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Thursday, July 30, 2009

It never gets easier..... say goodbye. My dear boyfriend is leaving tomorrow at 2:00pm to go back to Miami. He will fly to Boulder, Colorado on the 11th. Unfortunately, I don't finish my classes until 7/13, so I won't be able to see him off at the airport. This time we will be apart for one year. He'll be doing his PhD in Chemical Engineering, and I will finish up my Master in International Business. The longest we've been apart for was a week. ONE WEEK! We racked up $300 each in texting that week (we were young and didn't sign up for unlimited texting). I've been so emotional lately. I'd cry/laugh hysterically all the time. Sigh..... I really hope that we will be able to survive this long distance thing.

Whew, now the depressing stuff is out of the way, let's talk makeup. Since I've been waking up at 6:30am everyday for class, I want my makeup to be as simple as possible. This look is my everyday FOTD as of right now and takes 10 minute max from start to finish.

What I used:

--MAC Strobe Cream to brighten up my face a little since I went to bed at 5 am
--MAC Face & Body foundation in C3
--Chanel Bronze Universel
--Ben Nye Poudre Lumiere in Banana

--Ben Nye Autumn Sunset blush
--MAC Soft and Gentle MSF

--Stila smudgepot in Black
--AMP cosmetics in Blue Monday as lower liner/shadow
--Stila kohl eyeliner in Topaz as lower inner rim
--L'oreal Extra Collagen mascara

--Nothing in the pics but later added OCC liptar in Melange.

Close ups:

I HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEE group projects. They are like death, only worse.

Do I look innocent?

Oh, btw, anyone seen these Limited Edition Oreos?

They are DELICIOUS! Especially the Strawberry milkshake! They are amazing!

Anyway, I need to go spend more time w/ my honey before we say goodbye. :(

Have a great day!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


So, I've been up since 9 am this morning (on a Sunday!), refreshing my browser every 3 minutes, just for Laura's (AKA Lollipop26) blog sale. I went to the bathroom for 2 minutes, when I came back, not only was the sale up, everything was gone.....WTF?!!!

Why did I wake up at 10, relentlessly refreshing the browser, anxiously waiting for the sale, o. nly to be sorely disappointed?!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYY?!!!!!!!!!!

Never doing that again!

Rant over.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

OCC, how I love thee....

Let me count the ways......

As you all know, I'm deeply in love with OCC Lip Tars. My fave color is Grandma and Melange. However, after getting the rest of the Lip Tars, I have to say that I've got some more faves.

Now let's take a look at the new goodies I got.

From T-B: Katricia, Tarred, Vintage, NSFW, Safety Orange (SO), and Plum

And look Ma, the tips are all slanted! YAY for no leakage!

Here's the group swatch: First one w/o flash, but since it was overcast, I opted to take more with flash.

A very pigmented muted lavender. It is very similar to MAC Lavender Whip, except it's 2p4892847302 times more pigmented. I personally can't wear this by itself since I don't have pearly whites, but ppl with perfectly white teeth can pull this off beautifully. I mixed it with Pageant and the result was AMAZING! I will have to show you one day.

A pure black with leather shine. Amazing for people who are aiming that Goth look. It's also great to deepen any lip color, but beware, this is PIGMENTED. A little DEFINITELY goes a long way.

PLUM: A deep mauve with a hint of grey undertone. This color is pretty wearble in my opinion. Ladies with dark skintones can probably wear this as their "My Lip But Better" color. This color is also very suitable for Fall/Winter.

SAFETY ORANGE: My favorite color in this batch! This is NEON! It's a yellow orange that screams "LOOK AT ME!" Move over MAC Morange, there's a new chick in town. This is NOT for the faint of hearts, but it's soooo gorgeous. I took a lot more pics of it since I love it so much.

NSFW: Can we say blood red? This color is so glamours and when paired with a winged eye, very dangerous. This is the kind of color I picture Cat Woman would wear. In my opinion it's got a hint of blue to it, and it makes my teeth look whiter.

VINTAGE: V-A-M-P-Y! This is IT for the Fall/Winter. While the other companies like MAC are coming out with deeper darker hues for the new season, OCC already nailed it with this deep maroon color. Vintage is THE color to wear if you want that sexy sophistication. It gives me that "Sexy Liberarian" feeling.

Anyway, here's a simple FOTD I did for school.

What I used:

--Coverblend concealer in Beige
--Maybelline Dream Matte powder
--OCC Loose Colour in Glisten as a blush

--Stila smudgepot in Cobalt as top liner
--MAC e/s in Mulch on the bottom liner
--L'oreal Collagen mascara

--OCC Lip Tar in Melange (a TINIEST bit) mixed with
--OCC Lip Tar in Feathered (a pure white color, forgot to show it in the swatch) mixed with
--MAC clear lip glass.

I really like the lip color, it's so juicy looking and perfectly innocent.

Anyway, taking swatch pictures are exhausting! I hope they proved to be helpful to you all though. I strongly recommend Plum, Safety Orange, NSFW and Vintage. BTW, OCC just came out with 6 NEW SHADES!! AHHHHH! OCC! You must stop the madness! Can't you see that my wallet is thisclose to committing suicide?!!

The six new shades are:
ANIME: Beyond neon pink. Pageant pales by comparison.
HUSH: Antique, bridal pink. A match for OCC Skin Airbrush Blush in Hush.
CONQUEST: Pale, polished ivory. Great for mixing or Mod Makeup.
PETTY BEIGE: Opaque and true, deep toned ecru.
FONDUE: Intensely dark chocolate - think 91% cacao dark!
BOTANICAL: It's not easy wearing green, but it's great to tone down red.

Anime, Hush, Conquest, and Petty Beige are calling my name as we speak....MUST....RESIST...THE....TEMPTATION.....but but....bridal pink?!! Polished ivory?!! NEON PINK?!!!! Oh noes!

I'm going to go cry myself a river now since I can't quite afford them yet.....=(

Anyway, hope those of you who can buy them hurry up, cuz I think Anime and Hush are going to sell out QUICK. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Talk to you soon!


Friday, July 24, 2009

For those of you who requested....

Here's my Concealer Overview and P90X 1 month update. Sorry they are only YT vids, but I really haven't had time to type out all the stuff I've got to say about them LOL! Yes, I'm lazy.

Concealer Overview:

P90X Update:

I will have time to update next week for sure. I promise.


Friday, July 17, 2009

I have to admit I'm an amateur..... (PIC heavy) (FOTD included)

at coloring hair. The last time I dyed my hair was in January, and my crazy long roots were driving me CRAZY! I HATE HATE HATE roots! I was on a mission of not dying my hair and let it grow au naturale....yeah, it didn't happen. By the end of June I was almost MAD at how annoying my roots were.

So, I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and got some hair color and decided to DIY. The colors I got were by L'oreal Preference, and the color was called Truffle. I also got the developer, which was level 20 since I'm not going that much lighter.

Here's how my hair looked. ICK at the roots. My hair was auburnish, but then it turned ORANGE. EW!

During the process....Yes, I'm an amateur. The dye got EVERYWHERE! Good thing I was wearing a tube-top! YAY for Tao! My hair looked like it was bleeding.

A face shot cuz my skin was behaving. This is just MAC F&B foundation + Maybelline powder.

After. The color is a lot darker than I expected. It looks almost black indoor, but outdoor it looks really pretty! I like it.

30 mins after shower. I let my hair air dry.

Nekkid faces cuz my face is finally clear! I was wearing absolutely NOTHING!

Outdoor. It was really sunny.

After I got into the car, my camera's lenses fogged up b/c it was 36546874 degrees in the car. I liked how romantic the pics look. LOL!

Camwhoring in the car...I love having clear skin! See how dark my hair is? It looks almost like my natural color!

FOTD time!

What I used:

--MAC F&B foundation in C3
--Coverblend concealer in Beige for my undereye circles
--Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

--OCC Loose colour in Glisten (Can we say HG?)

--Stila smudgpot in gray
--Kryolan e/s in TV Blue on lower lashline
--L'real telescopic mascara
--Stila espresso e/s on brows

--WAS wearing OCC liptar in Melange (very MLBB)

Close ups. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the glow Glisten gives me. This is something I didn't get from NARS Orgasm. Also, unlike Orgasm, Glisten actually shows up as a pretty flush of color instead of gold shimmers! Highly recommend!

Anyway, I think I posted enough pics to tide me over for another week or so, LOL!