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Friday, July 17, 2009

I have to admit I'm an amateur..... (PIC heavy) (FOTD included)

at coloring hair. The last time I dyed my hair was in January, and my crazy long roots were driving me CRAZY! I HATE HATE HATE roots! I was on a mission of not dying my hair and let it grow au naturale....yeah, it didn't happen. By the end of June I was almost MAD at how annoying my roots were.

So, I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and got some hair color and decided to DIY. The colors I got were by L'oreal Preference, and the color was called Truffle. I also got the developer, which was level 20 since I'm not going that much lighter.

Here's how my hair looked. ICK at the roots. My hair was auburnish, but then it turned ORANGE. EW!

During the process....Yes, I'm an amateur. The dye got EVERYWHERE! Good thing I was wearing a tube-top! YAY for Tao! My hair looked like it was bleeding.

A face shot cuz my skin was behaving. This is just MAC F&B foundation + Maybelline powder.

After. The color is a lot darker than I expected. It looks almost black indoor, but outdoor it looks really pretty! I like it.

30 mins after shower. I let my hair air dry.

Nekkid faces cuz my face is finally clear! I was wearing absolutely NOTHING!

Outdoor. It was really sunny.

After I got into the car, my camera's lenses fogged up b/c it was 36546874 degrees in the car. I liked how romantic the pics look. LOL!

Camwhoring in the car...I love having clear skin! See how dark my hair is? It looks almost like my natural color!

FOTD time!

What I used:

--MAC F&B foundation in C3
--Coverblend concealer in Beige for my undereye circles
--Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

--OCC Loose colour in Glisten (Can we say HG?)

--Stila smudgpot in gray
--Kryolan e/s in TV Blue on lower lashline
--L'real telescopic mascara
--Stila espresso e/s on brows

--WAS wearing OCC liptar in Melange (very MLBB)

Close ups. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the glow Glisten gives me. This is something I didn't get from NARS Orgasm. Also, unlike Orgasm, Glisten actually shows up as a pretty flush of color instead of gold shimmers! Highly recommend!

Anyway, I think I posted enough pics to tide me over for another week or so, LOL!


Anonymous said...

I love your hair! It's so shiny and soft!

Dianna said...

I love the new color. It's pretty dark, but still has a pretty tint of red.

ricahx15 said...

it looked really good!

Jenn said...

Love the new hair color, it's nice.. and those "romantic" pics are hilarious. It really does look all romantic with its glowyness

Denysia said...

Nice hair! I love it! :)

izumi said...

i love your new hair color :) and i absolutely love that your skin is clear! i wish my skin was clear~ but you look so happy :) hahaha. yay!

- Kay - said...

yey for clear skin! You have such pretty hair, I think all asians do. Mine is so frizzy and gross if I don't use a flat iron.

I haven't died my hair in 3+ months now and no roots are showing. I'm super excited, I think either the dye was close to my natural color or it faded from the sun..anyway I haven't seen my real hair color since the 7th grade and it'd be sooo nice not to have to dye it all the time: expensive/pain in the ass

hope grad school is going well!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Your hair turned out really nice :)

Catherine said...

Wow - your hair turned out really nice and your skin looks amazing! Good for you! :D

Anonymous said...

was the Egyptian Magic cream the actual cause for your skin to clear out? tell us! :D

Marylynn said...

The result looks great [:

jojoba said...

that's a really pretty hari colour for you! and i love the romatic look of those car pix too. :P

Jamilla Camel said...

Gorgeous hair color! I know about the mess...if I need to do a root touchup, I do it in a hotel room!!

Your skin is looking gorgeous these days!

Sophie said...

Great colour!

glitteryeyesxx said...


Lol, really flattering to your complexion. Wow, you're good! I don't know if I would have been able to do it myself. I'm not too good with hair stuff, but you pulled it off beautifully!

By the way, how did you get your complexion looking so clear and great? What's the secret, missy? :p

Dee said...

Love the color! Looks great! I haven't dyed my hair for about 10 years, haha. LMAO at those "romantic" pics.

~Mel said...

looks great hun! yay for trying to go au natural.. at least with this newer darker color, it might help you more. def looks natural =)

Gemma said...

Your hair looks lovely, and so does your skin! x

Anonymous said...

That looks great! I've been following your blog for a while, but this is the first time I commented. Just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work. I love how detailed you are about reviews, and it's always nice when you take a bunch of pictures of the products. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

please tell us what's the product that made your skin so clear! BIG IMPROVEMENT! congrats! :D looking forward to your response! love your blog ^__^!

GatorGirl said...

O wow your skin is flawless now. Did you ever have blackheads and enlarge pores due to breaking out? Because that's my problem now. =(