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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tell me....

Why is it that I remembered to bring my Xbox "Game On" boxers but forgot to bring my EYESHADOW PALETTE?!!!

I organized everything and had the stuff I wanted sitting on the bed, but some how had a brain fart and left with out putting the eyeshadows in my bag.....

What I left:
--Ben Nye 12 e/s palette
--MAC blush palette
--Dolce & Gabana Light Blue perfume

The BN palette includes a dark matte brown color for my eyebrows.... So yes, I need blush AND eyebrows. YAY! More reason to shop! NAY! I don't have any money, and if I buy more makeup when I'm in Miami, my mom will chop my fingers off.

And later today the final grades come no want.

Anyway, I will try to squeeze some pics in this week, but no promises.


P.S. Skype is NOT the same as seeing ppl for real. Long distance sucks DONKEY ASS!


Ms. B said...

Haha, yes long distance does suck patootie! I'm sorry you left your makeup, that's frustrating!

I bet your grades will be just fine, you're so smart!


LADYJANE said...

Damn girl, that sucks. I hate it when I leave my makeup necessities at home. Watch that happen to me lol. And you must smell delicious cause I love Light Blue. Good luck with your grade results!

Kizzy said...

Hehe! This post made me giggle!

Are you sure you didn't leave these things by acccident, so you had an excuse to shop? ;-)

Max said...

I hate when that happens -- when you try to be organized and you ironically forget crucial items. I hope your grades meet your expectations!

Hang in there with the long distance relationship! My husband and I were separated for months at a time when we were dating (I left for school and he left for the Air Force). It gets hard sometimes but it's all worth it in the end!

- Kay - said...

Hey just letting you know in case you didn't see it, beautycrunch has the smudgepot trio for $12!

jojoba said...

Skype reminds me of my dating days with my husband... it was lame and lagging all the time. I feel your pain.

the grades though, they will be better soon.

now i need to see your pictures. :)

rhaindropz said...

Dear, MakeupSnob is having this giveaway, (to all MAC, SEPHORA and NYX lovers) click here: and take your part!

love lots,

Kohii-love said...

Hi! First time leaving a comment behind, even though I've been reading your blog for awhile. You're sweet, and this only makes you sweeter ;)

Blovet Beauty said...

amazing amazing haul and ur lips looks really sexy!