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Friday, March 12, 2010

Ups and Downs

Hi guys! How are you all doing? I'm enjoying the last few days of my last ever Spring Break...Yeah, enjoy while you can.

To update you guys on how my life has been lately, here's an up/down post.

1. I got to see my booboo for 3.5 days. Definitely not enough. Short visits like this make me realize exactly how deeply I'm in love with him. Yes, it sounds cheesy, so sue me. :P

2. Boulder, CO is a BEAUTIFUL place. I can sense its beauty in my short visit with trees bare and ground brown, just imagine how wonderful it'd be in Spring/Summer/Fall. I can't wait to move out there in May.

3. Learned how to make butter/cream cheese frosting. It's OMGDELICIOUSNESSOMG!! I think this is the reason why Nathan's friends really like me. :D

4. I was able to be here for my mom's oral surgery. It's great knowing that I was here when she needed me the most. It's also really sad to see her vulnerable, exactly opposite of how she is normally.

5. I haven't been hauling in a while. YAY for that a little self control I have! I'm trying really hard to not buy anything since I'm moving in May. It's really hard though, especially with that MAC Liberty of London collection that just came out. *bites handkerchief*

1. Finding out that my mom is STILL not supportive of my decision to switch major from accounting to marketing. According to her, it's my own fault that I don't have a job yet. People are hiring, just not marketing majors b/c we don't have a "Skill". Apparently I should have listened to her and majored in Pre-Med or Accounting. Yes, maybe I would have an easier finding jobs, but it's not what I want to do. 2 semesters w/ Accounting literally jaded me so bad. I just couldn't keep up the facade anymore. It's also no use telling me that she's disappointed of my decisions 2 months before my graduation. It's not like I can do anything about it now, y'know?

2. Job hunting. 'Nuff said. How can there be NO jobs?!?!!!!!! Seriously! If I don't find a job soon, I'd have to start working the corners.

3. Being away from my BF when I'm fighting w/ my mom. There's no support team here like it used to. He's busy doing something amazing for mankind, and I feel selfish if I had to bother him w/ my little drama.

4. I forgot to bring my USB cable for my camera back to no pics til after I get back to Gainesville on Sunday. :( Sowie.

5. Weight gain. As I mentioned on Twitter, I gained 7lbs in 3.5 days while I was in Boulder. They have A LOT of great restaurants. Good food+Great company= Over-indulgence. Spring/Summer is approaching, I have to get my act together and wave the flabby goodbye. I want to try the Stadium Conditioning class that my school gym offers. I heard it's very fun. I will update you on that though.

Anyways, sorry for the no pic post. I will do a pic post SOON! I promise!

Thanks for reading guys! You are the best!



Miss Ka said...

It's ok if you can't find a job. Your tell your mom that even with an accounting degree it is hard to find a job as well. I'm an accounting major and graduated with my accounting degree... No job yet... Blame the economy...

aw... wanna see your Colorado pictures.. hope to see them soon.

Fifi said...

In Indonesia it's very hard to get a job too. Even my brother has to stick with his--in his own words--shitty job. When I was looking for a part time job myself he asked me to look for a job for him too. I wish you the best of luck, you're tough Tao! I know you are!

I can totally relate with your "down" #3. I am so miserable when I don't have my bf to bitch about my parents. Lol. He's the one who always supports me with the parents' pressure stuff. And I feel bad too when I ask him to listen to my bitching when he's out there doing something great and charitable for people. *sigh*

And lol, I'd be happy myself if I could make a delicious cream cheese frosting. I am such a bad cook!

Vanilla said...

awww im sure u'll get a job soon!
or be a MUA!lol
long distance must be really hard.damn 7.5 lbs in 3.5 days???
thats crazy!lol

maya said...

The economy is crappy in many fields and can be at any time. There is no guarantee for finding a job anymore.
So what's truly important is that you study something that you enjoy!

Best of luck, dearie! ♥

Beautybible is back said...

I feel your pain! I'm also looking for a job, I have 3 degrees from universities in Sweden and I can't find a job. What's up with the world? Maybe we should join forces and start some type of world domination plan? I'm up for it, are you?

miss wiggle said...

It's hard now for everyone to find a job... even for accounting and healthcare folks. Don't worry! Go Tao!

Anonymous said...

don't you mean your mom wishes you switched from marketing to accounting?