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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another year older...none the wiser

Oh HELL NO!!! My hair!!! What a stupid stupid hair dresser!!!!

PSYCHED!!!! LOL! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm now 22 and still immature. I was just playing around w/ my friend's wig, it was awesome.

Again, as I said, I just turned 22 yesterday. It was depressing. Why? Because I spent my birthday in class and in the library til 3 in the morning. Did I mention how depressing it was to spend birthday in the library doing SWOT analysis?!!

Instead of tequila shots, I did 5 espresso shots. For those of you who are interested, yes I'm ADDICTED to caffeine after I got into grad school. Regular coffee doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm on caffeine pills now. LOL! For those of you who lack incentives to study, try justifying spending $20 at Starbucks and not be productive. BTW, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and Steak n' Shake Peppermint milkshake are some of the reasons why I love the holiday season.

I'm soo sorry for the lack of posts lately. Life is super busy. School work, friends, etc etc. Also, my skin looks like utter crap right now because I'm always staying up late and cramming for exams and stuff. Sleep deprivation + dehydration due to excess caffeine+junk food+makeup staying on my face for more than 20 hrs at a time=breakout central. NEVER TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS!!

This FOTD was from a few weeks before when my skin was still pretty clear. NOTE: This is NOT how my skin looks now, LOL!

*cue expressionless face*

*cue over-exposed face*

What I used:

FACE: (like I said, I don't have this skin anymore...)
--Coverblend concealer in Beige on undereye circles and imperfections
--Maybelline Dream Matte powder in Sand all over

--NYX blush in Taupe to contour
--Stila blush in Eclectic on apples
--Stila Kitten e/s as highlighter

--CS contour palette in the milky yellow one (all over lid), white (highlight), and the dark brown (outer V and bottom eyes) <--this is another reason for lack of time=boring looks. I haven't used fun colors in so long. No time to think about color combos.
--Stila smudgepot in Black
--Stila Lash Visor mascara <--holds my curls like nobody's business. LOVE!

--That Mequillage l/s the wonderful Sue Lynn sent me! I forgot what color it was, but it started with BE. I LOVE IT! So natural looking and moisturizing. THANK YOU AGAIN HUN!! muahs!

Close ups:


Even though I'm 22, I can still daydream right?

How it looks like in sunlight...No, I don't sparkle...nor dazzle.

Call me vain but I LOVE this pic!

Y'all know my posts don't end w/o a matter how chubby my cheeks look. lol

That's it for now ppl. Good night and have a wonderful tomorrow!


ps. I've spent WAY too much at Starbucks
pps. I love hot hot hot magenta pink
ppps. The more I use neutral, the less I want to use brights
pppps. I have no creativity sorry about the lack of YT vids.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Winter FOTD

Hi guys! How are you all doing on this beautiful beautiful day?

The weather is absolutely ridiculously amazing here in Gainesville. It's chilly yet still sunny. I love love love this weather. I wish I could be outside all day instead of getting stuck here inside the library. Si thesis part 3 is due this Thursday...and I've yet to start. I know, I know, it's my fault, but hey, a part of being young is mastering the ability to procrastinate, no?

Anyways, since today's kinda cold, I did a "photoshoot" with my cozy winter down jacket. Yes, I felt like an Eskimo. I love this jacket though. It totally saved my ass in Hungary when it was 5 degree Celsius.

Le Look:

What I used:

--Skinfood Aloe BB Cream as foundation
--Coverblend concealer under the eyes (my dark circles are HORRENDOUS)
--EDM Start to Finish to set (forgot the color)

--NYX Taupe blush to contour
--Trucco blush in maple.... or something (sorry, I'm really bad w/ names. I'm in the lib right now, so i will check when I get home. I LOVE this blush though. )
--Stila Kitten e/s to highlight

--Stila smudgepot in black on top
--L'oreal HIP chrome e/l in Blue as bottom liner. (LOOOOVE this! It's even better than UD 24/7 e/l)
--L'oreal HIP chrome e/l in Silver on the inner corner and waterline. (this is like liquid silver. hawtness!)

--nothing, I threw on some Blistex Deep Renewal later though. That stuff is awesome.

Sorry, no close ups this time...but CAMWHORING starts in 3....2....1!

My cool face

Kisses for my readers!

I was wearing China Glaze n/p in Pure Elegance. It's very soft and feminine.

Am I too old to play coy?

Goofy face never fails...

Last but not least, Tao laughing her ass off, AKA my fave!

I hope you enjoyed that. I know it's difficult to stay positive in this world that's gone mad with efficiency, assignment, deadlines, etc, but please try to stop and smell the roses. Appreciate the little things in life, such as the beautiful weather, will allow us to stay sane for just a little longer.

Take care and remember to smile.