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Monday, March 30, 2009

It is really funny.....

how much numbers dictate our lives.

This morning when I woke up, I weighed myself: 145lbs. I was so happy I danced to Miley Cirus (DON'T JUDGE ME!). 20 minutes later, after I drank my morning bottle of water (I reuse my water bottles so I don't waste), when I was about to head out the door, I weighed myself again just to feel the pure joy: 148lbs!!

I felt like crying and the whole day went on poopy.

I know it was just water weight, and that I'm being ridiculous, but I can't help to wonder how much simple numbers affect people.

People (generally) want to be under size 6, under 120 lbs, and they want to make more than $500,000 a year. However, are they really that happy when they get all those? If you ask them, will the people who are size 2, 110 lbs, and make a shit load of money really be happier than you? Why is it that the dial of my scale affect my (and a lot of other people's) mood so much?

Why do the size tags at the back of clothes make us so miserable (most of times, unless they get smaller)? Why is it that the numbers matter so much? Why is it that an A is more important than the knowledge we retain? Why is it that Harvard means you will be better than the rest of people? Why aren't us happy with just being healthy? Why is it that we have to get to that certain numbers in order to feel the satisfaction? Most importantly, why are our lives being judged based on these numbers?

You could be the nicest person ever, but if you've got less than perfect grades/income/friends and higher than average weight/sizes/debt, the society still sees you as a failure... Why?

Human beings are complicated....and I'm confused.

Friday, March 27, 2009

...The reason for lack of FOTDS/Tutorials...(SCARY pics ahead, enter at your own risk)

No, it's not because I'm lazy. It's not even because I'm busy (even though I am)....It's because....


See? It's not all fun and glamor being a beauty blogger. You have to risk a lot...

I look like a drug addict going through withdrawal. I've seen enough of those looks on the show called Intervention, which is very good.



Btw, I took these pics a few days ago, so my skin has gotten a lot better (updated routine coming up soon).

As you can tell, my eyes are red, swollen, burning, and disgusting.....This is why I'm patting myself on the back for always recording YT vids in multiples, b/c you never know when some shit happens and you have to stay in the down low for a little while. I hope my YT vids are enough for the time beings. I'm using Visine like crazy right now. They are getting better, so I should be back in a few days.

I'm sorry I scared you all with those pics.....but you should be thankful that this is not happening to you.

Take care,

Monday, March 23, 2009

China Glaze Haul!!

Yes! Keep the hauls coming!

I bought the China Glaze from Trans Design. They are $2.60 each, and the shipping was very reasonable. I paid $65 including shipping for the entire haul, which I'm very happy about.

Here they are with clothes on...They packaged the products really well. Nothing arrived broken or missing. Good good.

Here they are naked....and ready.

From L-R: Hybrid, Tree Hugger, Secret Peri-wink-le, Recycle (1st w/ flash, 2nd w/o)

From L-R: (1st w/ flash, 2nd w/o)
Row 1: Naked (didn't realize I already had one....D'oh!), Bermuda Breakaway (GORGEOUS!), Agent Lavender
Row 2: Rose among thorns (can you say BRIGHT?), Summer Rain, Bare if you dare

From L-R: (1st w/ flash, 2nd w/o)
Row 1: Lasso my heart, Branding Iron
Row 2: Midnight Ride, Side Saddle, Prize Winning Mare

...Yes, I got lazy LOL! This is the Summer Days collection w/o flash.
From L-R: Watermelon Ride, Grape Juice, Strawberry Fields, Raspberry Festival, Cherry Pie, Orange Marmalade.

Naked on my nails. 1st w/ flash, 2nd w/o flash.

Bermuda Breakaway on my toes...DON'T MAKE FUN OF MY FEET!

Long time no see!

BTW, I have a question:

Anyway, thank you so much for reading! Take care!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Songs that got stuck in my head....

Hi guys! Aren't you excited that I'm updating like crazy in the past few days? Enjoy it while you can, cuz anyday now I'm just gonna *poof*, be gone for like a month.... LOL!

These are a few songs I've been addicted to for the last few weeks.

First up: Thelma Aoyama - Soba Ni Irune Feat. Soulja

Second one:
Calzziquai-Dance <--This is straight up baby-making music

Now go on, be an addict like I am.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I love Donna Mills


Reverse raccoon eyes and "blended contour", anyone?

Don't get me wrong, she's GORGEOUS and all, but ah....the concealer. I really like how her lips look so glossy though.

I really like Donna because she seems to be really down to earth. It's not her fault that the style in the 80s was so ghastly.

There are 8 segments of this series ,I really recommend them. The tips shared are really helpful.

Yes, Donna, I will feather my liner.

I'm out!


Thursday, March 19, 2009


I have reached an intersection and I don't know what to do.

I don't want to lose this... (My baby finally turned 21!! God I feel old...)

yet I don't want to compromise my pursuit of higher education (that is, if I got accepted).

I'm feeling blue...I need some Prozac stat! LOL!

Oh, before I forget, here's a haul video. More stuff on the way though.

Anyway, a little sneak peek at the upcoming reviews.

I'm out.

P.S. This entry is really lame. I know.
P.P.S. The cafeteria at Sam's club has RIDICULOUSLY cheap food.
P.P.P.S. I had an entire Tombstone Supreme Pizza. I hate myself! I meant to just eat ONE slice!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I should get an award...

...for helping out our nation's economy!

I am so stressed out right now, people. I know I haven't updated my blog in forever, I haven't made any videos in a really long time, and I also haven't completed my graduate school application. It's funny how I always think I have more time than I actually have. Before spring break, I was like "Pfft, I have 10 days to do my homework and finish my admission essay. I will just relax a bit." Now, 10 days later, I've done NOTHING. My application is due on the 28th, and I have 4 group meetings this week, 2 presentations, and a term paper due. I'm officially screwed. Bye bye my semi-decent GPA! It was nice knowing ya!

Now, under these stressful circumstances, normal people would forgo the luxury hobbies like YT and blog to focus on studying and such, but not me. I've been doing catch up on YT vids all day (FUZ! I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU!! You made me an addict!) and updating my blog. Also....I hauled like a mad man online recently. I think I will wait til I received the packages to do a collective haul post.

However, I did a little calculation on how much I spend in the past week on beauty related products...The grand total? $525.35!!!

I think it's time to chop my fingers off. I think I'm going on CT (cold turkey) til I graduate (5/2/09). Yes, I'm even skipping all MAC collections, even if they include MSFs that I'm drooling after. I MUST RESIST! I will NOT, repeat, WILL NOT spend $27 on a MSF when they used to cost $24! MAC is getting greedy! I skipped HK collection all together (OMGWTFBBQ!! shock horror!), and I'm planning on skipping Sugarsweets and grand duos. I'm doing very well so far. Even those delicious swatches on Specktra didn't tempt me. I think I'm over MAC....*iz prepared for the massive stones that are aiming towards me by fellow beauty bloggers* But seriously though, after spending thousands of $$ on MAC products, I don't get its appeal anymore. All the colors are very similar with different names, and the prices are getting ridiculus! I'm not spending $15 on a 1.5g e/s, thank you very much.

Anyway, I have to get back to my case analysis for P.F. Chang's. I promise I will do a video after Thursday! I promise!!

Peace out!

P. S. On a side note, some subscribers are kinda rude when making requests...I don't HAVE to do anything, stop making it sound like I owe it to you to make a requested video. I'm more likely to do a request when you put "please" and "thank you" in the request, instead of "you have to" and "I'm waiting for a ..." I reckon that I'm one of the nicer YT-er, I try to answer every message I get and read all the comments. So please, try to be nice and polite when making requests. They are more likely to be answered.

P.P.S. Getting recommendation letters is a BITCH! I wish I knew where my manager from MAC went, she's not there anymore... =( I need 4 recommendations, and so far I've only got 2. I'm REALLY tempted to just make up someone to add as a recommender. LOL!

P.P.P.S. I havn't worked out in like 1 week. I can FEEL my muscles get jiggly again. AFTER THURSDAY!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Diet/Life Update!

Hi guys! How are you all? I'm still in Miami for Spring Break, so I will be back in Gainesville on Sunday 3/15, so for those of you who are exchanging emails with me regarding the sales, please be a little patient. I apologize for the delay.

Anyhoodles, let me just say that spring break is NOT good for dieters. Since both my BF and his brother's birthdays are during spring break (My bf: 3/12, his bro: 3/13, weird hun?) so it's going to be massive consumption of food within the next 2 days. Well, it's not like I'm doing so well before the birthday bashes anyway. One thing I love about coming home, other than being stress free for a week, is that my mom would make delicious food for me!! YUM! I've been a total piggie for the past few days, so yea...I'm a little guilty.

However, I brought one Jullian Michaels' workout vid with me. It's called Eliminate fat, Boost metabolism, or something like that, and it works AMAZINGLY! The workout is about 45 mins including warm up, but I can only do about 25 mins, it totally kicks my behind! I'm left huffin' and puffin', and the girls in the vid act like they are totally normal. My goal is to complete the 45 min vid one of these days.

Also, being on a diet and in Miami made me realize that I'm a serious addict for Japanes cuisine. Up in Gainesville, since it's a shitty town, we don't get many great restaurants, so I don't usually go out to eat fancy food. However, in Miami they are EVERYWHERE!!

Yesterday I went w/ my BF's mom and sis to this restaurant called Raw to have their sashimi bowl (Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, Octupus over rice and seaweed).

The day before that I went to Sea Siam to have their famous Dragon roll (Shrimp Tempura with avocado drizzled with Eel sauce).

And the day before that, I went to a restaurant called Moon to have their Dynamite roll (I THINK it's crab with spicy mayo that was blown by that torch thingy)...

Needless to say, my stomach was very satisfied and my wallet was being tortured. Japanese food is WAY too damn expensive! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this entry, cuz I'm getting hungry again looking at all these food...That's it y'all, peace out!


p.s. I will do a beauty related post when I get back to Gainesville.
p.p.s. My mom bought my BF one of those Chinese cakes that has fruit w/in the layers that's DAMN yummy!
p.p.p.s I swear to God that I will learn how to make sushi even if it kills me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why is it....

that I'm hungrier than ever now I'm on a diet?!!!

My diet is going alright, not as amazing as I thought I'd do. I bought 3 workout videos from Amazon a few days ago and got them today. I will be doing one shortly, so I shall report back.

Here are the ones I got from Jillian Michaels, one of the trainers from The Biggest Loser. I got all her vids b/c she has one HOT body....maybe a little too buff, but she's hot nonetheless.

Her body turned me lesbo....Her face...not so much (I will go to hell for this, LOL! ).

My diet for the past few days consisted of apples w/ peanut butter, Kimchi soup (put some kimchi in boiling water...), Earl Grey tea, multi-vitamins, and LOTS of Crystal Lights on the go. I lost about 0.5lb when I weighed myselft just now, but I think that's b/c of all the water in my system.

Now it's almost 1:00am, I'm wide awake. To make it worse, I'm having the biggest craving of Nutella. I did a presentation for my Sales Marketing class on Nutella this afternoon. I brought Nutella and strawberries to give out to potential customers (aka classmates, we are being graded on how many people would buy our products). Needless to say, since everyone and their momma love Nutella, I passed with flying colors. However, I cannot stop thinking about the leftover jar of Nutella in my pantry...

To torture myself, I googled Nutella, and here's what I found...

Mango Nutella Pancake:

...And Strawberry Nutella Poundcake Panini (yes, that's poundcake, not sandwich bread).


I'm gonna hang those pictures above my knees when I do situps.
Talk to y'all later. Peace!