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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Skincare (all pics are clickable.)

Yo, that was fast. LOL! Starting my series of blogpost catch-ups with my winter skincare routine. I've been asked to do this for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time so here it is!!

I have acne-prone, sensitive, dry skin with semi-large pores. All in all, difficult to deal with. However, my skincare routine is really really simple to be honest. I've tried the complicated 5320498270 products route and it didn't work. I've learned that my skin likes natural oil and fewer products.

My skincare products:

My cleansers:

I only wash my face w/ cleansers at night to take off makeup. I just splash my face with COLD water in the morning. Now only does it wake you up like no other, it temporarily shrink your pores so your foundation looks better.

I use Kose Sekkikin(sp?) Cleansing Oil to melt off my makeup. I got this on sale at the BBW at Dadeland Mall in Miami during their semi-annual sale. I like it alright, but it can't compete with my MAC Cleanse Off Oil. I ran out of the MAC one, so I will make do with Kose for now.

Then, I use Vichy NormaDerm face wash to further clean my face. I just got this recently along with the matching moisturizer at a CCO at Dolphin Mall in Miami. The duo was only $12!! I really really like this! It's very quite gentle yet still effective. However, I don't think this will be gentle enough for those with really really dry skin. I suggest ppl with oily skin use it by itself, and ppl w/ dry skin use the Oil Cleansing method prior to using it in order to prepare for excessive drying.

My day moisturizers:

I use Vichy NormaDerm Anti-perfection lotion before using La Roche-Posay Anthelios 15 sunscreen. Vichy was supposed to be used as an acne treatment, but I find it working wonderfully as a moisturizer. It keeps my acne at bay and acts as a great primer for my foundation. La Roche-Posay is a great sunscreen for winter because it's rather moisturizing. I was using Shiseido's SPF55 sunscreen during summer, but it was too drying for winter.

My Nighttime moisturizers:

I ran out of my Egyptian Magic cream....That was a sad sad day. While it lasted me a while and was AMAZING, I am too broke right now to buy another one. After doing some research, I've decided to try Avocado Oil as it is a great at moisturizing. It's a more more emollient than Egyptian Magic, but it sinks into the skin really fast and doesn't leave a residue. It hasn't broke me out yet and I will continue to use it. I'd save up money to buy Egyptian Magic for summer though.

For those days when my skin is fickle and irritated, I use Equate (Walmart brand) Medicated Acne Gel. It's basically 10% Benzoyd Peroxide. I personally think Benzoyd Peroxide works better than Salicylic Acid for me. It's works faster too. I just put a thin layer of this all over my face after washing it, and go to sleep. While it is drying, the next day your face will be really clear and the pimples will be dried up. I only do it 1-2x a week though, over doing it will make your skin really dry.

There you go kids, my simple winter skincare routine.

Before I go though, I want to show you something.

This is my BF Nathan (bad pic of him) and my mom's dog Cookie. Look at that hoor!!! Ugh, how degrading to show her Pikachu to the world?!! I'm ashamed...

That's it y'all. Good night!


Vanilla said...

lol ! showing pikachu to thw world !u r funny!hehe

Babybubblz said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm looking into Vichy products after they had a promo in my local mall, I might check these out!

Cookie has evil eyes! haha

Citrine said...

lol, your dog is so funny...

Any you use the 10% BP acne gell *all over* your face...I only dare to use it on a tiny spot...

Asa said...

my skin is similar to urs i think, cant handle too much products.

Anonymous said...

I looooooovveeee your blog! Like how you write like a real person. hahaha Thanks for doing all the updated skin routine videos/posts. When you had your 1st "im breaking out really badly lauwreiuwoauwie" post, I felt less alone. hahahaha But my bf at the time told me mine was worse T.T Ugh, really have to find a way to get that Egyptian magic cream. I use the blue version of that cleansing oil, loved it but ran out. Now i'm using the cleansing lotion from neutrogena. It works alright. Oh and tretinoin worked for me, after like, 6 months? I don't know if it's the tret or my hormones normalizing. Bah. Anyway, love your blog!


Ethereal Prey said...

i like the vichey products, they are very moisturizing. I went to the loreal sample sale and they were there so i bought a bunch of their stuff. i didn't know they were in the CCO. now i must go explore!

They say tea tree oil is suppose to shrink blackheads, but i'm not sure if that's true or not

xSplendidStar said...

Awwww what a cute doggie!

Love your skincare routine! Looks very practical and not complicated. I might try that Vichy deep cleansing gel. Looks promising hehe

Great post!


harrrleyyy said...

thanks for sharing this! my skin is very similar to yours, and i haven't really found anything that works wonders, so maybe i'll look into some of the products you mentioned ;]

LĂȘ Mai Trang said...

Vichy product made my skin break out like crazy. You are so lucky because it works for you.
I think Egyptian magic will be perfect for winter time cause its oily texture. I intend to buy one after reading what you feel abt this product. I am saving the money now for it :D

Maomao said...

You should use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel! It's been shown to be just as effective on getting rid of zits and not nearly as drying!