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Friday, September 18, 2009

School blows to the extreme..

I haven't slept from Tuesday morning til Friday morning because all the stupid assignments are due at the same time. I went to sleep today at 5 am and slept til 7pm. I feel woozy.

update more later. I really need to hydrate.


NANA said...

Wow!!! How can you do that?

Ari said...

ouch... its okay Tao, it will get better soon! Rest up!

Olive said...

Omg I don't even know how your still alive! I really hope you get some well deserved rest! Take care :)

Angela said...

wow tao...hang in there
you can do it
hopefully you can get some sleep soon

Katy said...

Hang in there Tao! I am thinking about grad school too...but for now I just want to get out of undergrad and experience the real world XD I was wondering when you have time, could you do a post on your favorite purple shadows? Cuz like you, my favorite color is purple too! Thank you <3

wonderland said...

wow you're good if I did that I would catch every single virus laying around.