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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I feel like I'm missing out...

After seeing blog after blog, video after video, of people who went and had a blast at the IMATs, I can't help but feel a little jealous.

I wanted to go to the IMATS too; I wanted to get MAC Pro card w/o qualifications (though I heard that they got rid of that); I wanted to get makeup at 40% off; and I wanted to hang out w/ fellow YT gurus and beauty bloggers.... However, due to my schedule/financial restrictions, I couldn't. My grad school is starting tomorrow, and even if I had time, I couldn't justify spending $300 on plane tickets for a 1 day event.

I'm really envious at the other bloggers/gurus who can just fly over and meet/greet everyone. I don't get how they can do that though. Don't they have jobs/schools? How come they can all go to IMATS? ME WANT ME WANT ME WANT TOO!



KiLLaCaM said...

hey tao! it would've been so fun to meet you at the IMATS but just to give you a little insight..we all have jobs/careers and families but our passion for cosmetics is one happy medium we are all drawn to.

I, myself had to do a little penny pinching before leaving and I only went because its only a 5 hour drive away. I think I can speak for all the other bloggers when I say, it wasn't easy making arrangements in getting there.

fuzkittie said...

Should I feel like I missed out? Hahaha. There's always next year.

~Mel said...

aww girl! yeah i wanted to go as well but having my 1 yr wedding anniversary fall on the same weekend wouldn't have bode well with hubby.. and i just checked for next yr's IMAT which would be in London.. huh.. dont think i can make it either. ah well.. there'll be another time, no worries! =)

Maria Elizabeth said...

i feel like i missed out too, it looks like everyone had so much fun! hopefully i can go one day and so can you :)

Trang said...

yea i wanna go too :((
maybe we can see each other there next time. cheer up!

Ethereal Prey said...

yeah I wanted to go too, they had one in nyc, but not a lot of ppl showed up to that one compared to the one in LA. but cmon now, if there's a will there's away, and ppl can take a day off to go, but mostly it was cali ladies there. you're not the only one who wanted to go

jojoba said...

Yo! I will never have the chance to do all those. i should feel miss out all the time then. :)

don't worry about what you can't do. We love you!

Marie. said...

It seems like they knew about it for months, so I'm sure they were able to clear their schedule for it.

I unfortunately didnt know about it til 3 days before and I'm in NorCal so I'm super bummed I didnt get to go.

Its okay though, I dont have money to spend and there's always next year!

Were they giving out pro cards?! UGHHH I want a pro card!!!

DonaGothika said...

LOL!! How go to IMATS 101.
(And these are all REAL ways many of the GURUS went to IMATS)

1. Have internship that takes you.

2. Save every penny ALL YEAR.

3. Be a freelance make-up artist who got tickets as a perk

4. Be spoiled rotten by well off parents

5. Either graduated last year or next year (and not going to grad school)

6. Chief MAD extra loot as YT partner (as in you have 6 figure or more subbies)

7. LIVE IN CALIFORNIA (This is a biggie!)

8. Piggy back in with your make-up company

9.Be married with indulgent hubby!

10. Be unemployed with a (insert air quotes) "support system" (aka tha' sugar daddy/mommy technique)

And there you go! I will be exploring options 2-10 next year LOL!

Nessa said...

DonaGothika, I just have to second that one! :]

echoli said...

Sigh... I work few blocks away from where IMATS is held.... I could literally just WALK to there. But because I was working, so I had to like bite my lips and just suck it up. Talk about missing out.....

Linnc said...

aww..don't feel bad, cuz of the same reason..I couldn't go too...and it was less than 2 hrs drive from me...I could've rented a car..but yeah I hope they give out pro card again..I've been wanting to go cuz of that too

Maple's Jewellery said...

Hi tao!! please visit my blogspot!

ps. i bought the Egyptian magic because of your review, and i absolutely love it :)

Dee said...

There's always next time Tao, and yea the Pro cards were removed due to a video about it and some people went and complained to MAC, and some things were changed so there goes free MAC Pro cards.

And sorry to hear about your left knee. If it helps, I've experienced the same thing you did before. What I did was stay away from the heavy workouts and do only the light ones for about a week. If your knee is still bothering you or if you see slight swelling, you should definitely see the docs. I hope you feel better real soon Tao.

Narita said...

I live 30 min drive away were IMATS took place and didn't know about it and booked Vegas getaway that weekend! Felt little sad too that I can't meet all the people but hey when you can't do something you just can't! If other people can, they just can! That's life! No worries! hahaha

Kim said...

I wouldn't feel too bad about it, Tao. First of all, MAC is no longer giving away Pro cards without qualifications at IMATS. Also, you may not have saved anything if you went. Think about it - 300 dollar plane ticket, admissions, etc. To make up for it, you'd have to buy A LOT of discounted makeup, which in the end is just more money spent on thing you may not necessarily have really wanted. :)