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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reviews/hauls/FOTD to make up for lost times.... (PIC HEAVY)

Hi guys! I've been getting soooooo many messages about how come I'm not updating my blog as frequently as before... Well, you know, as a student, sometimes blog and YT come second when you have projects after projects (especially when you have a Bitchy McBitch in your group who thinks she knows EVERYTHING!). However, I do appreciate every single one of you for being patient with me and still come visit my blog. I'm also very thankful for all the comments congratulating me, I'm so lucky to have supportive readers like you. MUAHHHHHHHH to all of you!!!

Now the sappy stuff is out of the way, let's get started with the reviews and hauls.

First up, I'm introducing you to some awsome fake lashes. I know my fake lashes like a drug addict that knows her dope. Since I'm lacking in the naturally luscious lashes department, I've been trying to solve that problem by constantly looking for some amazing faux lashes.

I've tried MAC, Ardell, cheap-y Ebay ones, Red Cherry, No-name Korean brands, etc... Some of them work alright (MAC, Ebay, Korean brands), and some of them are great (Ardell and Red Cherry), but I just discovered something amazing.

REVLON Fantasy Lengths Fake Lashes. More specifically, styles in Minx, Intensifying, Defining, and Chic.

Group pic:

Individual close up glamour shots (forgot to take one for Minx...oops)




As you can tell, all of them are on the natural side. I don't want people to notice how gorgeous my fake lashes are, I want them to think how gorgeous my "REAL" lashes are. No one wants to look too made up taking a freakin' 4 page essay exam at 8:30am (I HATE YOU STUPID ASS EXAMS THAT ONLY HAVE 2 QUESTIONS SO IF YOU MISS ONE YOU FAIL!!!!).

Each package of lashes comes with its itsy bitsy glue and instructions on how to store/use the lashes.

Testing: Revlon Fantasy Lengths in Chic

Before: My natural lashes with mascara...not so luscious eh?

I like to wrap the lashes around my finger to give it more of a curve for better fit on my eyes.

Chic in action.... I love how it's so subtle yet glam at the same time

Where to get it?: Any drugstore that carry Revlon products. The lashes are usually located at the nail care/tools aisle.

Price: It varies from store to store. My Walmart has them for $4.95, but it's more expensive at Target/Walgreens, but they do have BOGOF sales.

Quality: They are amazing! The thin bands create that "These are my real lashes" illusion while the thicker ones (Minx) creat a double eyelid for monolid ppl like me (I wear Minx for that reason only, LOL! ). You can reuse them many times as long as you take care of them.

Overall: 4.5 out of 5. They are of great quality, but if you were me and like to collect things, it does get expensive after a while. LOL!

FOTD w/ Revlon fantasy lengths lashes in Chic

--Sally Hansen Natural Makeup inspired by Carmindy AirBrush Spray Foundation in Light (DAMN! what a mouthful)
--MAC emote to contour
--Hard Candy SoCal glow as bronzer
--MAC Petalpoint as blush

--MAC CCB Lune as base
--Kryolan e/s in Natural all over lid
--Kryolan e/s in Dark Brown at outer V/bottom liner/eyebrow
--Kryolan e/s in Highlight to highlight (lol)
--Stila smugepot in Black (I'm on my 5th one!)
--Apple mascara
--Revlon fantasy lengths in Chic

--Sally Hansen Lip inflation extreme in Sheer Bare (LOVE!!)

Last but not least, my recent hauls (more on the way. I HATE WAITING FOR MAILS, I need instant gratification!)

I LOVE CVS! This whole thing costed $32 something. All Sally Hansen stuff were BOGOF!

This is for all the annoying little wiskers I get, lol. They work REALLY well!

This foundation is causing all the rave on MUA, so I got some to try. They are $$$ for drugstore makeup, damn! $14? Are you for seriousness?

I had them. I loved them. I didn't know why I stopped buying them. Oh, that's right, I got some Lip Fusion and went broke.

This is PURE sex I tell ya!! Review coming soon. If you are reading this before sunday 4/5/09, run to your nearest CVS and grab some!! 4 for $9 instead of the Lip Fusion's 1 for $38!!

Ok, before this post gets too long, I will leave you with some funny/naughty faces!

"I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick....or Summer's Eve feminine wash." LMAO!!! No, I'm not gross.

I'm still a rock star! Haters can suck it!

I'm nice to my loving readers/viewers....

...but I still like to get funkay!!

Hope this post will be enough to tide you guys over for another 2 weekss, LOL!
Peace out,


izumi said...

good to know about sally hansen lippies.. i ALWAYS eye them when i pass by but just never got 'em. now i will :)

isn't CVS bogof.. limit 3? HMM, guess i'll find out tonight.

Lily said...

i think they sell those lashes at sally's. i've only tried putting lashes on twice... and i failed miserably -___- lol

Beauty Snap said...

Hi! I've watched your videos on YT--love them and you are so funny! :)
how do you like the airbrush foundation, does it match your skintone well and how's the coverage?

PowderPuffGirl said...

you're so cute tao! LMAO @ ur photo comments :)
Have you been losing some weight? it really shows on ur face!

Askmewhats said...

wow Tao! Some commenters said are right, you are losing weight on your face!!!

I love the Revlon lashes on you and wow on Sally Hansen BoGOF , we never have BOGOF for Sally Hansen products down here! :)

You're too cute!

ViviaN said...

I stumbled on your blog and I absolutely love, love, love your FOTDS and reviews! Mainly because my eyes are just like yours, and I do the whole eyeliner thing to actually give me eyes, and your EOTDs are such an inspiration to me.

Keep up the good work, I've bookmarked this site and you're gorgeous!


divinexjanice said...

Tao! Loving your eyebrows in these pics. Your facial structure also looks amazing.

Catherine said...

LOL, you're so cute Tao. =) If... I ever experiment with falsies, I think these are the first I'd try getting since you make them look so easy. I will hoever, for sure, let my falsie-wearing friend know about these. Thanks!

Also looking forward to the reviews on the Sally Hansen gloss. I'm always looking for moisturizing lipstuff. =)

Jenn said...

haha you're too cute! nice haul and does the sally hansen bleach hair thingy sting or anything?

cleung341 said...

Love your funny faces!

Queencess said...

Random question but is Stila easier to take off than MAC's fluidline?

jojoba said...

you are one beautiful happy babe!!! every time i see your FOTD tuts, you just look so radiant. love the false lashes on you. hlep me to glue some on!

cheryl said...

lol...u crack me up with your funny faces. i have a bunch of fake lashes i got from hong kong, but i'm not using them. does using falsies make your own natural lashes fall off?! or at least that's what i've heard.

Zoella. said...

Great Haul! Your funny faces made me chuckle. Your gorgeous :) x

janicey said...

omgosh! ur last picture cracked me up :p


notsodainty said...

I never knew revlon sold fake lashes as well. Nor did i knew they sold milk bath. [which i discovered couple months ago] ha ha.

I love your blog. It is extremely helpful especially for single eyelids that i have as well.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

another mega haul!! the lashes look really natural and pretty on you!!

LOVEpink said...

ohh those lashes look fab!!

Anna said...

you look amazing! please let us know how the foundation works!!

and what brush do you apply your eyeliner with? i can never get that thick of a line that clean!

Vanessa M. said...

so pretty!

Sassy Jadore said...

Hey girl! I luv ur beauty blogs with the many swatches and hauls. =) Ur adorable with photos. hehe. Thanks for the lashes reviews.

~Mel said...

wow.. yeah the lashes look so natural! nice! =)

Mets GirLL said...

Your skin looks AMAZING in these pics..I must get my hands on that foundation!

Olive said...

You are so pretty!! The lashes look fantastic on you!

Nanzy said...

LOL you're the funniest!!! hmmm now I'm enabled to get those Sally Hansen lip stuff.. looking great as always, Tao =)