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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Work, work, work

Yes, I am fortunate enough to have to open to close shift on both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

It's awesome being the newbie. LOL!

I kid, I kid.

While I enjoy work immensely, it just kinda sucks working those 9-hr days when we are having a snow storm. Not gonna lie though, it IS really fun hearing my coworkers talk about their exciting/interesting night life. LOL!

I'd also like to give you guys a little heads up regarding the blog sale I'm hosting soon. I'm in the process of taking pics for all the items. It's quite a tedious task. Sometimes the thought of taking pics makes me NOT want to do a blog sale. I'm lazy don't you know? ;P

Anyways, I hope everyone have a safe and fun New Year's Eve/Day. Enjoy!



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Belated MAC Christmas?!

Hi guys! How are you all doing?

I know I'm been lacking in the updates, but shoppers during holiday season are HARDCORE. I've worked over 40 hrs every week for the month of December. When I get home, I'm barely alive, let alone trying to update the blog.

Today I have a much needed day off (followed by 3 9-hr days), so I decided to share a recent FOTD and a Christmas present we got from MAC.

The present: This took me and my team 5 minutes to figure out what it is. It looks like a belt/necklace/bracelet/headband, but yeah, it's a necklace.

There's a deeper meaning associated with the links in the necklace, but I didn't pay attention reading the card....LOL!

What I used:

--MAC Pro Longwear in NC 25 <---HOLY CRAP! I went darker!! (We also got this as gratis)
--MAC Pro Longwear in NW 20
--NYC bronzer in Sunny

--MAC blush in Harmony to contour (running out of my Ben Nye Contour #1, still praying that MAC will bring back Emote)
--Rock & Republic blush in Foreplay
--MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle

--MAC Paintpot in Soft Ochre
--MAC e/s in Shroom to highlight
--MAC e/s in Patina on the lid <---Such an underrated color!
--Physician's Formula Gel Liner in black
--SugarPill e/s in Poison Plum on the bottom liner
--MAC Sketch e/s on the outer 1/3 of the bottom liner

--Nothing in the picture, but I later threw on MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink <--I'm ADDICTED to the plushglasses. They are AMAZING.

Close up:

More pics:

I have to admit, I included this pic solely because my hair looked awesome.
Overall look:
I'm too sexy for my shirt.....
Love and kisses for all.

That's it for today guys, more updates soon.



P.S. I fail as a mother. Happy is the poster child for pet obesity...I swear he doesn't even eat that much!! :(

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cham Pale & Stylishly Yours

Thank Baby Jesus I finally got my gratis! Even more amazing is the fact that I knew I was going to blow a hole in my wallet on these two collections, so getting some in gratis definitely saved me some moolah.

How gratis works is that MAC predicts whether products will sell or not, and if they have reservations regarding some products, they will send it to the artists who wear it to show the customers. This is why we will never get popular/hyped up items because MAC knows that they will be gone faster than anything.

Everybody together:

Everybody naked:

My favorite! Bubble Lounge Lipgelee!<---To me, this is like crack.

Dangerous Curve Paintpot <---OMG! The paintpots in Cham Pale collection are AMAZING! I'm gonna buy them all!

Chez Chez Lame Highlighting Powder <---I almost peed my pants when I first saw this during Update.This is GORGEOUS!! Subtle but definitely there. This is A LOT finer than Soft & Gentle MSF.

Studio Fix Lash in New Hue (burgundy mascara) and False Lash mascara. <---Curious about the False Lash, but then again, I'm not the biggest MAC mascara fan.

New Fixation pigment <---gorgeous as a blush.

Style Curve lipstick <---Eh. This makes me look quite yellow in my opinion, but apparently others think I look good.

Complete Comfort Creme <---This feels SOOOOOOOOOO good on my skin. I used it last night and couldn't stop touching my skin this morning!!

Top row, L-R: Chez Chez Lame, Bubble Lounge, Style Curve
Bottom row, L-R: New Fixation, Dangerous Curve

That's it guys! Cham Pale and Stylishly Yours launch on 12/26, so grab your Xmas money/gift cards because you are gonna need it.

Merry Christmas!



P.S. Our "tree" with presents:

P.P.S. This is why I love the holidays.
Maybe I will do a coffee creamer overview review soon? LOL!

Friday, December 24, 2010


shiz I'm so tired!!!

I've been working 7 days straight!! I worked open til close on F-ing Xmas Eve!! 

But guess what though? 


I got gratis from both Stylishly Yours and Cham-Pale!!! 

I'm too tired right now, but I will post some pics tomorrow. :)

Happy holidays!



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Totally didn't expect this.....

but I was able to re-open my old YouTube account under the username iamgrape1119. Thanks Mel!!

Unfortunately all the uploaded videos/comments were deleted, but it's okay. I will just have to make more, LOL!

Meanwhile I'm reuploading some of the videos I still have in my files, so I guess that'll suffice for now.

I will update more on my original channel as opposed to the new one I created just because I have more subbers on the old one.

If you are interested, please visit HERE to see!



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Could this be a LEGIT full coverage foundation?!!!

Holy @#$%!! Laura Mercier Creme Smooth foundation has met a STRONG competitor!

Easily scarred people rejoice!

Estee Lauder has added a new member to its Double Wear family-Double Wear Maximum Coverage.

I know what you are thinking...Max. coverage, yeah right. Everyone and their momma claims to have max coverage. However, like I mentioned in the title, EL one is LEGIT.

This is what the foundation claims to do:

12-hour staying power.

Soothing, natural-looking, liquid-creme makeup for concealing all skin imperfections, including surgical and acne scars, birthmarks, sun spots and varicose veins.

Helps protect with SPF 15.

Full Coverage
  • Natural-looking
  • Long-wearing
  • Non-transferable
Suitable for post-surgery use as directed by your physician. Developed and tested in collaboration with surgeons and dermatologists.

With a reasonable $32 price tag (and Nordstrom's amazing return policy), I went ahead a purchased it without trying (I know, bad idea, but working 40+ hrs a week at MAC during holiday hours make me want to leave the mall ASAP).

The color selection is very limited, considering there are only 6 shades offered: Very Light, Creamy Ivory (Light), Creamy Vanilla (Light/Medium), Creamy Tan (Medium), Medium Deep, and Deep.

Unfortunately, if you are anything darker than a NC45, I don't think you will be able to find a color that goes on without looking ashy. However, with that being said, I LOVE how the Max. Coverage is more yellow-toned than the regular Double Wear. In Double Wear I usually wear Sand (or Bone in Winter), and in Max. Coverage, I can get away with both Creamy Ivory and Creamy Vanilla (Creamy Ivory is a little bit pinker than Vanilla).

Now let's break it down via pros and cons:

--LONG LASTING! (I had my makeup on without primer and this lasted from 8am to 12am)
--Covers EVERYTHING<--THE most coverage I've ever gotten from a foundation. Many could even use it as a concealer.
--Reasonable Price
--Contains SPF
--Package is sanitary (I love the squeezy tube, it's easy to travel with)
--More bang for your buck (a little bit goes a LONG way, so this tube will last you forever)

--Can be drying (but hey, it's long lasting. Use a good moisturizer underneath)
--Can look a bit "made up"/cakey if used too much
--limited color selection

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons, so I'd say go for it. My overall rating on this foundation is 4.5 out of 5.

Let the pictures do the justice:

The product: The texture is more on the liquid side, but a little goes a LONG way.

I have the foundation on my left (your right) side. See how the veins are covered the looks more matte?

Foundation on the right side of my face (your left)...My un-foundation side looks like a crack-whore. I was using Creamy Vanilla.

Foundation all over
Yeah, the coverage is pretty amazing huh?

This is the look I did that day for work.

 Close ups:

I kinda forgot what I used, but I remember it involved MAC Deep Truth and Silver Ring. RR Bedroom on my cheeks w/ MAC Soft & Gentle MSF.

I hope your find this post helpful. I whole-heartedly recommend this foundation to anyone who's looking for a full coverage foundation.

Now I'm gonna enjoy my much deserved day off.



Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Gifts that keep on giving" FOTD

No, I'm not talking about Herpes.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas~

I've recently received some AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME gifts from two of my online friends that totally brought me to tears.

First up, we have Tala. We first started communicating over my blog sales. She realized that I have all the Rock & Republic blushes except for Call Me (Bless her heart), and decided to send me a brand new in box one as a gift!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again:"Tala, I owe you for life!!".

Let's take a look at this beauty shall we?

It's so much better than Nars Orgasm. It's more pigmented, more easily blendable, and just looks cooler!!

Next up, we have Sue Lynn. Sue Lynn and I became great friends via blogger and YT. She doesn't usually comment, but if anything happened, she's always the first one to email me, asking if I were ok. Sue Lynn was always there for me. I'm guaranteed a reply whenever I email her. She sent me a gift for my B-day, one that I lusted over for quite some time now. I had a lemming for Lunasol products after reading about them on Taiwanese beauty blogs. However, I didn't want to shell out the big bucks for them. It was my dream come true that she offered to send it to me as a B-day present. I was speechless at her generosity. Yes, blogging and YTubing is stressful, but great people like Sue Lynn and Tala make it worth while (No, I'm definitely NOT saying that you need to send me stuff, but I'm just overwhelmed at their generosity).

The goodie: Lunasol eyeshadow palette in 02 Light Variation


As we can see here, the American blush is A LOT more pigmented than the Japanese eyeshadow. I know that most people in Asia like products that focus more on the shimmering aspect of the makeup, like that "my face but better" look. However, I think my taste is a little bit more American now, LOL! The e/s are GORGEOUS, but I had to layer them a lot to achieve the payoff I was hoping for. Hey, at least that satisfied my lemming for trying Japanese makeup.


What I used:

--Estee Lauder Double Wear Max. Cover <--Review coming up later
--Coverblend concealer in Light
--NYC bronzer in Sunny

--Ben Nye contour #1
--R&R blush in Call me
--MAC MSF in Soft & Gental

--Lunasol e/s palette in Light Variation
--MAC Fluidline in Waveline
--MAC Criss/cross lashes
--Lancome Decinicils <--kinda sucks w/o a primer

--Nothing in pics, but later it was MAC Creme in my coffee.

This is the new way for me to do my hair....I look...Mongolian?

Guys, ONLY DO THIS WHEN YOU ARE 100% POSITIVELY SURE THAT NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, IS COMING THAT DAY. I apologize for scaring that rather hot UPS guy...It wasn't my intent.

I don't think this works as well as my "twist-your-hair-in-a-bun" method. The waves were definitely more subtle. However, when you braid your hair and sleep on it overnight, the result is A LOT better.


Thank you so much for reading, and let's all take a second to appreciate the nice people in the world.



P.S. This is what the UPS guy brought me!