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Saturday, July 25, 2009

OCC, how I love thee....

Let me count the ways......

As you all know, I'm deeply in love with OCC Lip Tars. My fave color is Grandma and Melange. However, after getting the rest of the Lip Tars, I have to say that I've got some more faves.

Now let's take a look at the new goodies I got.

From T-B: Katricia, Tarred, Vintage, NSFW, Safety Orange (SO), and Plum

And look Ma, the tips are all slanted! YAY for no leakage!

Here's the group swatch: First one w/o flash, but since it was overcast, I opted to take more with flash.

A very pigmented muted lavender. It is very similar to MAC Lavender Whip, except it's 2p4892847302 times more pigmented. I personally can't wear this by itself since I don't have pearly whites, but ppl with perfectly white teeth can pull this off beautifully. I mixed it with Pageant and the result was AMAZING! I will have to show you one day.

A pure black with leather shine. Amazing for people who are aiming that Goth look. It's also great to deepen any lip color, but beware, this is PIGMENTED. A little DEFINITELY goes a long way.

PLUM: A deep mauve with a hint of grey undertone. This color is pretty wearble in my opinion. Ladies with dark skintones can probably wear this as their "My Lip But Better" color. This color is also very suitable for Fall/Winter.

SAFETY ORANGE: My favorite color in this batch! This is NEON! It's a yellow orange that screams "LOOK AT ME!" Move over MAC Morange, there's a new chick in town. This is NOT for the faint of hearts, but it's soooo gorgeous. I took a lot more pics of it since I love it so much.

NSFW: Can we say blood red? This color is so glamours and when paired with a winged eye, very dangerous. This is the kind of color I picture Cat Woman would wear. In my opinion it's got a hint of blue to it, and it makes my teeth look whiter.

VINTAGE: V-A-M-P-Y! This is IT for the Fall/Winter. While the other companies like MAC are coming out with deeper darker hues for the new season, OCC already nailed it with this deep maroon color. Vintage is THE color to wear if you want that sexy sophistication. It gives me that "Sexy Liberarian" feeling.

Anyway, here's a simple FOTD I did for school.

What I used:

--Coverblend concealer in Beige
--Maybelline Dream Matte powder
--OCC Loose Colour in Glisten as a blush

--Stila smudgepot in Cobalt as top liner
--MAC e/s in Mulch on the bottom liner
--L'oreal Collagen mascara

--OCC Lip Tar in Melange (a TINIEST bit) mixed with
--OCC Lip Tar in Feathered (a pure white color, forgot to show it in the swatch) mixed with
--MAC clear lip glass.

I really like the lip color, it's so juicy looking and perfectly innocent.

Anyway, taking swatch pictures are exhausting! I hope they proved to be helpful to you all though. I strongly recommend Plum, Safety Orange, NSFW and Vintage. BTW, OCC just came out with 6 NEW SHADES!! AHHHHH! OCC! You must stop the madness! Can't you see that my wallet is thisclose to committing suicide?!!

The six new shades are:
ANIME: Beyond neon pink. Pageant pales by comparison.
HUSH: Antique, bridal pink. A match for OCC Skin Airbrush Blush in Hush.
CONQUEST: Pale, polished ivory. Great for mixing or Mod Makeup.
PETTY BEIGE: Opaque and true, deep toned ecru.
FONDUE: Intensely dark chocolate - think 91% cacao dark!
BOTANICAL: It's not easy wearing green, but it's great to tone down red.

Anime, Hush, Conquest, and Petty Beige are calling my name as we speak....MUST....RESIST...THE....TEMPTATION.....but but....bridal pink?!! Polished ivory?!! NEON PINK?!!!! Oh noes!

I'm going to go cry myself a river now since I can't quite afford them yet.....=(

Anyway, hope those of you who can buy them hurry up, cuz I think Anime and Hush are going to sell out QUICK. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Talk to you soon!



Anonymous said...

I WANT YOUR LIPS! You seriously have the most luscious looking lips ever! I love how Safety Orange and NSFW look on you. Actually I love all of them on you. I need to get Safety Orange and NSFW though. They are so sexy!

amynaree said...

they are all so pretty! I really want grandma and hush..i wish they had a gift set with mini sizes of all the glosses!

~Mel said...

haha.. omg.. so pigmented! i can't wait for the new shades to come thru! they look so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

I need to get Grandma and Safety orange. You wear colors so well Tao. Please do a YT vid on them. Thanks!

cerinebabyy; yiyi said...

you seriously have THE perfect
shaped/sized lips ... i want me some OCC

Anonymous said...

Tao, you are my favorite YT Guru! You are so detailed and honest about your reviews. I feel like I can really trust you. keep up the good work.

Jennnn said...

WOW these lip glosses are so pigmented and pretty!

C. said...

I want i want! lol im so jealous! i love the one your sporting for your look

verina oei said...

awww they really pigmented??!
and yes ur lips so luscious

Kim said...

Aww, I wishI could wear lippies sometimes! That lavender color is amazing...

Sarah said...

AHHHHH I LOVE NSFW and Vintage!!! Stop tempting me, Tao! :P P.S. Ditto with the comment that you have the most luscious looking lips ever - They are FLAWLESS!

stellarvixen said...

wow these OCC lippie are absolutely pigmented!

agree the new collections do hav tempting names! lol

thanks for the swatches on your lips

BV said...

You have the most adorable lips ever! I am seriously lusting after lip tars - and guess what?? They ship internationally - yay!!

I am going to get some pronto... I think vintage, NSFW and the new beige one should do the trick...

Thanks for the gorgeous swatches/LOTD!!

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

Fabulous swatches! Thank you!!! I love these too! Cant wait to pick up some of the new colors too!

K.C. said...

Great post Tao! I love your blog and youtube videos. Your personality really shines through in all your posts/videos! :)

LĂȘ Mai Trang said...

hehe, really so pigmented

Askmewhats said...

woww..the shades are CRAZY but it all work for your lovely shaped lips!!!!!!

Blovet Beauty said...

Hi Tao,i really enjoy reading ur posts & your lips look really amazing... I can't wait to order VINTAGE, for a really vampy pin up girl look!

miemiemie said...

omg those are like freaky pigmented! hahahaha amazing stuff! the purple lips suit you well! no kidding. your lips were made for this stuff!

xphoebelinax said...

you've got gorgeous lips! and i've been hearing raves about those occ lip tars everywhereeee, but not sure i can pull it off :(

Anonymous said...

I want Plum and Vintage! Great review!

Jae said...

you have amazing eyebrows!
and i love the lavendar lipstick, though i could never pull it off!

PincStuff said...

loovee the colours hun, they look FAB! xx

I'm Becky! said...

I'm SO happy to see OCC finally getting the recognition they deserve! You can purchase OCC from me, too!

Huishi said...

you can get OCC samples on Ecrater.
I got Grandma, safety orange, HUSH and Anime.... love them but you really don't need the whole tube :D