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Monday, December 14, 2009

In/Out and a Drugstore Haul!

Hi guys! Thank you so much for those of you who participated in my last blog sale! I already mailed out all the packages to those who paid. Please let me know once you get it. :D

After seeing this on the lovely Lollipop26's blog, I've decided to do the In and Out too! It's a fun way to get to know eachother better. :)


1. Finding great products at riDUNculously cheap prices, as you will see below.

2. Holiday flavors! Cue Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice cappuccino at my local gas station, and Egg Nog!! I LOVE flavors that remind me of Winter.

3. Seeing my Beloved in 3 days!! OMG! I'm so excited! Being apart never gets easier, good thing we have a few breaks in between really get us through the hard times...which leads to...

4. Christmas break!! HELL to the YEAH!! 3 weeks of pure bliss? Yes please! Not to mention this might be my last Christmas break ever, I'm so gonna enjoy this!

5. Nutella!!! Nutella!!! Nutella!!! I eat this up by the spoonful....and promptly workout for an hr in an attempt to burn it off<---does NOT work.


1. Cooking for myself. While it is a little healthier and therapeutic to cook for oneself, the prepping and cleaning up takes up A LOT of mine time. Let's me honest, I'm not the best cook in the world. I think it's kinda pointless to cook for ONE person. It's just a lot easier to order takeout. It's more economical too b/c you don't have all the waste.

2. Final week....... and time of the month at the SAME TIME! OMG shoot me now.

3. Being bloated. 'Nuff said.

Anyways, I forgot to make a blog post about my recent drugstore hauls. For those of you w/ Walgreens in your neighborhood, please go hit it up ASAP. They have some CRAZY good deals out now, as you will see in 3...2...1!

From L-R:

--Milani e/l in Green $2.19 each, marked down from $4 something
--Rimmel Max Volume Flash (got it BOGOF a few weeks ago, didn't know why I included here)
--Revlon Beyond Natural mascara for $2.19 (I really like it for a natural look)
--Biore Dual Fusion moisturizer spf 30 $3.39, marked down from $14.99
--Milani bronzers in Light and Medium, $2.19 each, marked down from $5.99
--Physician's Formula Mineral Wear matte e/s quad for $2.49, marked down from $7.99

A wittle bit of swatch for you:
Milani bronzer in Light
Physician's Formula e/s quad
Milani's liner in Green
Revlon colorstay l/s in that red color....

From L-R: These are all $2.19 each!! Craziness I tell ya!

--Revlon Colorstay lipstick in Pink Indulgence, (some red color I don't know the name of), Smooth nude, marked down from $9.99 each
--Revlon Beyond Natural l/g in Peach, Nude, and Spice, marked down from $7.99 each
--Revlon Beyond Natural liptint in Peach, Nude, and Berry, marked down from $8.99 each

EcoTools on sale BOGOF! I've heard so many good things about these, so when I saw them BOGOF I was like God's speed, yo. I grabbed the last sets they had...:) They are so soft though. Review coming up soon.

Physician's Formula is getting discontinued by Walgreens, so they are all on crazy clearance. I got a few sets that were valued at $28 for $3.59!!! I know, I know, I'm good. :) The tinted moisturizer smell like donkey's a$$, but the pressed powders are wonderful!

HIP Color Chrome e/l in black. They were BOGOF. I was at Walgreens earlier today and I saw they came out w/ new sparkly ones!! My eyes went O.O, but sadly they were on sale, so I'm gonna have to get them in Miami when they go out sale. They also had new HIP e/s duos, very shimmery, I think they were all the metallic ones. They look SO pretty! I might have to get some too.

These liners are sooooooooo good!! I actually own all the colors, but I got the black ones for my mom. She's not that good at lining her eyes, and her eyes are very sensitive, so I'm always on the lookout for smooth liners that are pigmented and won't hurt her eyes. I think I've found them. I like the HIP ones even more than UD 24/7 ones, and that's saying something.
These are the silver and blue ones of the HIP liners. They only took one swipe. They are so pigmented! I'm soooo excited to try out the new colors! :D

Lastly, my newest obsession. Nutella! I've finished 3 bottles in a week. I know, I'm a fatty. In an attempt to make it healthier, I eat them with Granny Smith apples. Granny Smiths are usually too sour for me, but I swear that Nutella can even make poop taste good (though I'd NEVER try). I eat apples w/ Nutella every night before I go to sleep...Correction, I eat one apple with Nutella, then proceed to eat Nutella w/ a spoon.....

Anyways, I've got some new stuff tonight at CVS and Walgreens, namely the new Revlon Photoready foundation and their new l/s (one nude, one pale pink). I also got 2 of the new Rimmel Moisture Renew l/s in a nude and pale pink color. I will take some swatch pics tomorrow when the lighting's good. I think I've found my HG nudes! :D

Night y'all!


samebrightsky said...

LOL, nutella. I love that stuff too :) I actually do love the Physicians Formula brushes. I think I need to race my ass to Walgreens asap to get more brushes! :)

Daituf said...

Holy sh*t!!! Those are crazy deals!!! Dammit, why do i have to live in Canada??? :'( They got nuttin' like that here!!! me are the same when it comes to nutella... I would dip a carrot or celery in there, so i think i'm eating healthy...then next thing I know I'm eatin with a spoon, and half the jar is gone... :S
That shit is the devil!!! Delicious, chocolatey DEVIL!!!

Vanilla said...

wow 3 bottles !u shud stop !hhe
seriously this is supeerrr nice deal !!i'd go crazy if i were u !hehe

Shimmery Dust said...

I would never thought eating nutella with an apple :)) But now when you're saying this, maybe I should try it too... Damn, now I want nutella :(

Carine said...

I hate cooking just for myself too, i find it boring! It's so much better to cook for people you love..

Rashi Arora said...

OMG I totally get the Nutella part....we used to have it with everythin under the sun when i was living in the hostel....

Hey..please do a blogpost/video on how u organise ur mac eyeshadows in palettes....

Abt tryin to lose weight... my boss jst saw 2012 and says"the world is ending anyways in 2 jst eat and enjoy !!!!" LMAO

xSplendidStar said...

LOL you're so funny Tao!!!! Hmm you making me want to try nutella with apples but I don't want to be hooked! LOL but it's so indulging that I may try O_O hehe



~Lisa said...

Great list!! And awesome haul!! Now, why won't Canada follow the US and provide us with some good deals too =(

I love Nutellaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best stuff ever =P

Shao said...

Nice haul! And it's really sweet of you to buy eyeliner for your mom :) I wish I could share my makeup obsession with my mom, but she doesn't wear any, except for lip gloss. *sigh* It's still fun buying lip gloss for her, at least :)

Anyway, thanks for the head's up on the Physician's Formula deal! I always wanted to try their shimmer stripes but thought the price was ridiculous for a d/s line. Will stop by there when I can!

mayaari said...

i share your love of nutella :)

whaaaaat the biore moisturizer is how much?! I think a stop at Walgreens is now on my list of things to do after work tomorrow!

Vanessa M. said...

nice haulage!! and yay for BF time!

Sue Lynn said...

Lemme guess LOL - Rimmel's Moisture Renew lippie in Nude Delight, correct?

:P On me, it's like a more opaque version of MAC Freckletone, meaning NOT a nude... ;)

Rita said...

What are the names of the new Revlon lipsticks?? Can you please do a review on them as well as on the PhotoReady foundation? =)

Kate Gene said...

I've never tried Nutella before! I like peanut butter on apples, so maybe I should give it a chance. :)


Kate Gene

JanuskieZ said...

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Marce said...

Nutella...drools. It's so difficult to get a glass of it here, so when I actually do get one, I treasure it.
Great haul! You got so much for so little - that's amazing! I wish they did sales like that here.
Anyway, Merry Christmas! XO

Asa said...

i LOVE ecotools^_^