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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sorry, this isn't related to beauty, but it's just too funny!
image from

Also, I sent this to my BF b/c the little animal is too cute.
image from

My BF wrote me back: "This is EXACTLY how you look when you are at the makeup counter".

Ah, I love him.

More beauty-related posts coming up next. :D


freshelle said...

haha tao the first one is hilarious!!! the orange and the

harrrleyyy said...

awwwh, i feel bad for the orange :[ but the second picture IS hilarious lol

Carine said...

I like these oranges pics, so funny ^^

LADYJANE said...


BV said...

Now - that picture did give me the LOLs! Your boyfriend and you are really cute! hehehehe the monkey's eyes are really too much...

Connie De Alwis said...

LMAO!!!! love the 2nd pic. Hilarious!!!

Stephanie said...

Hey Tao! I tagged you!

btw, I LOVED those pictures!