's great at definition due to the comb brush.

Finished Eye Look! I accidentally did my brows w/o taking pics. Oops!

Lips! Revlon l/g in Power Walk Pink + MAC Reflects Red glitter=Home made dazzleglass!

Juicy! I don't need you, $18 MAC Dazzleglasses! You can suck it!
Note: For glossier effect, please add a clear gloss on top, such as Lancome JT and MAC Clear Glass. The stickier the gloss is, the shinier it gets.

Final look!

Eye close up!

Last but not least.....

Thank you for patiently look over 9876514 pics. Be warned that you will NOT see this in the near future. LOL!