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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hi guys! I just want to say a big THANK YOU to those of you who helped me out in my blog sale! I went ahead and ordered my BF the headphones <---MotherEffing Backordered til end of March so it won't be there on his birthday :( But nonetheless, together we achieved the goal! Thank you all so much!!

This is just an update of my life for those of you who are interested, LOL!


1. Getting my BF that Psyko Audio 5.1 Headphone. :D

2. Blue Diamond Almond milk! OMG guys this is THEEEEEEEE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!! This makes having cereals an entirely new experience. This is awesome in coffee or just by itself!

3. Going back to Miami on Monday after my Employment Law exam! Woohoo!! I will be in Miami for a week, til 3/1. I'm so glad to get a week of rest.

4. Mochi. This is Gainesville's answer to Pinkberry. It offers a lot of different flavors w/ all these fresh fruits and mochies! Everything's SELF-SERVE and it's priced by weight. I spent $5.95 there today........but it was worth it!!

5. Lay's Canjun Herbs & Spice chips! I'm still on the look out for ketchup, but for the time being, this would do!


1. I have to read about 1,000 pgs by 7am on Monday. Yeah....I've been procrastinating like mad....I'm praying really hard right now LOL!

2. Mom's nagging. 'Nuff said.

3. Long distance relationship. It really sucked this Valentine's day b/c it's the first time since dating my BF that I was alone on V-Day. I went to the grocery store to get some ice-cream and there were couples everywhere I looked. I felt so alone. All my friends are paired up and getting engaged and shit. : ( I can't wait to go out to Colorado to visit my BF in March. :D

4. Gaining weight. As I've mentioned, I've switched my BCP and the hormones totally F-ed up my body. My skin is going crazy and the worst part? I'M EATING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! I can't stop eating!!!! I've gained 5lbs in Feb alone!! I'm so depressed....

That's it for now yo. I will update w/ more reviews soon. Stay tuned!



glitteryeyesxx said...

You are the BEST gf ever!! =)
Can't wait to hear how his reaction will be like once he finally gets his hands on it.

Btw, you're not the only one who is experiencing weight gain. I think I've gained a few pounds, too. While it's not too apparent on my body (thank God!), my cheeks are resembling that of a chipmunk >_< Eeeek.

Babybubblz said...

Almond milk the is the best!! It's also lactose intolerant friendly. I've tried ever flavour. Can't believe you JUST discovered it!

Olive said...

Wow you are such a nice gf! Those headphones better blow off his socks for all the crappy stuff goin on, I just say keep your head up cuz you got a lot of great things to look forward to :-)

Carine said...

1,000 pages :o wow, good luck !
I'm single so i was alone on valentine's day too and to be honest, I didn't give a sh*t..I didn't even remember it was v-day xD

SilverRime said...

Ketchup chips are available only in Canada I believe...hope you find some

Jennifer said...

Yeah Ketchup flavoured chips are def a Canadian thing, so make sure to ask for it if you ever do a swap with a Canadian! Personally, I think I had too many of them growing up so I can't stand that flavour anymore XD

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, I know how you are feeling with the long distance relationship thing. I haven't seen my BF since January and won't see him until March!! Lets just say: Vday SUCKED!!! So yeah... totally get what you are saying about that stuff. Hang in there girl... YOU CAN MAKE IT!!!!
And BTW: <3 your blog!

serenity. said...

I received the blush, Tao! Thanks so much for the freebie lashes! =)

divinexjanice said...

Hey Tao do you buy the Blue Diamond Almond Milk thats not refridgerated or the one in the refridgerated section next to the Silk?