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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hauls, anyone?

Dudes and dudettes, let me just preface this by saying I LOVE sales!! Now everything I'm showing you in this post was on sale. They were either BOGOF or 75% off. Gnarly right? All my pics are click-able. Please click to enlarge.

Now here's my Ulta haul. Everything was BOGOF.

I went crazy with CoverGirl's e/s quad.

Coffee Shop and Dynamite drama

Tropical Fusion and Country Woods

Ice Princess and Sheerly Nude

I also jumped on the Revlon matte collection bandwagon.

Mauve it over, Nude attitude, Pink about it, and Pink Pout.

L'oreal Tru-blend foundations and blushes

Precious Peach (N1-2), Innocent Flush (N3-4)

Nude Beige( W3) and Buff Beige (N4)

ELF Haul!! Everything was 75% off!! Pleasecheck this site for more coupons.

Studio line blushes:
T-B, L-R: Peachy Keen, Tickled Pink, Candid Coral, Blushing Rose, and Mellow Mauve

Peachy Keen and Candid Coral are pretty close:

Peachy Keen (left) and Candid Coral (right)

L-R: Tickled Pink, Mellow Mauve, and Blushing Rose

L-R: Blushing Rose, Tickled Pink, Mellow Mauve

Studio Line e/s! L-R, T-B: Sand Dollar, Buttercream, Saddle, and Pebble (I've got more colors, but got tired to taking pix. Will post them soon)

L-R: Sand Dollar, Buttercream, Pebble, and Saddle

ELF Studio Line Warm Bronzer

ELF Complexion Powder

ELF Mineral l/s

Nicely Nude and Party Pink. They look way bright in pics, but they are actually very wearable.

ELF Mineral l/g in Trendsetter (T) and Au Naturale (B)

T-B: Trendsetter, Au Naturale, Party Pink, and Nicely Nude

Last but not least, I've got 2 ELF Studio Line brushes!

Blush brush, which is TINY!

and Face Kabuki brush.

Long awaited FOTD!

What I used:

--Cinema Secrect Ultimate foundation in 302 65A mixed by MAC Fix +
--Maybelline Dream matte powder

--MAC Emote to contour
--Chanel Bronze Universel as a bronzer
--Ben Nye blush in Autumn Sunset
--MAC Soft & Gentle MSF

--POP beauty smokey eye cake
--Paula Dorf eye transformer
--L'oreal extra collagen mascara (my current HG!)

--Nothing! I should've put something though. I looked dead.

I'm pooped y'all. Laterz.



Tammi_LA said...

wow!!!! that's one major haul!! Everything looks gorgeous! I love sales too...makes me want to go do a haul too!! :)

rayqueenbee said...

Nice, nice haul, I want that Coffee shop quad, I have the Tropical Fusion quad but it doesn't get enough love.
Ok the ELF blushes are tempting but I tried to order with the 75% code but it only gave me $10 off and not the full 75%, hopefully I'll find more great ELF code deals soon to get some stuff from the studio line!

charlieFlii said...

tao! you look like you totally lost weight!

Dannimag said...

You should totally check out CG drama eyes quad also!! it's a very pretty palette!! especially the burgundy color!

izumi said...

ooooo i loveeeeeeee your haul!! and you look glowy and happy<3

SweetFurr said...

You got a lot of items on sale! I'm going to check out Ulta soon. i haven't been there for a long time.

verina oei said...

i love bargain haul !
u are pretty as always !

Jamilla Camel said...

Amazing Haul! You look as gorgeous as ever!

LyNn said...

the elf mineral lipglosses look great
and how is the face kabuki?

Joey said...

hi, can i check with you, for the mineral lip gloss from elf, do the glosses have this very artifical smell about them? e.g. wavy or chemical smell?

please let me know year :)


joey said...

actually, i meant waxy... oops

Anonymous said...

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I love your blog! =]

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imlee said...

i love your haul!.... i love elf =)

Shopn'Chomp said...

Holy cow, what a haul! Hee hee...been a while since I've heard someone say "gnarly"....loves it!

P.S Love your blog :)

sparklemidori said...

i really love covergirl es too....

hi tao
i really like your blog

come check out mine

Sofee said...

ohhhh...I def need those lippies :D