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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break 2010! PART ONE (pic heavy)

So, as promised, here are some pics of my awesome visit to Boulder, Colorado, AKA "The mellowest/most educated/healthiest city in the US". This one will be a two-parter b/c I have a lot of useless yet entertaining photos, LOL. Hopefully this would make up for that fact that I kinda suck at updating my blog.

OH, completely off-tangent, but I have some product reviews upcoming up, so stay tuned for those as well.

On my first night in Boulder, my BF (Nathan), my new friends, and I went to a mall just outside of Boulder. I THINK it's call Flatcrossing....but I'm most likely wrong. It's a HUGE mall w/ the biggest F21 I've ever seen. Inside the mall, there's this pet store that had the CUTEST puppies.

Allow me to demonstrate the "If I had money they'd be coming home w/ me" group.

One look at this angel face and my heart melted. I named him Mr. Fluffy Ears.

Yes, he made the window dirty, but he's forgiven cuz he's DAMN cute.


Marshmallow .... or Coconut cream puff. This made me miss Harry.....:(

OMG! This is my FAVE!! He's a mini-Husky. He has the bluest eyes and a $900 price tag. :(

I love how his nose looks like a heart.

The second day we went to this festival up the moutains in Nederland (population: 1920) called "The Frozen Dead Guy's Day". I THINK this is their version of Halloween. People do coffin races and stuff. Don't ask me why, but apparently everything makes sense when you're high. And yes, this is where I witnessed my first medical Marijuana stand. Kids, don't do drugs, cuz CRACK IS WHACK!

OMG! They had this AMAZING Indian buffet. $8 a person and DAMNNNNNN good!! I can't get over how delicious the Sweet Potato I-look-like-poo-but-taste-like-crack-casserole thing!!!

These little Akito something puppies were in the coffin races too! They were all sleeping so peacefully...awwww.

This coffin team represents Tiger Wood's bitches and hoes. Very appropriately dressed, I must say.

I'm not sure I know what this is....

Our couple twin! Emi and David! They are so adorable together!!

Lovey-Dovey Couple pics sneak attack! Yes, I realize I look the same in all of them. They were taking on the same day! Also....I had to recycle my outfits cuz my suitcase was taken up by makeup....Yes, cuz I'm a diva like that.

I have some more pics for part TWO of the update. Thanks for going through them w/ me! :D


PS. The trick to win his friends over quick is to bake chocolate cupcakes w/butter cream cheese frosting. They'd think you are a domestic goddess to come rescue their poor PHD souls.

PPS. You don't need to let them know that you failed the other batch.


jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

LOL at your baked products... cute. and i love seeing you and your bf together again. those puppy are so adorable too!

my son's autumn break is coming up soon and i think i could die of running after him!

Vanilla said...

awww cute puppies!
does the cake taste delicious?hehehe
looks yummy tho!:)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Puppies are adorable! I wish I had dogs too :p I have 2 cats, but they can't do the smart things dogs can :p

You and your bf look nice together :)Sweet!

Miss Ka said...

Cute doggies... waiting for part 2

Jules said...

Cute puppies! Looks like you had lots of fun for your Spring Break. mmmm cupcakes...=D

Shao said...

AAW, those puppies! And that puppy's nose DOES look like a heart o:

Leenda said...

oh my gosh, the last puppy made my heart sink. lol awww. hahah yea I failed at baking a cake before, but it was a secret too. =]

izumi said...

oh my gosh, the heart-nose puppy is SOOOOOO cute. everytime i see a cute dog (which is like, every day) i constantly poke the bf and tell him "WE ARE GOING TO GET THAT DOG". hahahahaa.

Jamilla Camel said...

Great pics!

You and your beloved are sooo adorable together!!

failed baking = lolz!

Anonymous said...

The mall you're talking about is probably flatiron crossing. i'm glad you had a blast. i love Colorado. it's such a beautiful place to live, in fact i will be moving there in a couple of months. maybe i'll run into you once you move there too! my bf is also going to CUB.

Christine said...

you are so funny and cute!

Bunny said...

The frozen dead guy that inspired Frozen Dead Guy Days is a grandpa named Bredo Morstoel. His grandson who has been deported back to Norway is the one who froze grandpa. Grandpa lays frozen in a Tuff Shed. Gotta love CO.