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Monday, June 15, 2009

WOW......Who would've thought

...That Yoga would be so tiring?!!

Today is the Day 4 of my P90X journey, and when I woke up this morning, my butt was so sore. I felt like I got hit by a bus and ran over by many motorcycles.... It is not as bad as I imagined/people made it seem, but it was still pretty agonizing. I already did Core Synergistics, Plyometics, and Arms and Shoulder. I only felt a little soreness from arms and shoulder, so I guess I need heavier weights, but man, those mofos are EXPENSIVE!! They're like $20 EACH! So I think I might just get a resistance band to tide me over.

Anyways, so today I was supposed to do Yoga X. To be honest, I've never been a fan of Yoga/Pilates, I think they are boring and not effective. I fell asleep once when I was taking a Yoga class back in was really embarrasing. LOL! So today when I put in the disk, and saw that it was
1.5 HOURS of Yoga, I was like "oh hell no!! ". I didn't want to waste my youth, LOL!

However, 5 minutes in the workout, I realized that this is different. This is not for people to fool around and fall asleep in. This is SERIOUS. The first 45 minutes were pure torture. I feel like a rubberband just waiting to break. I got so sweaty I had to wipe off my mat! It was pretty bad. Yet, I stuck with it, and came to a pleasant realization that the 2nd half is a lot easier in my opinioin. Don't get me wrong, it's NOT easy, but for me, it was easier than the 1st half. It was more for flexibility/balance, and I'm pretty good at that.

Except there was this part in which you have to stand on your hands, and I was like "WTF?!!". Obviously I failed at that, LOL! I did get one foot off the floor though, so I'm pretty proud about that. At the end of the workout, I felt so liberated and exuberant, I was ready to take on the day!

My diet for the past 4 days has been good. I had a lot of tofu and eggs, and LOTS of vegetables. I discovered this bar by Kellogg, and it's called Fiber Plus. It has 35% of your daily fiber intake in a bar, and it's only 110 cal! I got them in Chocolate chip and Dark Chocolate Almond flavors, and they are DELICIOUS! I would've never guessed that it was a fiber bar. It tastes a lot better than the Special K bars!

Anyways, I don't think there's a difference in my body yet, but I do feel very energized and I don't crave junk food as much (yet). I lost 1 lb, but I guess that could be water weight. LOL! Overall, I really like P90X so far. The instrutor Tony Horton is very down to earth. He doesn't make you feel inferior b/c you couldn't do a "Half moon", instead, he pokes fun at himself and admits that sometimes even HE cannot do it. It's very different from the previous workouts I've used. I'm actually looking forward to working out everyday, instead being afraid of it. I'm really excited to reach my 30 day mark to see the transformation.

I'm so pooped, I gotta go take a nap. Peace out!

P.S. For those of you who purchased from my sale, I'm going to the PO at 5pm, so your packages will be on their ways! I will let you know via email though. Thanks for everything! <3


ilovewendydarling said...

Keep up the great work, Tao!
I'm so happy for you:]

Yeah, I notice that when I go jogging I feel more energized and less sluggish. I guess working out really does a body good<3
I just hate the burn in the mornings though:[

Anyhow, keep us posted on the results!

Take care<3

ndoodles said...

I think exercising is good for your health - not to get fat or skinny but it gets your blood flowing, your metabolism working. It's just great. I love the soreness in the morning... it makes me feel like I've accomplished something :D!

Marie. said...

My boyfriend's mom had that DVD set and she didnt use it so she let him use it. We were looking at it and he was like "I'll skip yoga and just give it to you" since I've always wanted to take yoga. Well he got to the yoga part and he was like "this is NOT yoga" LOL! But I heard a lot of good things about that DVD set!

JGrL8184 said...

Hey you! I shot you an email for the MAC Style Minx gloss$10, MAC Lip treatment $8, ... let me know if it's still available!! =)

izumi said...

oooooo :) so far so good! i kinda want to buy this now o__O

Askmewhats said...

Yoga is super tiring!!! LOL I'd rather go for taebo than yoga! hahahah :) Goodluck and enjoy!

Ethereal Prey said...

kudos babes, yoga/pilates these days cause me to sweat and feel the burn. esp hot yoga. dear god. be careful and read labels of the protein bars and snack bars. high corn fructose syrup is EVIL! avoid it like the plague, your liver can't break it all down, so what happens? yup, gets turned into fat. i avoid it all the time now. keep up the great work!

iamgrape1119 said...

To JGrL8184: Yes, I still have those 2 items available. However, I didn't receive your email about them...weird, LOL! Anyways, if you have any more questions, please email me at


fuzkittie said...

Ooo I'm excited for you!

iamgrape1119 said...

To ilovewendydarling: Hi hun! Wassup?! I kept having trouble opening your blog! It's driving me NUTS! LOL! Is it me or is there something going on? LOL!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

lol i tried yoga on wii and that even really works up the muscle!! progress sounds great :D keep at it!! you ought to try billy bootcamp o_O

AletaBlaise said...

I like yoga because it's very diverse. I do it in the morning to wake myself up and in the evening to calm down. Different types of exercise for different purpose and it works great!