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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Product review: Sally Hansen airbrush makeup + Hauls!

Hi guys! Yes, this is the long overdue beauty-related post. I know I've been in a weird low lately, and I just want to say THANK YOU to those of you who've been so supportive and understanding. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Now, on to the review:

Product name: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Airbrush Spray Makeup (what a mouthful?)
Price: $13.99 at CVS, occasionally go on BOGO, which was when I got mine.
Volume: 1oz=28.3grams
Texture: Very light whipped mousse consistensy
Coverage: Medium, but could be layered for full coverage

--Dewy finish
--Very light on the skin, doesn't feel like you are wearing a mask, skin feels like it can breath underneath
--Great concept of airbrushing
--Great coverage for a foundation that feels so light

--very $$$$ for a drugstore foundation. I believe this is the most expensive one yet!
--Can be streaky if applied with a brush like 187 or 190. I recommend using your fingers to tap it on to your skin. I will upload the YT review/tutorial for this soon.
--Since it's in an aerosol can, you don't know how much product you have left.
--Color selection is VERY limited. I believe that are only 3 (or is it 5?). They are more on the yellow side, so if you have cool skin tone, you are most likely not going to find a match.

Over all: 4.5 out of 5

My thoughts:

I've heard rave after rave on MUA about how great this foundation is. So when Sally Hansen went on BOGO sale at my local CVS, I ran over there in a heartbeat! At first I got the color in Medium b/c I don't think I'm light. After I got in the car, I tested it on my jawline....HOLY ORANGE-NESS!!!! I cannot believe they actually think people are that color! It was so orange I went back to CVS immediately. After careful consideration, I got Light instead of Medium. Voila! Perfect match! However, it is very yellow, which is great for me since I'm on the yellower side. It's very light too, around MAC NC20-25 range.

You have to shake the can up before using it to mix the products. When it sprays out it's very thin moussey texture. It's like a thin foam. I don't recommend spray it directly on to your face. I suggest spraying in on the back of your hand and apply it onto your skin. I like to tap it on top of my skin instead of rubbing it in. The finish is very light and dewy. It's not matte and mask-like. The coverage is great. My skin is pretty scarred, even though it's a lot better than before, there're still some scars left. The foundation covered it pretty well yet still provided that natural look to it. The lasting power is pretty well too. What I do is this foundation, concealer, then powder, and this look lasts from 9 in the morning to 10 at night. It doesn't get cakey and heavy throughout the day.

This is how I apply: Nail color: China Glaze Frostbite

See how dewy it is?

This is only w/ the foundation, no concealer/powder.

Next, on to the hauls!!

First up, UD F&F haul!
--Velvet Rope e/l set $29
--VIP e/l set $29
--XL UDPP (it's 60% bigger than the regular one) $22

Next up, Sally's Beauty supply
--Generic Value Infusium 23 Pro-Vitamin Hair Treatment $5.29
--Generic Value Clairol shimmer lights original shampoo $5.49

The shampoo is purple! It's gorgeous! It's supposed to be for blond hair to take off the brassiness. I bought it just for the color, LOL! It made my hair really soft, even though it smells like grandma.

Last but not least...ELF haul!
Spot Floofy's foot!

--20 pairs of dramatic lashes
--20 pairs of natural lashes
--2 Super glossy l/g in Goddess
--2 Super glossy l/g in Honey Do
--2 Super glossy l/g in Juiced Berry
--8 lash curlers
--10 Studio Complexion Brush
--10 Studio Flat Top Powder brush
--6 Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush
--4 Blush/Bronzer duo

This is the best part! The whole ELF haul costed me $25!!!!!!! At first, I used a 70% off coupon a YTer sent me. Also, there was a free shipping code online. So the haul was originally $74, after the coupon and Fs, it was $25 shipped. However, ELF sent it to the wrong place. They use this idiotic mailing system called Fedex Smartpost. So, Fedex sends the package to your local USPS, then the USPS delivers it....WTF?!! So, my first package got lost for like 2 weeks. I emailed ELF customer service after 1 week because somehow my Fedex tracking showed that my package was in North Carolina.... They responded very quickly and resend me the package after I double-checked that they had my correct address.

After I got my 2nd package, amazingly the 1st package made its way to my mail box too! I called the ELF CS again regarding if I should send one of them back, but they told me to keep them both. They even apologized for how long it took!! It completely changed how I viewed EFL CS. Kudos to them!!

Also, last but now least, I've been wearing China Glaze nail polish in Chiaroscuro for the past couple of days. I LOVE IT! It's a natural shell color w/ tiny green shimmers. It's very appropriate for school/work.

Without's hard to capture the green reflects. BTW, I SUCK at applying nail polish, so please exuse the fact that my nails look like crap, LOL!

With Flash

Whew! Glad that was over. I think this is enough to tide me over for another week. :D
Thanks for viewing!


-Yu- said...

grear haul! especially the elf products! that is really nice of them to allow you to keep the other box as well. great service.

i always wonder about the sally hansen air brush makeup. But it makes me think that it can be messy to use.
thank you for sharing this.

ANGE said...

love the elf haul tao! lol

Jamilla Camel said...

Your skin is FANTASTIC with that foundation--you're getting the effect of the Dior aerosol foundation, without the price!

Great hauls! Thanks for sharing!

GiGi said...

I'm afraid of the spray can, I'm not that coordinated. love the elf haul, I want those brushes.

Askmewhats said...

wow on getting double packages from ELF, at least they got good service :)

The airbrush foundation looks fab :)

Anonymous said...

wow love the urban decay eyeliners?
i thought the sets were sold out, where did you get them?

Anonymous said...

sorry about that last comment, i meant to say
"love the urban decay eyeliners!!"

Fiona said...

Hey Tao!

Thanks for the review. For future reviews, would you be able to post the ingredient list or post it just so people with extra sensitive skin can see what is in the product? I know that I'm allergic to like 1/2 the foundations out there, so it would be nice to know if this one contains it before running to the store and finding it out there.

Thanks again for everything and congrats on the Masters :D

EyezNBlush said...

Toa let us know if this foundation breaks you out, I have to be careful with what foundation I put on my face. Neways great elf haul!!

Audrie said...

Wow that foundation looks amazing on your skin, i wonder if it is a good dupe for the DiorSkin spray foundation. Thank you for the reviews :)

Vanessa M. said...

nice...what elf coupon did you use?

Tina said...

oo which elf coupons did you use! i would love to save 50 bucks...

kawaiikao said...

whoo hoo! they did that to me took so long but i was like ehh whatever...finally it came..and then a week later the exact same package CAME AGAIN so i was like OMG NICE!! ;D

Lulu said...

wow the ELF haul is amazing!!! I totally missed out on the 70% sale, now I am regretting it! Just 25 bucks for 40 pairs of lashes would be so worth it already! Let along all the other stuff you got! @_@

Fabulous World of Sara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fabulous World of Sara said...

omg i wish this would happen to haul...if i got u right u ordered 8 lash curlers...jus askin why u need that many..sorry if i'm too nosy =)neways thanx for sharing

Catherine said...

Oooh, nice hauls! Love Chiascuro on you!

Olive said...

whoa that is quite a haul!! Tao can you do a tut on how you do your eyeliner??

ASourSkittle said...

great haul! you are really lucky with the elf thing! what was the 70% off code? has it expired yet?

izumi said...

ooooooooo wow look at that huge elf haul. kudos to the CS department! i didn't think they were that helpful but i guess i was wrong :) haha.

purple shampoo! can't go wrong w/ that

Scardacious said...

I don't think that foundation would be good for my skin since I have oily skin. It takes like 30 minutes for my skin to look dewy when I use oil controlled foundations lol

I LOOVE your nail polish!!!

MiuMiu said...

$25 is such a great deal for your mountain of makeup!
your skin looks great

PowderPuffGirl said...

wow ur skin is looking amazing! Luv the glowy effect from the foundation! & Nice ELF haul!!
The nail polish reminds me of Lollipop Loving for some reason!!

Jo said...

oh my goodness look at your MASSIVE haul girl! i saw that airbrush foundation yonks ago but never tried it and it was in a different packaging. it looks fun to use =P

i am jealous at your UD haul :(

Anonymous said...

wow great haul.can u send me the coupon too. lol

ndoodles said...

That's funny.... I'm kinda in the mood to buy some more E.L.F too. And like everyone here... please share your codes!

I've always been interested in Sally Hansen's face stuff. Maybe I'll check it out (it is a bit pricey...)

mayaari said...

awesome ELF haul, especially with getting a double order! I keep forgetting that they actually make some decent products :)

chiaroscuro looks like a really pretty nailcolor!

Connie De Alwis said...

thanks for the review. and that's a GIGANTIC elf haul!

~Mel said...

great review Tao~ wow girl, u definitely hauled!! hehe..

foolishxlady said...

OMG! That's A LOT of ELF! I bought both of the UD e/l sets too, it was just easier that way lol.

nanimo said...

wow!! i got the exact same thing at the urban decay sale!!! haha.. how long did you have to wait for the package to arrive?? mine isn't here yet... :(

Persephone said...

I love the eyelash curlers I got from ELF. Works like a miracle.

fuzkittie said...

The nail color is gorgeous!

kt said...

do you think I can use a 187 brush for the Sally foundation?

thx Tao :))

Fiona said...

The sally hansen spray foundation seems soo cool. Did you actually spray it onto your face or spray it elsewhere and then apply it to your face?

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SivLy said...

Love the ELF haul!
The natural lashes are my favorite, since I don't have any lashes =P

Do you mind sharing with me the coupons you used? Thanks (:

Anonymous said...

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Veronica Park said...

Hey Tao~
It's a bit late but I've been wondering. Did you get Light or Light to Medium? ; ).
thanks~ <3I really want to get it, but it's a bit pricey so I wanted to get the right color~

Anonymous said...


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