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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Winter FOTD

Hi guys! How are you all doing on this beautiful beautiful day?

The weather is absolutely ridiculously amazing here in Gainesville. It's chilly yet still sunny. I love love love this weather. I wish I could be outside all day instead of getting stuck here inside the library. Si thesis part 3 is due this Thursday...and I've yet to start. I know, I know, it's my fault, but hey, a part of being young is mastering the ability to procrastinate, no?

Anyways, since today's kinda cold, I did a "photoshoot" with my cozy winter down jacket. Yes, I felt like an Eskimo. I love this jacket though. It totally saved my ass in Hungary when it was 5 degree Celsius.

Le Look:

What I used:

--Skinfood Aloe BB Cream as foundation
--Coverblend concealer under the eyes (my dark circles are HORRENDOUS)
--EDM Start to Finish to set (forgot the color)

--NYX Taupe blush to contour
--Trucco blush in maple.... or something (sorry, I'm really bad w/ names. I'm in the lib right now, so i will check when I get home. I LOVE this blush though. )
--Stila Kitten e/s to highlight

--Stila smudgepot in black on top
--L'oreal HIP chrome e/l in Blue as bottom liner. (LOOOOVE this! It's even better than UD 24/7 e/l)
--L'oreal HIP chrome e/l in Silver on the inner corner and waterline. (this is like liquid silver. hawtness!)

--nothing, I threw on some Blistex Deep Renewal later though. That stuff is awesome.

Sorry, no close ups this time...but CAMWHORING starts in 3....2....1!

My cool face

Kisses for my readers!

I was wearing China Glaze n/p in Pure Elegance. It's very soft and feminine.

Am I too old to play coy?

Goofy face never fails...

Last but not least, Tao laughing her ass off, AKA my fave!

I hope you enjoyed that. I know it's difficult to stay positive in this world that's gone mad with efficiency, assignment, deadlines, etc, but please try to stop and smell the roses. Appreciate the little things in life, such as the beautiful weather, will allow us to stay sane for just a little longer.

Take care and remember to smile.


Eugenia said...

Im in Tampa so the weather is pretty similiar! I've been loving the wetaher lately, I just wished we got a little more winterness!

Babybubblz said...

I love wearing my big fluffy hat in the winter too! The highlight on the inner corner really pull the look together. So cute!

Carine said...

here the weather is crap (welcome to england!) but anyway, I like the makeup. You look gorgeous !

PincStuff said...

Aww Tao you look like a total winter goddess in that furry jacket!! AHAHA 'saved you @$$ in hungary'... LOL youre too funny girl~ luv all the faces at the end... stay beautiful hun~! loved the end message too... ><

Sue Lynn said...
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Sue Lynn said...

WOWZA! Your "My cool face" and "Am I too old to play coy?" pics look HIGH-FASHION! Like, fierce, girl! ^_^

Vanilla said...

u look so pretty !love ur blush !hehe

izumi said...

you have such an attractive laughing face unlike mine hahahah!

nee said...

you look like a cute lil eskimo! heh

Blovet Beauty said...

u look like a gorgeous winter queen! wat a cute jacket!

Marce said...

Love your photos! It's good to see someone smiling so warmly =)
Nice FOTD and jacket! I love furry and warm jackets! Oh and your photos of jealous!

~Lisa said...

You look so cute Tao!! It's freezing in Toronto right now, I can't bear the winter season that's coming soon >.<

And the HIP e/l look awesome! I want to try the silver one but Canada doesn't carry it...yet or maybe never

And good luck with your assignment!

Uinisan said...

SO glad you're back and thanks for the FOTD look...too bad it's Spring/Summer in Australia now hahahahah....

GS said...

Love it!!! too bad you don´t have a close up pic.

Mets GirLL said...

I love this look and it totally fits with the jacket! Very sexy eskimo lol

audrey said...

you look so gorgeous, just like an angel, your tutorials are amazing and done by a talented person; thank you for all:)

Anonymous said...

Tao, you are so cute :) I love those pics ...take care in Gainesville. I always miss you with kisses..

huinee said...

Love love love the silver eyeliner! You look absolutely gorgeous! :)

Vicky said...

I like all your photoes. They are all cute and lovely and natural.
I've heard the BB cream is good but I haven't try it. How do you feel about it?

Anonymous said...

been watching your vids're awesome.stay your footnote :)

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

jeannie said...

you're so cute in fur!

Sara said...

Love this and you look beautifulll! ♥