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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swatching Series: TKB Trading pigments PART 1

Hi guys! After weeks of un-beauty related posts, today I finally sucked it up and made it a swatch day!

I've received a lot of questions regarding the brand TKB Trading. I've said it before and I will say it again: I LOVE THEM MORE THAN MAC PIGMENTS. TKB Trading is more geared towards wholesalers, like people who buy the colorants and make their own cosmetics/repackage them for resale. Therefore, all the products are extremely affordable and the quantity you get is AMAZING!! More importantly, their qualities are FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC!!!! OMG! I can't get over how pretty they are!!

A little info:

Price: $1.50 for a sample which is A LOT of product, definitely more than 5 grams. I think 1 oz of product is around like $4-7? Ladies and gents, 1oz = 28grams=$4-7?!! Are you for real?!! SAWEET!!

Sizing: They are more than generous!

Here's a comparison of a $1.50 sample against my hand. It's very packed too!

Here's a comparison of a sample vs. 1 oz. See the difference in size?! It's only like $3 difference! I can't believe it!


First up, we have some blues. (Sorry guys, it was overcast...yes, 101 degree and OVERCAST! It was more humid than a mofo!!)

L-R: Blue Ice, Coral Reef Blue, Indian Blue, Blueberry Pop!, Midnight Train

Blue Ice: Light blue with light lavender shimmer, similar to MAC Frozen White pigment.
Coral Reef Blue: Vivid emerald green w/ gold shimmer
Indian Blue: Ocean blue w/ greenish gold shimmer, think MAC parrot
Blueberry Pop!: Bright mid-tone blue with brilliant shimmer, similar to MAC Pro e/s in Blue Calm.
Midnight train: Drk dark blue w/ navy shimmers, looks almost like a steel gray

Next up, we have PURPLES! I love purples!

L-R: Pearl vioetl, ultramarine violet, grape parfait, Bishop's Violet, Manganese violet, Grape Pop!, and Love song

Pearl Violet: pearly light violet w/ white shimmers
Ultramarine Violet: Matte blue toned pruple. It's difficult to blend, but it's BEAUTIFUL! It also looks a lot like the infamous MUFE e/s #92
Grape Parfait: Mid-tone vilet w/ strong blue shimmer. It looks a lot like MAC Cornflower pigment.
Bishop's Violet: Pink violet w/ blue shimmer. Identical to MAC pink pearl pigment/stars n' rocket e/s
Manganese Violet: Matte neon bright pinky violet. I think it's identical to one of MAC's neon pigment, is it called "Full Force Fuchsia"? Correct me if I'm wrong though. Again, it's very difficult to blend, but if you know how to work with mattes, it's VERY pretty.
Grape Pop!: Shimmery bright purple w/ blue undertone.
Love song: Deep Purple w/ red shimme, looks a lot like MAC Satellite Dream e/s

Next up, we've got CORALS!

L-R: Cotton Candy, Foliage, Bolera, True Coral, Tibetan Ochre, and Cruicible Red

Cotton Candy: Very innocent baby pink. This color does have a lot of fly aways, so make sure you powder under your eyes before using this. It makes a GORGEOUS lipcolor when mixed w/ a clear gloss. The color is similar to MAC Sweet Lust e/s, but more pigmented.
Foliage: berry pink w/ violet shimmer
Bolera: Warm Coral pink
True Coral: Bright warm coral. It's very similar to MAC Electric coral pigment. Beautiful as a blush.
Tibetan Ochre: Similar to Bolera, but a lot more shimmery, it's also a little darker.
Cruicible Red: This is a BEAUTIFUL velvety dark red w/ metalic sheen. It's very up-scaled look. Beware: This sample is only a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon.

Next up, we have GREENS!

L-R: Lotsa lime, Ture Green, Aquarius Mica, Green Quartz

Lotsa Lime: shimmery yellow lime green, like the green e/s from the MAC McQueen collection.
True Green: shimmery true green w/ silver shimmer. Gorgeous!
Aquarius Mica: Golden dark olive, though it has a lot of silver shimmers too.
Green Quartz: Grayish light pink w/ light green shimmer.

Last but not least, we have more GREENS! LOL!

L-R: sparkle turquoise, All love green, Cyprus green, After Twilight Green

Sparkle turqoise: Pearl shimmer w/ lots of light turquoise shimmers. Great as a highlight for a green smoky eye.
All love Green: Deep olive green, think a darker version of MAC Sumptious Olive e/s
Cyprus green: DArk forrest green w/ gold/green shimmers
After dark green: Dark gray base w/ brililant green shimmer....Yes, I got it cuz it has "Twilight" in it, lmao!!

That's it for today y'all, I'm pooped! I've got more coming in a few days though. I need some time to breath, LOL! Hope you enjoyed! PLMK if you have any questions!



Miss Dee® said...

I'm loving them!!!!

are they ready to use? I'm not really the kind of girl that would make her own make up; I'm more like a lazy one!

izumi said...

gorgeous! though i hate pigments :< i'd rather pack 'em. maybe i will. if i'm not feeling too lazy xD thanks for the swatches!

Lily said...

omg, sank you tao! you're such an enabler!

Liz said...

Oh my gosh Tao. You are really making me want some TKB Trading now! thanks for the swatches!

jen said...

did you swatch them over a base or were those without a base? thanks.

YingX said...

wow, beautiful colors and great pigmentation

iamgrape1119 said...

Jen: These are swatched dry w/o a base.

Anonymous said...

Great swatches!
Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Catherine said...

Wowwwww - these are AWESOME. I am seriously considering getting some to press... I never use my loose shadows... =/

AletaBlaise said...

I really like TKB. I was thinking about buying one of their kits, make my own pigments and have unique colors!

Dee said...

Sweet! I love the corals and pinks/purples. I was skeptical at first but since you swatched them w/o a base - I'm sold! Definitely will give these a try!

Ariana said...

Thank you so much for these swatches! You have made my lemmings concrete, I can't wait until my no buy's over and I can order some pretties! :)

msfrenchfries said...

Very good swatches! There's a coupel of colors i 'll definitely be gettign after seeing those.

I've been your youtube subscriber. But not a frequent reader of the blog. I hope you dont mind me commenting :)

I got my whole tkb trading addiction after watching your videos. Mayb i'll do some swatches of my own collection sometime too :)

You're awesome!
*dont mind the long comment

<3 Vicole

Marie. said...

I made a super huge TKB Trading haul last year and I still havent gotten around to blogging/trying them out yet! But I ordered a bunnnnnnch of stuff!

Nanzy said...

Thanks for the swatches, I have yet to try TKB pigments (can you believe it??) and seeing these got me lemmings again =( hahaha

Melissa said...

ahh! just when i thought i didn't need/want anymore makeup...these pigments are so beautiful. i love the purples the most!

cydangie said...

but then isn't it kinda messy to have it in a bag

mayaari said...

so many pretty pigments - and that's a LOT of pigment in each baggie! makes me wish I wore more colorful eye makeup so I could justify buying them, haha

mercurylady said...

wow. they all look so nice!

aniegeek said...

How did I miss this post? Such pretty swatches, thanks for showing these!

constantmoaning said...

Yeah, I now have MASSIVE lemmings.... I must try this place. I also buy eyeshadows from The Shespace which I love... but this is cheaper AND I can mix my own colors which does turn me on... um..

Thank you Tao you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi i'm from mexico and i'm really intersted in this products so do u know where i can find them? i'll really really hope u can help me =) this is my email , sorry 4 my english

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway I can buy a small sample size of TKB's Midnight Train from you? I'm totally serious. My email is I would just need it before Xmas.


Anonymous said...

Are TKB products safe for skin? D: