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Friday, January 22, 2010

(Semi) New Hair!!

As I mentioned, I couldn't bear walk out the door looking like a Carrot Top, so I redyed my hair the day after the hair disaster. Was it bad for my hair? Very much so. Was it necessary? Absolutely.

This time I used a color called Chocolate by L'oreal Preference Mega Brown. It has a tinge of burgundy in it. I find that red/burgundy color look good w/ my skintone. It makes me look...paler. I like it. The roots are still a lot lighter than the rest of my hair, but that's understandable sine they were almost blond the first time. I just gotta be patient and wait for another month or so before dying it again.


See how much darker my ends are? Well at least they are sort of uniformed in color now.


I'm more of a brunette now! You can't really see the red at the ends unless you look closely. Also, excuse the skin. I just found out that Cod Liver/Fish oil doesn't agree with my body. I took it after seeing Kandee Johnson (whom I LOVE) talk about its benefits on improving skin texture and hydration level. I took it before I went to sleep so I don't have to deal w/ fishy burps, and when I woke up the morning...BAM! Breakout central on my face. *tears*

Anyways, here's a lip swatch of Rimmel Moisture Renew l/s in Pink Chic. Love it!

Anyway, I just realized how fast the (DOUBLE SCREEN) computer in my school's library is at uploading pics, so expect more frequent posts! You bet yo ass I will be getting TWO monitors for my computer when I win the lotto. They also have this 24/7 computer lab dedicated to the Architecture majors (but everyone w/ student ID could use it) that has APPLE computers with HUGE monitors!! I swear I will learn how to be computer savvy. I SWEAR! I'm so sick of envying other Youtuber/bloggers for having awesome graphics (Yes Miss Pink, I'm talking about you and your amazingly hawt perky booty).

---I promise I will learn how to use Photoshop even if it kills me.
---I promise I will not be afraid of using an Apple computer just because it has a single click mouse.
---I promise I will learn how to have a cool banner thingiemajig for my YT channel AND a cool intro for my vids.

Also, for those of you who are interested, Employment Law textbook = Death. It's 2,000 pages (I'm on pg 159) and I have to finish this by mid-Feb. Did I mention my whole grade for that class depends on ONE fucking final?!!!

I HATE small fonts. It has no pictures either........... I hate being an adult, LOL!

Anyways, I hope everyone's having a great day (and weekends). I will be spending mine at the library. Ciao Bellas!



izumi said...

awww, no pictures?? hahaha :P

love your new hair color, i went with a burgandy before.. now i'm just black. i think i prefer golden tones over reddish, but that's just my own opinion. you look great with it!

Denysia said...

Love the new hair color! And that lipcolor is nice! :D

Ushishi said...

your hair looks alot better now ^^ dam, thats a deathly lookin book o_o
love the lipstick color too.

Ethereal Prey said...

did you try the fish oil in pill form? or were u crazy and tried the liquid? my parents made me take the liquid when i was a kid. *shudders*

Carine said...

Your hair looks so shiny ! Except good genes, do you use something special to make it healthy-looking like that :p ?

Olive said...

You look AMAZING! I'm loving the new hair color. Unfortunately I am STILL a carrot top :( You've inspired me though!

jennynotjen said...

don't be afraid of macs!! they're really comprehensive and user friendly - besides, the mouse isn't technically single-click (although the design may seem otherwise). you get the same "right-click" effect when you click on the right side of the mouse!

Jamilla Camel said...

Love the hair colour now!! It looks really nice in the sunlight, which is the acid test!

Employment law, yeah..zzzzz

mayaari said...

the new hair color is nice :) I did something similar to my hair a while back - dyed it black at the salon last spring, then i wanted red/brown hair again, and my roots were soooo much lighter...someone told me i needed to lift the color first before coloring it something else, to get the shade i wanted as an even color from root to tip.

ehh, i'm just letting it fade so now i have random brown highlights peeking through my hair, haha

Totoro said...

Hi Tao!

I just stumbled on to your blog and I think it's great. Just read a few of your posts and I could relate to so many it was crazy so I had to comment. haha. I'm in law school. I'm a scorpio. AND I'm in a long distance relationship too! What a coincidence!

Brenda said...

You are indeed a very funny girl. Love the way you tell the tale. Fascinating. Hmm if you have problem with fish oil, maybe you can try the veg variety then. Evening primrose is really good. I use to have uncomfy pain during that time of the month but after I take it, it helps a lot and my dry skin is in better condition too. I am taking a combination of both fish oil and everning primrose. Go easy on the dosage if you just started ;)

Cocooned said...

when you redyed your hair did you do the ends first then the roots? i love the color might go back to doing it myself! kinda scared though i messed up a couple of time so i go to a professional now.

cjx3pooh said...

That Rimmel lipstick is really pretty! I was debating whether or not I should buy it b/c it looked like every other lilac-toned pinks I have, but it's actually sheer and flattering? Grr lol.