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Friday, June 18, 2010

Let's go take a hike! (pic heavy/clickable)

So, as many of you may know, Boulder is always sunny and surrounded by mountains. As a general rule here, one has to be somewhat physically fit and active. Since I'm neither, I've made a goal for myself that I will exercise at least 3x a week. Since I just got here, I'm still not 100% adjusted to the high altitude yet. I decided to start slow and went on an easy hike with Nathan on a sunny day. The weather really IS beautiful here.

The place we went called NCAR, which, I THINK, stands for National Center for Atmospheric Research. It's at the base of a rather tall mountain. The trail we went on was called the Table Mesa trail, I think.

On the way there:

Starting the trail!! 

Along the way:

Look Ma! I found the Hidden Valley!! 

Make a wish! 

The narrow road

We saw a fox! He was NOT scared of us.

A view of Boulder

Note to self: Taking cutesy myspace pic is NOT as easy as it seems. We failed.

Thanks for joining me today! Hope you enjoyed the pics! Have a wonderful day!



Anonymous said...

Wow! Boulder looks so pretty! You and your BF look so cute! That kissy pic didn't fail. said...

how fun!!!

izumi said...

hahaha i think you did a great job with the myspace pic :P

how fun to exercise! esp with your bf. def makes it more enjoyable.

RoseBelle said...

I went hiking at Angel Island and although I'm no hiker, the thought of reaching top to see the beautiful view of the bay motivated me keep going. Boulder is sure beautiful. Keep up your exercise routine!

Stephanie said...

Colorado looks gorgeous! I wish I had such a nice motivation to exercise. You look so happy!

Dodi said...

it seems you had fun there "jealous much"!


DarlingV said...

OMG THAT FOX!!!! SO CUUUTEEE!!! That myspace pic is ADORABLE girl it's not a fail. Boulder looks amazing, I live in hot ass Texas and have NEVER been anyplace but Texas I bet boulder would be awesome to visit during the winter.